Pretty Pictures that People Have Given to Rob

For some reason that still eludes me, I occasionally receive gifts of artwork from people I know. I finally decided that it's time to put them on my site.

From Brian Dinnigan:

In April of 2001, Brian and I were talking about who might make for a good replacement character in the original Bubblegum Crisis series. During that, he drew this picture of the cutest character in anime (Yoriko Nikaido, of course) as a Knight Saber.

Then, in December of the same year, Brian decided to give me a Christmas present. He asked me for a couple of ideas, one of which he'd draw. The one he liked was my suggestion of Nene2032, Nene2040, and Yoriko as cheerleaders. This wasn't quite what I was expecting, but it's great fun ...

Then, in December 2002, Brian decided to give me another Christmas present, out of the blue ...

And he gave me another picture for Christmas 2003, this one coloured by Arthur Hansen.

And then another in 2004, where Brian re-visited his 2001 Christmas image theme.

And another in June of 2005 - Yoriko again, in her outfit from TV episode 20.

Then he gave me his Christmas 2005 present to me - Yomi from Azumanga Daioh after graduation. (I think she has a remarkable resemblance to Mizuho, the lead female character of Onegai Teacher...)

And another in June 2006, of a brand-new character. According to Brian, "the girl's name is Karin, she's a nineteen year-old sophomore at her local community college, and is very sensitive about her height (she's 4' 11"). She likes reading manga and aerobics. Her cat is Toof, and he's not so big on all that exercise or reading stuff, but is very good natured." (But is she a nekojin, or just dressed in "nekomimi mode"? That's a secret...)

And a Christmas present for 2006 - Yomi from Azumanga Daioh again. I call this one Azumanga or Die-oh, for obvious reasons.

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Last update: 5 December 2006

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