Deep Space Nene

This is another fanfic loosely connected to 'The Bet' series by Gregg Sharp. "Deep Space Nene" appeared on on 9 November 1998 under the Subject line [Fanfic][Xover?] Not Quite The Bet: Deep Space Nene. Please note that the characters are based on the direct-to-video version of BGC - if you've only seen the TV show, some things in this 'fic won't make sense to you.


Characters and situations in this fanfic were inspired or borrowed from works copyright by Artmic, Youmex, AIC, Paramount, or other companies rich enough to sue me on a whim. I beg their indulgence and ask that they not do so. Toltiir and the "Mesa Arizona Geeks" were created by Gregg Sharp.

Author's Notes:

I lean toward the theory that BGCrash was the "movie version" of what happened in Mega-Tokyo in 2034. Thus, some things will be mentioned here that don't match what was in the anime. You may assume that this was intentional.

This fanfic turned out a lot more serious that I thought it would when I began writing it. I hope the next one gets back to the humour level of Gregg Sharp's "3½'s Company" or my "Dukes of El-Hazard"...

- Rob Kelk

      The competition was over. Everyone who was participating had made their changes, and the judges had made their recommendations.
      As a result, though, Toltiir was bored. "Why not visit the geeks in Mesa Arizona?" he thought. "They're always good for a few laughs." However, they weren't home when he arrived. Toltiir looked around and saw a few convention flyers on the kitchen table. "Oh, this is going to be more fun than I expected ..."
      Meanwhile, the geeks were riding an elevator from their shared hotel room to the convention floor. They were engaged in their favorite pastime - arguing about what to watch - to the annoyance of the other otaku in the elevator.
      "Hey, Viewing Room One has the first episode of the new BGC television show!"
      "Bubblegum Crisis was old years ago! Oh, look, Room Two has some new Star Trek episodes ..."
      "You said BGC was old, then pointed out a Trek show! Get some perspective, man!"
      "Oh, I'd rather watch a space opera today, that's all ... Umm, you haven't seen Toltiir around here, have you? I don't want him to hear this discussion!"
      "No I haven't, and I don't want to see him, either! Those shows he made us watch still give me nightmares ..."
      Just then, the elevator doors opened and the passengers walked out. Instead of the lobby they expected, they saw a room with a big-screen TV and rows of chairs. A sign over the TV read "Toltiir's Viewing Room". They turned around, but the elevator doors had vanished.
      "Oh, $#!+" the geeks said in unison ...


SCENE: Space Station Genaros. A shuttle with ADPolice markings is moored in the shuttle bay.

CUT TO the station's command center - dozens of people, some wearing ADPolice uniforms, are unpacking equipment. The camera moves into an office labelled "A D Police". We see Leon McNichol talking to his chief on the vidphone. A calendar on the wall behind the desk is titled "September 2038".

LEON: What do you mean, "it's all mine"? You never said I was staying here! You bastard, you did this to get me out of your hair, didn't you?!?
CHIEF: You keep saying that you'd be better off without me over you. You said the same thing about your last chief, if the stories I've heard are true. Upstairs has finally agreed with you. Congratulations, Chief McNichol, on your first command.
LEON: What about my outstanding cases in Tokyo?
CHIEF: Detective-Inspector Malso is taking them over. You do trust her, don't you?
LEON: I never wanted to be stuck in orbit, you ...
[The chief signs off.]
LEON: Damn! [under his breath] Now I'll never get another date with Priss ...
CUT TO the recreation level of Genaros. Nene and Daley are inspecting one of the empty shop-suites.
DALEY: You actually volunteered for this posting, Nene? I would have expected you of all people to stay in Tokyo.
NENE: What makes you say that, Daley?
DALEY: [looks around to make sure they're alone] Leon told me about your "other job" after you and your friends stopped the fusion plant from exploding.
NENE: That no good ... He promised he'd keep quiet about the Knight Sabers!
DALEY: Well, it isn't as if you didn't make it easy for us to figure out. I suspected you were at least associated with them back when Brian J. Mason died. The only surprise to me was that you were a "front line" member of the group.
NENE: Oh. I guess I didn't cover my tracks as well as I should have, ne? [brief pause] Naoko never found out, did she?
DALEY: [thinks for a moment] I don't think so ...
NENE: Let's change the subject - I can hear someone coming this way. [louder] Okay, this shop is clear of contraband. Shall we check the next empty one, sir?
DALEY: [also louder] That is our job today, Romanova-san.
[They leave the shop they're in and almost bump into a civilian walking toward the door. Nene is surprised at who it is, but regains her composure quickly.]
DALEY: Gomen. Ah, Yamazaki-san, is it not? I'm Detective-Inspector Wong - we met in the shuttle bay. This is Officer Romanova - she's the liaison between the ADPolice and the civilian population here.
LINNA: Pleased to meet you, Romanova-san. May I take posession of this suite now, Inspector?
DALEY: Certainly, miss. Good luck with your business!

