Stories of Fenspace

In the early 2000s, a mysterious technology/organism - eventually to be known by the tongue-in-cheek name handwavium - appeared from no known origin. Properly applied, handwavium allows, among other things, almost anyone to build a spacecraft far in advance of anything any government is fielding. And almost anyone does - most of North American science fiction fandom makes it off the planet in an explosive diaspora before laws against the use of handwavium are passed by paranoid governments worried about the devastating changes such a disruptive technology can cause to the comfortable and profitable status quo.

These are the stories of those who made it into space, and what they did and found there.

- Bob Schroeck          

These are not the only stories set in Fenspace; they're just the ones that I've had time to extract from the board.
This is not the official story mirror page; that's slated to be on Bob's website.

The Early Years

With a wave and a by your leave
Written by Griever; posted January 15, 2007
September 13, 2006 - May 10, 2007: Early fun with handwavium.

A Rock and a Hard Place
Written by Griever; posted December 20-31, 2006
Spring 2009: Don't make Katz angry. He serves his revenge cold.

Buckaroo Banzai and the Fen from Space
Written by Ebony; posted January 2, 2007; revised January 12, 2007
August 2009: The Blue Blazers go spaceside.

Up, Up, and Oh Boy...
Written by Kokuten and Feinan; posted January 17, 18, and 27, 2007
September 24, 2009: Fenspace, we have a problem...

So You Want to Come to Fenspace?
Written by Herr Bad Moon, with commentary by Rob Kelk and SkyeFire; posted May 27, 2007
June 17, 2010: Fenspace's resident historian offers tips to vacationers.

We don't need that hammer, Lucifer...
Written by Rob Kelk; posted January 15, 2007; revised April 2, 2007
June 30, 2011: When an asteroid move goes horribly wrong, only a few amateurs stand between it and Earth.

First Flight
Written by Rob Kelk; posted April 2, 2007
February 29, 2012: A mothballed aircraft design takes flight, thanks to a few Fen.

A funny thing happened on the way to the shipyard...
Written by Duane Peters; posted January 6 and 17, 2007
March 31, 2012: How can the US Navy handle the quirks of handwavium? By assigning a very special crew to a very special ship...

Tell Your Children When
Written by Robert M. Schroeck; posted March 27, 2007
April 20, 2012: Disturbing Implications of Land Rising into the Sky, from the 'Dane point of view.

Disturbing Implications of Land Rising into the Sky
Written by Acyl, Ebony, M Fnord, Herr Bad Moon, Rob Kelk, Kokuten, and Bob Schroeck, so far; posted March 12 - May 1, 2007, so far
Work In Progress
April 20, 2012: It takes a spacecraft to raise a village.

Crazy Little Idea
Written by Robert M. Schroeck; posted on January 14, 2007
after Disturbing Implications of Land Rising into the Sky: Not all Fen went into space...

Every corner of the universe needs a Cat Lady...
Written by Ravynlocke; posted December 18, 2006
date unknown: Oopsie...

mid-2012: “Operation GREAT JUSTICE,”
a.k.a. “The Boskone Incident,” a.k.a. “The Boskone War”

Convention Thread GO! (not yet available here)
Written by lots of folks; posted in 2006-2007
Work In Progress
May 7, 2012: The decision to begin Operation GREAT JUSTICE, with a station-load of subplots.

Game of Kings
Written by Kokuten; posted January 21, 2007
June 3, 2012: What can golf teach us in space?

Entertaining the troops(?)
Written by Rob Kelk; posted April 19, 2007
June 6-10, 2012: Some battles aren't fought with weapons.

Interview with a Zwilnik
Written by kestrel404; posted January 18-19, 2007
Work In Progress
during the war: An ambulance driver learns why someone would become a criminal.

Rock 'n Roll Time
Written by Kokuten; re-posted February 10, 2007
during the war: Do unto others as they have done unto you.

Written by KJ; posted March 26, 2007
during the war: Even in Fenspace, war is the same...

Written by Kokuten; posted March 28 and April 3, 2007
during the war: Wire Geek reports from the front.

With Liberty And Great Justice...
Written by Rob Kelk and Griever, so far; posted May 28-29, 2007, so far
Work In Progress
February 2013: One, two, three, what are we fighting for?

Written by Griever; posted April 17, 2007
March 2013: There's no such thing as a “typical” boarding.

Away from the War

News from the 'Danes
Written by Kokuten; posted January 14, 2007
November 2012: Meanwhile, back on Earth...

Written by ClassicDrogn; posted January 22, 2007
December 12, 2012: On the final day of the Mayan calendar, the universe as we know it comes to an end.

“Nextgen”: Non-Canonical Takes on Fenspace's Future

The following stories deal with a period after the conclusion of GREAT JUSTICE and the Miranda discovery; as such, they have been tagged as “noncanonical” for the time being. Depending on the ebb and flow of Fenspace storytelling, some of these events may become canonical. Some may not. The only way to know for certain is to keep watching the skies ...

Written by Kokuten; posted April 4, 2007
well after Operation GREAT JUSTICE: Power!

Archimedes' Lever
Written by M Fnord; posted March 21-23, 2007
Work In Progress
2088-2098: The Singularity finally happens... but not in the way that anyone expected.

Reflections of an Immortal
Written by Rob Kelk; posted March 16, 2007
May 21, 2208: Being alone makes for a miserable two-hundredth birthday.