Rob's Anime Figure Collection

I have a small collection of anime character figures, which I had displayed on various shelves around the apartment for a few years. In late 2005, I bought a free-standing shelf case large enough for them all. So, now they're (almost) all in one place, which means it's easy to take photos of them. Mind you, my photography skills are only so-so ...

Update: Of course, a little thing like filling the case didn't stop me from buying more figures ...  New figures: Hazuki and Elfriede (from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase), Yomiko Readman (from Read or Die), Yayoi Fujisawa (from Stellvia), and a few I haven't photographed yet.

A case full of figures The top of the shelf case, from left to right: Sakura-hime (Tsubasa Chronicle), Super Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars (both from Sailor Moon S), Skuld, Belldandy, Urd, Banpei, and Sigel (all from the Oh My Goddess manga), and Ri Kohran (Sakura Wars).

Shelf 1, from left to right: Bulleta (from Vampire Saviour - in the English dub, Baby Bonnie Hood from Darkstalkers), Amano Kazumi, Takaya Noriko, Jung Freud (all from Gunbuster), Kei, Yuri (both from classic Dirty Pair), Electra (from Nadia), Morino Ichigo (Onegai Teacher), Merrill (Rune Soldier), Kinomoto Sakura, Daidouji Tomoyo (both from Card Captor Sakura) and Mizuno Ami (from Sailor Moon SuperS).

Shelf 2, from left to right: three persocoms (from Chobits), the Paper Sisters (from R.O.D the TV), Aoyama Motoko (from Love Hina).

Shelf 3 (the SD shelf), from left to right: Kinomoto Sakura, Kinomoto Sakura again (from Card Captor Sakura, twice), a group of Sailor Senshi and another group of Sailor Senshi (all from Sailor Moon), Peorth, Skuld, Belldandy, Morisato Keiichi (all from the Oh My Goddess manga), Hakubi Ryoko, Nagi, and Kuramitsu Mihoshi (all from Tenchi Muyo TV, a.k.a. Tenchi Universe).

Shelf 4, from left to right: Maehara Shinobu (from late in the Love Hina manga), Daidouji Tomoyo, Kinomoto Sakura, and Li Meilin (all Card Captor Sakura), Nene Romanova (from Bubblegum Crisis), Ayanami Rei dressed way out of character and Katsuragi Misato (both from Neon Genesis Evangelion).

Shelf 5: From left to right: Susano (from the manga Orion), Greenpeace, Annapuma, Unipuma (all from Dominion Tank Police), Kasumi (from Dead or Alive), Maehara Shinobu, Otohime Mutsumi, and Aoyama Motoko (all from Love Hina).

The figures that are still in their boxes:
What's still in boxes, as of Boxing Day 2005
From left to right: Auska Soryuu Langley (from Neon Genesis Evangelion), Rally Vincent (from Gunsmith Cats), Lain (from Serial Experiment Lain).

The 1:1 scale shelf:
What's on the 1:1 scale shelf
This is a cedar shelf, to help keep insects away from the plushies. From left to right: Kero-chan (from Card Captor Sakura), Kururu (from Bottle Fairies, still in the "bottle" package), Ryo-ohki (from Tenchi Muyo) holding a "Ryo-Ohki (Ship)" Ani-Mayhem card.

Not in the Case: I also have a Skuld "crane-game" plushie (from Oh My Goddess), a Christmas SD Misato miniature (from Neon Genesis Evangelion), and Skuld, SD Sailor Mercury, SD Sailor Jupiter, and SD Tuxedo Mask keyrings (from Oh My Goddess and Sailor Moon three times).

My Figure Wish-List

Should somebody be wanting to give me a gift for some unknown reason, here are a few ideas. I know that at least some of these figures exist (because I found listings for them that say they're discontinued; see the links in the list), and I can dream about somebody seeing this list and making the others (or the price of a three-dimesional prototyper coming down to somewhere near affordable ...) Ones I espcially want are in bold italics.

Last update: 17 March 2008

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