[Nene and Daley move along. Nene has a look on her face which almost telegraphs the question "What the hell is Linna doing here???", but Daley doesn't notice it.]


SCENE: Nene's quarters on Space Station Genaros. While feminine, it's spartan - the only obvious decoration is a framed hardcopy of the "cover" of the June 2038 edition of People E-zine. (It's a photo of Reika Chang's wedding, hand-signed by the photographer, Lisa Vanette.) Nene and Linna are sitting in the only two chairs in the apartment, across from each other at the kitchenette table.

NENE: First you were a dancer, then you worked at an aerobics club, then you switched to being a stockbroker. What makes you think you can run a bar, of all things?
LINNA: Why can't I run a bar, Nene? It's not like I'll be mixing the drinks myself - that's what the Boomer bartender is for - and I do understand the financial end of the business.
NENE: Okay, but why here?
LINNA: [looks slightly embarassed] Promise you won't laugh?
NENE: I promise.
LINNA: Well ... Sylia and Mackie are in Germany, Priss is on another cross-Asia tour, and you're up here. I woke up one day and realized all my friends had moved away. I'm here because you're here, Nene.
NENE: Oh, Linna ... You could have just called, you know.
LINNA: It isn't the same.
NENE: No, it isn't.
[They sit in silence for a moment.]
NENE: Hey, you want to get a soy-burger?
LINNA: Sure! I'll buy, if you show me where to get a good one.
NENE: On this station?
[Both women laugh as the leave the room.]

CUT TO Genaros' recreation level. Leon and Daley are walking out of a suite labelled "McDonalds (a subsidary of Genom)" and into a crowd of people.

