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Can you tell me an outline of the story?

There are synopses of most of the episodes at Will Svenselius's website.

What are the Knight Sabers' birthdays/vital statistics/other background info?

Courtsey of Cliff Coleman, Warren Werner, and Hitoshi Doi's seiyuu page:

SyliaSylia Stingray
Age: 24
Height: 176cm (5'9")
Occupation: Lingerie shop owner
Official data (translated from B-Maga): "Officially, the owner of the Silky Doll boutique. Behind that cover, she acts as the leader of the Knight Sabers. Usually a cheerfully innocent and sexy-dressing woman, but, on the other hand, she possesses scientific knowledge as a biochemist, and when appropriate she becomes a cool-headed commander. The daughter of Dr. Stingray, creator of the 'A-jin' Boomers."
Other information: Sister of Macky Stingray
Japanese seiyuu: Yukino Satsuki ("Milly Thompson" in Trigun)
English voice actor: Laura Chapman

PrissPriss S. Asagiri
Age: 19
Height: 170cm (5'8")
Occupation: Rock singer (in the band Sekiria)
Official data (translated from B-Maga): "The vocalist of a band called Sekiria, with fanatical fans. She sings songs, bikes fast,and joins the Knight Sabers to fight Boomers to make her youthful energy explode. A girl with no social graces or delicacy, but just because of that she holds an interest in her polar opposite, Linna."
Other information: Email address
Japanese seiyuu: Asakawa Yuu ("Shiiris" in Lodoss War TV, "Pochi 2 Gou" in Photon)
English voice actor: Christine M. Auten

LinnaLinna Yamazaki
Age: 20
Height: 167cm (5'7")
Occupation: Office worker at Hugh Geit
Official data (translated from B-Maga): "The fourth entrant to the Knight Sabers. An OL (office lady) of a Genom subsidiary company which manufactures Boomer parts. As she has been induced to dissatisfaction with that life and become a new member (of the Knight Sabers), the story begins. Displays her emotions quietly, and moves swiftly once decided on a course of action. The most ordinary girl of the four."
Japanese seiyuu: Natsuki Rio
English voice actor: Kelly Manison

NeneNene Romanova
Age: 18
Height: 155cm (5'2")
Occupation: AD Police officer
Official data (translated from B-Maga): "An operator working in the information center of the AD Police (a high-mobility counter-terrorist team within the police department). At the same time she acts as a member of the Knight Sabers. An obsessive hacker with genius-like computer operation skill. However, in other aspects, she is more childish than her actual age of 18."
Other information: Received ADP 'officer of the month' award, February 2040. Email address
Japanese seiyuu: Konishi Hiroko
English voice actor: Hilary Haag

Macky Stingray
Age: 17
Occupation: Mechanic at K's Garage
Brother of Sylia Stingray
English voice actor: Spike Spencer

Leon McNichol
Age: 24
Height: 195cm (6'6")
Occupation: AD Police detective
Japanese seiyuu: Yanada Kiyoyuki
English voice actor: Jason Douglas

Daily Wong
Age: 25
Occupation: AD Police detective
Japanese seiyuu: Ueda Yuuji
English voice actor: Chris Patton

Quincy Rosenkreutz
Age: 89
Occupation: President of Genom
Japanese seiyuu: Nakamura Tadashi ("Marindorf" in Legend of Galactic Heroes, the narrator in Ranma ½)
English voice actor: John Swasey

Brian J. Mason
Age: 38
Occupation: Head Executive of Genom
Japanese seiyuu: Nakata Jouji ("Murakumo" in Blue Seed, "Shesta" in Lodoss War, "Kashew" in Lodoss War TV, "Gaav" in Slayers Next, "Mike Bison" in Street Fighter II The Movie)
English voice actor: Andy McAvin

Nicholas Roland

Age: 45
Occupation: AD Police chief

Ellise Drake

Age: 19
Occupation: AD Police officer
Received ADP 'officer of the month' award, February 2040. Possible victim of 'Eye-Spy' hacker.

