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Thanks for looking at my fanfics. "What's a fanfic?", you ask? A fanfic (or 'fic for short) is a work of fiction that uses characters and settings created by someone else, often without the prior consent or knowledge of the person who created those characters or settings. They're most common in science fiction and fantasy genres, but also exist for other types of stories. Some Usenet newsgroups are dedicated to circulating fanfics - these include (but aren't limited to) rec.arts.anime.creative, alt.startrek.creative, and

The "Distance" Stories

These started with a simple, somewhat silly, premise: What happens when some of the most powerful people on the planet have to attend the same school? The story didn't stay silly, though ... This series of stories crosses the characters from Oh My Goddess, Ranma ½, and Sailor Moon.

A Certain Distance - The first story in the series, this tells how they met, who got engaged to Ranma, and what happened when the chaotic Nerima Wrecking Crew found out about the orderly Crystal Tokyo. (Now with a silly Bonus Omake Section!)

Sidestories: Urd and Shampoo Save the World, The Wedding Day, Lost and Found, and Photo Finish - Stories that tell something of what's going on between the events of A Certain Distance and A Closer Distance, spotlighting characters that get short shrift in the main stories. (Urd and Shampoo is a work-in-progress - only the early chapters are available here.)

A Closer Distance - A few years after A Certain Distance, Skuld discovers that one of her actions then has put her in a precarious position now. In solving the problem that she created for herself, she helps others solve problems of their own ...

A Certain Uncle (or Two) - An alternate, highly unofficial, ending to A Certain Distance, not meant to be taken seriously. This is one of the two drabbles I've written (a drabble is a story of exactly one hundred words, not counting the title and legal disclaimers), the other being Pyogora 2000 listed below.

The "Stagger" Stories

I've been working on some Fanfic² for Robert M. Schroeck's Drunkard's Walk fanfic cycle, about the travels and adventures of the world-lost metahuman Douglas Sangnoir (or "Looney Tunes" to his enemies). Yes, fanfics about fanfics - and I'm not the only one who's done this.

A Day in the Life - After taking in a baseball game, Doug encounters a girl who plans to end it all ... A very short story, that contains spoilers for Princess Nine.

NEW! The "Fenspace" Stories

Fenspace is a shared-world setting where certain laws of physics are handwaved away with "handwavium," the miracle goop. There's more information on the setting available here.

NEW! We don't need that hammer, Lucifer... - June 30, 2011: When an asteroid move goes horribly wrong, only a few amateurs stand between it and Earth.

NEW! First Flight - February 29, 2012: A mothballed aircraft design takes flight, thanks to a few Fen.

NEW! Entertaining the troops(?) - June 6-10, 2012: Some battles aren't fought with weapons. (An Operation GREAT JUSTICE story.)

NEW! Reflections of an Immortal - May 21, 2208: Being alone makes for a miserable two-hundredth birthday. (A non-canonical takes on Fenspace's future.)

The "Tangent" Stories

A "tangent" is a story that uses the same title and sometimes the same character names as existing stories, but is otherwise completely unrelated to the original source material. The name comes from the Tangent line of comic books published by DC Comics, where the format first appeared in its current form. The now-moribund Anime Tangent Universe Mailing List, created by Joe Monson after a suggestion by James King, was dedicated to applying the same concept to various anime. I've written three of these on my own and collaborated on two more. The two that aren't here, MD Geist and Those Obnoxious Aliens, are available on the Anime Tangents Universe Homepage.

Tangent - El-Hazard - A reasonably serious story, drawing inspiration from El-Hazard, The Magnificent World - Intrepid computer security consultant Makoto Mizuhara is hired to protect the computers running Chicago's "El" from the hacker known only as "Ifurita."

Tangent - Airbats - A serious story, drawing inspiration from 801 T.T.S. Airbats - a sequel to James King's Tangent - Vampire Princess Miyu (available at the Tangents Homepage).

Tangent - Gunsmith Cats - A silly story, drawing inspiration from Kenichi Sonoda's Gunsmith Cats manga and anime. This is another sequel to a James King story (available at the Tangents Homepage), and quite possibly the silliest "real" story here.

The "Bet" Stories

In the summer and fall of 1998, Gregg Sharp wrote some stories that he threaded together with a common framing device: "The Bet". In them, an "Elder god of mischief" named Toltiir accepted ideas for changes in established stories, and the best one would go on to become an ongoing series of its own. (The winning story, Featherbrite's Tale, is available in the rec.arts.anime.creative archives.) One of the stories he wrote was a crossover of the Japanese cartoon Ranma ½ and the US sitcom Three's Company. That one inspired me to write two of my own.

The Dukes of El-Hazard - A humour piece, loosely based on El-Hazard, The Magnificent World and the US television show The Dukes of Hazzard.

Deep Space Nene - A somewhat-serious story (but not a "dark" story), loosely based on Bubblegum Crisis and a plotline from the US television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Other Stories

Ah! Mihoshi-sama - What if Mihoshi (from Tenchi Muyo!) crash-landed on the Nekomi Tech Men's Dorm just as Keiichi was about to make the telephone call that started off Oh My Goddess!? It starts off "light and fluffy", but gets quite serious by the end.

Almost As Good - An extremely serious story, based on Bubblegum Crisis and an idea from "Linna Yamazaki" (linnayamazaki {at} What happens when an action hero takes a major injury?

Azumanga Moon - Written for the first AC3 fanfiction panel, this is an exercise in keeping characters in character in a short story. The Azumanga Daioh characters get cast in a Sailor Moon remake, much to their dismay...

The End of the Beginning - As one story ends, another begins ...  A short "character piece."

Mind Games - Eventually, the people you annoy are going to do something about it. And when those people have the ability to build androids that look human, their revenge can be quite insidious ...  A reasonably-serious story based in the original Bubblegum Crisis world.

Pyogora 2000 - Another silly story, with the restrictions that all drabbles have. This homage to Godzilla movies was my entry in Kitsy and Tail Kinker's Crossover Drabble Challenge.

Snack Cakes Save the Day, Anime Style - Four silly short pieces with a common theme: What if Hostess was still using the same ad campaign they used back in the mid-1970s? (The fourth piece is by Brian Dinnigan - thanks for letting me display it here, Brian!)

The Ultimate Revengefic - They don't get sillier than this! All the characters that we fanfic writers use decide they've had enough ...  Written in collaboration with James King, and kept on his website, so it'll look a bit different than the rest of these fanfics. Someday, I may put a copy on this site, too ...

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