LEON: That has to have been the worst burger I've ever had! Why'd I let you drag me there, anyway?
DALEY: Well, you didn't want to come to my place for a quiet dinner for two, Leon ...
LEON: That's because you don't know how to cook either, Daley.
[Leon and Daley meet Nene and Linna walking the other way.]
LEON: Good evening, Nene-chan!
NENE: Good evening, Leon-dono.
LINNA: "Dono"?
DALEY: This is Genaros Station's new Chief of Police, Leon McNichol. He worked with Romanova-san and me back in Tokyo, and the brass decided he'd be the best person to head up the ADPolice taskforce here. It couldn't have happened to a better person.
LEON: Meaning you're glad it didn't happen to you, old friend. [Leon turns to Linna.] Have we met before, miss?
LINNA: I don't think so. My name's Linna - I'm pleased to meet you.
LEON: Likewise. Well, back to work ...
[The two groups go their separate ways.]
LINNA: Nene, is he married?
NENE: Lin-na!!! Remember the "Leon" that Priss kept talking about? That's him.
LINNA: No way! He seemed so nice ... What about that Inspector Wong?
NENE: Is living in space making you horny or something, girl?
LINNA: NO! I'm just wondering who might make a good boyfriend.
NENE: You should settle down with one man, Linna.
LINNA: Says the girl who's never had a boyfriend! But what about Inspector Wong?
NENE: Oh, right. Daley's a nice guy, but he'll never ask you out.
LINNA: Why not?
NENE: He's more interested in Leon than he would be in either of us. Besides, he's heading back to Earth tomorrow.
CUT TO Genaros' command center. Two civilians are working on a radar sensor control panel. They close the covers and turn it on, and (much to their surprise) it works. Both civilians stare at the panel for a moment, then relax when it doesn't short out.
CIV 1: About bloody time - we've only been working on the new power booster for a week!
CIV 2: Yeah, tell me about it ... Hey, what's that? [He points to a spot on the screen.]
CIV 1: Damned if I know. Everyone, come take a look at this reading on the long-range radar!
[Half the command center staff take turns examining the screen. None of them can figure out what's being displayed. During this process, Leon and Daley arrive. They take their turn looking at the scanner, then head into Leon's office.]
LEON: What the hell was that?
DALEY: Don't ask me. I wish we had a decent computer tech up here so we could wire that thing up to an enhancer.
LEON: Yeah, that would have been a good ... Hey, I'll bet the Knight Sabers' computer tech could do the job.
DALEY: Probably, but that could be anyone ... Oh, you're assuming that was Nene's role in the group, aren't you? I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask.
CUT TO a different fast-food restaurant on the recreation level of Genaros. Nene and Linna are eating soy-burgers and fries.
LINNA: To which the horse said, "And at these prices, you won't get many more!"
NENE: Aargh ... That joke is older than Chairman Quincy, Linna.
LINNA: Really? I just heard it last week.
NENE: Would I lie to you? Oh, what's Daley doing here?
[Daley sees the two women and walks toward them.]
DALEY: I'm glad I found you, Romanova-san. Chief McNichol needs to see you in his office as soon as possible.
NENE: Why? I'm not late for my shift again, am I?
DALEY: No, it's not that. It's something I shouldn't talk about in front of civilians, though.
NENE: Hai, hai, I'll be there in five minutes.
DALEY: Arigato, Romanova-san.
[Daley leaves.]
LINNA: Wasn't he formal all of a sudden?
NENE: He only gets that way when stress starts getting to him. Good thing he's going on vacation. I'd better see what Leon wants. [She stands up] Gomen, Linna!
CUT TO Mega-Tokyo, specifically the Genom Tower. The camera zooms in on the Chairman's office window, then inside. Chairman Quincy and Kate Madigan are looking at a wall-screen displaying one of the civilians on Genaros.
CIV 3: Yes, sir and ma'am - the long-range radar has definitely picked up something at Lagrange Point 5. We have no idea what, though.
MADIGAN: Thank you for your report. Earth out.
[The screen goes blank.]
QUINCY: Whatever it is that's at L-5, it isn't ours.
MADIGAN: I assume someone should find out whether it should be, sir?
QUINCY: Not "someone", Madigan - you. Be on the next shuttle to Genaros. I'll re-route our new super-range shuttle there from the testing area.
MADIGAN: [looks slightly annoyed] Hai.


SCENE: Leon's office. Nene is examining the long-range radar repeater screen mounted on one wall.

LEON: So that's the story, Nene-san. Can you help me out here?
NENE: I'll try, but I can't make any promises. I wasn't the computer tech for the Knight Sabers - that was ... oh, but I shouldn't mention anyone else's name, even now. I handled ECM, ECCM, SIGINT, and all the other Intelligence jobs. [She takes the cover off the repeater, then opens up the computer terminal next to it.] Give me a couple of hours, will you?
LEON: Sure. I have to head down to the shuttle bay soon, anyhow - there's a bigshot coming up from Earth, and I have to meet her.
NENE: "Her"?
LEON: [sighs] You'll probably find out anyway - it's Genom's Vice-President of Research and Development.
NENE: [raises her eyebrows] Kate Madigan? Why's she coming to Genaros?
LEON: I'll be sure to ask her when I see her. Oh, Nene-chan ...
NENE: What is it, sir?
LEON: Are you busy after your shift?
NENE: McNichol-dono, I am very busy after my shift, and so are you unless you want people to accuse you of favoritism in your first week as Chief.
LEON: You would bring that up. Oh, it really that late? Ja nae...
CUT TO the shuttlebay. Madigan is amongst a crowd of passengers leaving a shuttle. Leon arrives and makes his way to her.
LEON: Welcome to Genaros, Ms. Madigan.
MADIGAN: Thank you, ... Inspector McNichol, is it not?
LEON: Chief NcNichol now, ma'am.
MADIGAN: I suppose congratulations are in order. I also suppose you know why I'm here.
LEON: I can make a good guess. Shall we go someplace more private to discuss this?
MADIGAN: You always were one of the smarter ADPolice officers, McNichol. The local Genom branch should be private enough, unless you want to talk in your office.
LEON: No, that's quite all right. My people know how to reach me if they need me. After you, ma'am ...
[They leave the shuttlebay.]
CUT TO Leon's office - Nene is closing the covers on the equipment.

