Ani-Mayhem Card Templates

Due to popular demand, I'm making available copies of the card templates I used when making new Ani-Mayhem fun cards. Some of these are my own work, others are from Stephen Tang's now-defunct Authorized Ani-Mayhem Web Page (preceeding link is via the Internet Archive's "Wayback Machine").

Male Character
Male Character - transforming
Male Character - multiple stats
Female Character
Female Character - transforming
Female Character - multiple stats


Flash Effect
Global Effect
Equipment - classic style
Equipment - classic style - vehicle
Equipment - DBZ style
Combat Card
Counter Card


Disaster - no stats
Disaster - one stats
Disaster - three stats
Disaster - four stats
Major Disaster - no stats
Major Disaster - one stats
Major Disaster - three stats
Major Disaster - four stats
Category Symbols

Webmasters: Please do not link directly to these templates. If you wish to make these templates available from your own website, please make copies for your site, credit me and provide a link back to my website.

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Last update: 23 December 2001

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