By Curtis Hoffmann
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The Cream Lemon series has used nearly every form of sexual stimulation you can imagine, from lesbian sex and cucumbers, to dildos, conventional boy-girl sex, and of course, tentacles.

The continued popularity of tentacles comes from:

  1. Penis-shaped. They can be animated without fear of being blacked out.
  2. You can have a lot of them at once, so you get the effect of an orgy, even with only one alien.
  3. They're long, so you get extra penetration, and the additional stimulation of anticipation as the tentacles do a lot of fondling before they go internal.
  4. Evil creatures are naturals for horror-rape porno, and it's an easy cliche to give the bad guys tentacles as sex organs.
  5. If the object is short, and attached to another body, that body will get in the way when showing the victim's reactions. But, when using a tentacle, you just get the victim, and the tentacle.

Does anybody know why they picked on tentacles, in particular?

The staying power of a popular idea.

And, a bushel of sexually aroused cucumbers is not quite as menacing an enemy...

-- Curtis H. Hoffmann
Mar. 9, 1994

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