NENE: Let's see how well this jury-rigging works. [She flips a switch] Yes! [She studies the screen for a moment, then turns pale] Masaka ...
CUT TO the local Genom office. Leon and Madigan are seated at a long table.
MADIGAN: So you don't know what it is either. Very well - what do you propose to do about it?
LEON: Nothing, until we find out more about it. Will Genom lend the ADPolice that experimental super-range shuttle for a reconnasance flight?
MADIGAN: Only on one condition - that I be one of the people to make the trip.
LEON: Very well. I'll detail one officer to accompany you. If there's only two people on the shuttle, with a minimum of equipment, it should have enough range to get to L-5 and back. Assuming you've published accurate test results, of course. Do you care who I send with you?
MADIGAN: Not really. Don't you have a civilian liaison officer by now?
LEON: Yes, but I need her here ... On second thought, Officer Romanova would be the perfect person to send with you.
MADIGAN: Oh, really? Why?
LEON: Well, you are a civilian ...
CUT TO Leon's office. Nene sneezes, bringing her out of her state of shock.
NENE: I have to tell Leon about this right away ...
[She turns off the computer and the long-range radar repeater, leaves the office (locking it behind her), and runs for the corridor.]


SCENE: Leon's office. Leon, Nene and Madigan are all present. The doors are closed.

MADIGAN: Well, Ms. Romanova, what is this information you've discovered?
NENE: I'll show you. [She turns on the long-range radar repeater, then the computer terminal] As near as I can tell, the station's radar is picking up a ... hole ... in space.
MADIGAN: That isn't supposed to be possible.
NENE: I agree. If I was a more fanciful person, I'd think this is something out of one of those twentieth-century "space opera" stories; maybe a "stargate" or a "stable wormhole".
MADIGAN: You know as well as I do that those things are scientifically impossible, Ms. Romanova.
NENE: Well, what would you call it, Ms. Madigan?
MADIGAN: I'd call it ... an opportunity. Shall we take a closer look at it?
NENE: I thought you'd never ask!
LEON: Ano ...
[Nene and Madigan leave.]
LEON: What were those two talking about?
CUT TO Nene's apartment. Linna is helping Nene pack an overnight bag.
LINNA: I can't believe you're actually trusting Kate Madigan! She was responsible for Ahnri's death, Nene!
NENE: No, Largo was responsible for Ahnri's death. Ms. Madigan may be a lot of things, but I don't think she's a cold-blooded killer.
CUT TO the Genom office. Madigan is packing a small bag of her own. We see her check a revolver to make sure it's loaded before she packs it in the top of her bag. She then smiles icily.
CUT TO the shuttle bay. A large shuttle that's mostly fuel tanks is sitting on the platform. Leon, Nene and Madigan are present.
LEON: Good luck, ladies. Keep me informed as to what you find.
MADIGAN: Of course, Mr. McNichol.
NENE: I think he was talking to me, ma'am. Don't worry, chief, I'll keep you in the "loop".
[Madigan and Nene board the shuttle - the camera follows them.]
MADIGAN: [Gestures to one seat as she straps into in the other.] The co-pilot's seat is over there.
NENE: Why do you get the pilot's seat?
MADIGAN: Because I helped design this shuttle, and I know how to fly it. Do you?
NENE: That's a good point. [She straps into the co-pilot's seat.]
CUT TO outside Generos Station, as we see the shuttle launch, stop spinning with respect to the Earth, and head for the L-5 point.
CUT TO Leon's office. Leon is looking out a window, watching the shuttle leave.

LEON: Good luck, Nene. You need all you can get when you work with Genom.

      The two geeks looked at each other. "Well, it hasn't been too bad, at least so far," said one.
      "You idiot!" replied the second. "You're just encouraging Toltiir to make things worse!"

SCENE: The super-range shuttle's cabin. The two ladies are drinking tea from squeeze bulbs.

