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"When I was ten, I read fairytales in secret and would be ashamed if I had been found doing so - Now that I am fifty, I read them openly. When I became a man, I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown-up."
      - C.S. Lewis, On Stories

Hello, and welcome to my site!

You probably found this page because you were looking for some information about Japanese cartoons, or "anime". (That's a three-syllable word, by the way; it's probably the first three syllables of the word "animation".)

If you're looking for some advice as to what anime you might want to watch, please take a look at the Anime Primer. If you're looking for pictures of anime characters, you can find a few in the Meganekko Gallery and the Nekojin List. The other subpages here are of more specialized interest; you'd probably only care about them if you know what they are from their names.

I've put the interesting stuff on my subpages:

Anime FAQs A collection of links to anime-related Frequently-Asked Question files (including my own Anime Acronym List and my versions of the Bubblegum Crisis FAQ, rec.arts.anime.fandom FAQ, Anime Primer, and Nekojin List).

Anime Fanfics Some stories I've written, (most) using other people's characters and settings.

Anime Meganekko A gallery of anime girls who wear glasses. (Yes, the Japanese really do have a single word for "girl who wears glasses".)

Ani-Mayhem Cards My collection of 149 homemade cards, plus hints on how to make your own cards and a list of the real Ani-Mayhem cards. (Not bad for a game that's been out of print for years, eh?)

Anime in RPGs Where to find various anime writeups for various tabletop roleplaying game systems.

Anime Links Yes, this is my entry in the "let's point to everyone else's sites" plague on the Web! Accept no substitutes!

Anime Miscellany Anything that doesn't fit neatly into the groups listed above.

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If you're on an easter egg hunt, here are your clues: For the first one, don't do it. For the second one, be noisy.

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