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This comes (originally) from Kitsy: The Crossover Drabble Challenge.

The challenge is to write a drabble - a fanfic of exactly one hundred words - with as many crossovers in it as possible.

Okay, here's a salute to a current movie ...


An 11-anime crossover drabble by Rob Kelk. Credits appear after the story.

"Pyogora is rampaging! Our first defender, Shinji, ... ran away. Help us!"

They did their best:

"I, Kuno Tatewaki, will -" Squish.

"Metamolforce!" Sputter. "I forgot - I used the last of the charges!"

Washuu used her new beam cannon. Pyogora ate the energy bolt.


Akiko sent Poison One after the monster. It swatted the helicopter out of the sky.

(Motoko Kusanagi turned to Miyuki Kobayakawa. "This is out of our league." They ran away, with Shinji.)

Finally, desperately, Hikaru tweaked Clef's spell. "Mecha Summon!"

The mecha appeared and aimed at Pyogora. "BUSTERRRRR BEEEEEAM!!!!!"

Credits, in order:

Blames, in order:

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