NENE: So why did you insist on checking out the L-5 point yourself, Kate-san?
MADIGAN: It's a chance to get out of the office and back to some hands-on work, Nene-san. Half the time I'm kept busy with "snipe hunts"; this is a pleasant change of pace.
NENE: I know what you mean - the ADPolice has its share of "snipe hunts", too. I'd think that someone at your level wouldn't be given busywork, though.
MADIGAN: Oh, really? I'm the first female Vice-President that Genom's ever had, and I don't think that Chairman Quincy trusts me completely. That combination makes for some pretty boring jobs sometimes.
NENE: So why not leave Genom and start your own firm?
MADIGAN: I owe Genom my loyalty. They gave me the opportunity to rise to the position I hold now. I can't just throw that back in their faces ... We're coming up on that "hole" of yours - do you see anything yet?
NENE: No, just empty spac...
[There's a sudden flash of blinding white light outside the shuttle. Both women raise their arms to shield their eyes. When the light fades, the windows look out to a light blue color instead of the black that was there before.]
MADIGAN: Nani? There's atmosphere out there!
NENE: And the radar says we're 50 meters above a surface!
MADIGAN: I hope it's flat; we're about to land ...
CUT TO outside the shuttle - Madigan manages to land safely, if not perfectly. The camera pans back to reveal they landed on a paved runway near a small white building. An open jeep leaves the building and heads toward the shuttle as Nene and Madigan open the hatch and get out of the spacecraft.
MADIGAN: Yes, it's definitely breathable. So, where are we?
NENE: Take a look up there. [She points at a black patch in the sky] I'd say we're just past a gateway of some sort.
MADIGAN: I already told you that's scientifically impossible.
NENE: Do you have a better explanation that fits the observed facts?
[The jeep pulls up and its driver waves to the ladies. She's a pretty teenage girl with long black hair and strange symbols on her face.]
DRIVER: Welcome to the Nexus! My name is Skuld. You are ...?
MADIGAN: Probably dreaming, unless I've gone insane.
SKULD: That's a typical reaction to your first passage here. What I meant was, "what's your names?"
NENE: Oh, she's Kate Madigan, and I'm Nene Romanova.
SKULD: Really? I thought "Nene Romanova" was a blonde ... Hop in, and I'll give you a ride to the terminal.
[The two ladies get in the jeep.]
MADIGAN: Why would she think you're a blonde?
NENE: Damned if I know - I've never met her before.
[The jeep pulls away.]


      "You had to open your big mouth, didn't you!" the second geek said to the first. "See how much worse Toltiir's made the show?"
      The first geek just whimpered quietly.

SCENE: An incredibly large, incredibly high-tech command center. (It's vaugely like what the bridge of the Yamato would look like if Washu had designed everything.) The only people present are Nene, Madigan and Skuld. Madigan looks confused.

MADIGAN: No. I simply refuse to believe this. This cannot be happening to me; it's scientifically impossible.
SKULD: Ms. Madigan, why not accept that what you see is really what's happening? Ms. Romanova has, and she's gone on to discover more of what she can learn here.

[The camera pans to Nene, who's reading from a video screen. The text is labelled "Universe PLDC/AIC/TM/01 - File 5077328 - True Relationship Between Tokimi and Tsunami". She shuts the screen off and turns to the others.]

NENE: I always wondered about that. Skuld, I tried to call up a set of files about battlesuits, but the computer wouldn't show them to me. Why couldn't I get to them?
SKULD: Probably because they give details of your own universe or one very much like it. Nobody here can read about themselves, and we don't know why.
NENE: Ano ... I was reading about fictional universes, not real life.
SKULD: I gather you aren't familiar with Heinlein's hypothesis of multiple realities, Ms. Romanova. In every universe we've contacted so far, Robert Heinlein speculated that the people in each universe considered all other universes to be works of fiction. It's one of the few constants in reality, actually. Thus, I am a fictional character in your world, as you are in mine.
NENE: Oh, right; I remember reading that novel when I was a teenager!
SKULD: "Novel"? In my home universe, that theory was in a scientific treatse.
MADIGAN: Wait a minute, young lady. Are you implying that your database contains information that may be useful in my own world?
SKULD: Well, it isn't my database; it was in the Nexus when we found it. But, yes, some of the information in there could be useful to you. For example, would you be interested in a codex of magical formulae to create a homonoculus?
MADIGAN: Magic is just superstition. Besides, we can already build Boomers.
SKULD: Magic is not superstition! I happen to know a few spells myself!
NENE: Really? That sounds so intriuging! Do you know how they work, or do you just use some incantations because they've worked in the past?
SKULD: Oh, please - spells are no harder to create than computer programs are.
NENE: That doesn't sound as bad as I thought it would. I've done some programming in my time. Could you teach me some of those spells? Please?
SKULD: Sure! First, I'll teach you how to write out "Hello World" in glowing letters in the air ...
[Nene and Skuld leave the room. Madigan watches them go, then drops her "confused" look and moves toward the terminal Nene was using. She puzzles out some menus, then she calls up files titled "Universe GNX/AFTT - File 3241659 - Full Technical Specifications for Unit GB-1 (Production)". Madigan pulls a spy camera out of her pocket and starts taking pictures of the screen as data scrolls by.]


