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Congratulations! You found one of the easter eggs on this website: The Itty-Bitty Skuld Gallery!

Skuld is a character from Kosuke Fujishima's manga Ah Megamisama, translated into English as Ah My Goddess or Oh My Goddess depending on who's doing the translating and whether they want to make the pun. She's named after one of the Norns, but her name and gender are about all she has in common with her mythological counterpart. (For one thing, this Skuld is younger and less powerful than her sisters ...)

This is a small selection of my collection of Skuld images. Enjoy!

Playing on a tree branch Detail from a manga postcard image: Perched on a tree branch

Flower child Detail from a manga postcard image: Surrounded by flowers

What's going on? Detail from a manga story: Walking by a crowd that's caught her attention

I'll see you soon! From the first anime soundtrack CD: Happy to be there (since she wasn't in the episodes on that CD)

Hello! From the opening credits of the OAV series: Peeking out from behind her parasol

Too much work to do... From episode 3 of the OAV series: Too many bugs ...

I'll go see my sister! From episode 3 of the OAV series: I'm here!

Big Sister, please... From episode 3 of the OAV series: Really in need of a hug

So cute...Detail from a promotional image for the TV series

Overwhelmed...From episode 8 of the TV series

A spoiler image from episode 26 of
the TV series can be found here.

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