Charles Sweager

Age: 24
Occupation: AD Police officer

Kain Smith

Age: 32
Occupation: Manager of Hugh Geit
Once asked Linna Yamazaki out on an (unsuccessful) date. A coward and a creep.
Japanese seiyuu: Yasui Kunihiko ("Haruki" in Nadesico, "Zomba" in Outlaw Star)


Age: 20
Occupation: Office worker at Hugh Geit
English voice actor: Melissa Sparks

Manager 0352

Age: N/A
Occupation: Office manager at Hugh Geit
Japanese seiyuu: Masuda Yuki


Occupation: Rock bassist (in the band Sekiria)
Japanese seiyuu: Suzuki Takuma ("Mogura Otoko" and "Nubuu" in Hyper Police)
English voice actor: Lew Temple


Occupation: Rock drummer (in the band Sekiria)
English voice actor: Brian Granveldt


Occupation: Rock guitarist (in the band Sekiria)
Japanese seiyuu: Ishikawa Kazuyuki
English voice actor: Doug Smith

Nigel Kirkland

Age: 36
Occupation: Owner of K's Garage
English voice actor: John Gremillion

Meishio Hesodann

Age: 73
Occupation: Sylia Stingray's butler
Japanese seiyuu: Asou Tomohisa
English voice actor: Phil Ross
(Note: This man's surname is apparently supposed to be 'Henderson', but the name above is a direct translation of the kana.)


Occupation: Arms dealer

Dr. Stingray

Father of Sylia and Macky Stingray, and creator of the boomers. Killed in the 2033 Tokyo earthquake (supposedly).
English voice actor: John Swasey

Why were the character designs changed?

"We couldn't use the original designs or have Kenichi Sonoda do the characters again, so we decided to use a new character designer. I don't think we changed the style so much; each character still has the same kind of image, the same feeling as in the old show."
- Hiroki Hayashi, director of BGC2040, in the June 2000 issue of Manga Max

What does "Sekiria" mean?

Will Svenselius passed along the following text from the June 2000 issue of Manga Max:

[W]hen Lain scribe Chiaki Konaka was hired to write the screenplays, he threw in a plug for his own real-life band, and changed the name to Sekiria. "How should I explain this...?" muses Hayashi, trying to maintain his composure. "Sekiri is Japanese for 'dysentery'. A long time ago the band used to eat at a really filthy restaurant and they used to joke that the place looked so bad, they'd probably all get the squirts from the food. Ya means 'store' in Japanese, so they decided to name their band Sekiria [Sekiri-ya] after that experience."

(As an aside, Sekiria's music is composed by Koichi Karenaga (from Rebecka) and Akira Sudou, and performed by Opus-4.)

What BGC2040 merchandise exists?

Cliff Coleman ("Lowen SoDium") provided this list of CDs:

Sarah Davis and Will Svenselius have reported the existence of singles for "Waiting for YOU" (c/w "Bukkirabou Na Ai Ni Oboretai") and "y'know" (c/w "Ame"), and a book about BGC2040:

Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 Perfect Manual (not certain about the title)
Cover features all four Knight Sabers in casual wear. Covers all twenty-six episodes.

Are all the episode titles taken from songs?

Most of them are song or album titles, yes. Here's a list, in episode order, with the newsgroup's best guesses listed:

1) Can't Buy a Thrill
an album by Steely Dan
2) Fragile
an album by Yes
(also a song by Sting, but that piece doesn't fit the mood of the series)
3) Keep Me Hanging On
sung by Diana Ross & The Supremes
covered by Vanilla Fudge
covered by Kim Wilde
4) Machine Head
sung by Bush
5) Rough and Ready
an album by Jeff Beck
6) Get It On
sung by T-Rex
7) Look At Yourself
sung by Uriah Heep
an album by Uriah Heep
8) Fire Ball
sung by Deep Purple
an album by by Deep Purple
9) My Nation Underground
an album by Julian Cope
10) Woke Up with a Monster
sung by Cheap Trick
11) Sheer Heart Attack
sung by Queen
12) Made in Japan
an album by Deep Purple
13) Atom Heart Mother
an album by Pink Floyd
14) Shock Treatment
sung by The Ramones
15) Minute by Minute
sung by The Doobies
sung by Michael McDonald
16) I Surrender
sung by Cheap Trick
17) Moving Waves
an album by Focus
18) We Built This City
sung by Starship
19) Are You Experienced?
sung by Jimi Hendrix
20) One of These Night
"One of These Nights" was sung by The Eagles
21) Close to the Edge
an album by Yes
22) Physical Graffiti
an album by Led Zeppelin
23) Hydra
an album by Toto
24) Light My Fire
sung by The Doors
25) Walking on the Moon
sung by The Police
26) Still Alive & Well
sung by Johnny Winter

Why are there fewer questions for BGC2040 than there are for classic BGC?

The main reason is that the old Bubblegum Crisis was never completely finished, so there are a large number of plot threads left unaddressed in that series. (Even Bubblegum Crash doesn't tie up all of the loose ends left in Bubblegum Crisis.) On the other hand, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 has a definite conclusion that addresses many of the plot threads that classic BGC had left open.

Thus, there are fewer questions for BGC2040 because the applicable questions are answered in the series.

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