SCENE: Leon's office on Space Station Genaros. Leon, Nene and Madigan are present. Leon looks like he hasn't slept for a week.

LEON: So you're saying that you went into a pocket universe and met a girl who taught you some magic spells. Is that it?
NENE: Yes, sir.
MADIGAN: We definitely went somewhere. I don't know where we went, though. And we definitely met a teenage girl; I have a photograph of the three of us.
[Madigan pulls out a 8×10 glossy of Nene, Madigan and Skuld standing beside the super-range shuttle.]
LEON: All right, you went someplace and met a girl. [sighs] But do you honestly expect me to believe she taught you magic?
MADIGAN: She did not teach me anything, Mr. McNichol. I don't know what Ms. Romanova thinks she learned, but I doubt that it was of any importance.
[A bright white light appears in one corner of the room. It dims and takes the form of Skuld, resembling the special effects used for Sir Alec Guiness in "Return of the Jedi".]
SKULD: It was of utmost importance, Ms. Madigan. Nene is the Emissary of the Nexus for this universe, and she had to begin her training.
NENE: What are you talking about?
MADIGAN: This can't be happening!
LEON: I need an aspirin ...
SKULD: Nene, you have had many jobs in your short lifespan - student, friend, police officer, computer hacker, and one that Ms. Madigan should not be made aware of.
MADIGAN: [sotto-voice] So Romanova has something to hide, does she?
SKULD: None of them are as important as this one you have unknowingly taken on. You can now control when and where the Gateway to the Nexus appears in your universe. You can control who passes through that Gateway. The only people you cannot block from the Nexus are other Emissaries such as myself.
NENE: But what if I don't want the job?
SKULD: If you are unwilling or unable to act as Emissary, then the responsibility gets passed to Ms. Madigan.
MADIGAN: I'm glad to hear that. [She fast-draws her pistol and aims at Nene.] There's so much technical data there for Genom's use. [She squeezes the trigger, but nothing happens.] Nani?
SKULD: No weapon works once it's been through the Nexus, Ms. Madigan. You'll have to kill her with your bare hands.
LEON: And you won't have the chance. [He draws his pistol.] You're under arrest for attempted murder. [He handcuffs Madigan and leads her out of the office.]
NENE: [looks slightly pale] All right, Skuld, I'll take the job. I can't let someone like her get unrestricted access to all the information in that databank.
CUT TO Nene's apartment. Linna and Nene are finishing off a cheesecake.
NENE: Too bad Madigan got away - she's just too dangerous to be allowed to run loose. There wasn't much we could do against model 77-C Combat Boomers, though.
LINNA: Maybe we should call Priss and Sylia, and ask them to keep an eye out for Madigan. You never know - they might see ... Wait a minute - did you say that girl in the Nexus was named "Skuld"?
NENE: That's right. Why?
LINNA: Don't you remember that late-twentieth-century manga I let you borrow a few years ago? The one by Fujishima?
NENE: Vaugely ... masaka! I was talking to a goddess?

[Nene faints. Linna carefully picks her up and puts her on her bed, then leaves, turning off the lights on the way out.]


      A title screen appeared on the TV. "Please wait for two minutes while I rewind this tape. The doors will be open until the next show begins." Most of the otaku present see the open doors (that weren't there a moment ago) and make a run for it. The two geeks stay in their seats, mumbling incoherently.
      "My, my, my; they're staying! I guess they've finally snapped. Ah, well, what should I show them next?" Toltiir runs his paw along a row of tapes, finally stopping at one labelled Tokyo Babylon 5 ...

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