Sometimes glasses aren't part of a costume...Ah! Megane-sama

Full-time Meganekko: Family Names I-J

ICHIJOUJI Sumi; IIDA Akino; IKUTA Mitsuki; IMAI Maria; INAGAWA Yuu; INOUE Miyako; ISE Nanao; ISUZU Ayane; IWATA Kana; IZUMI Neneko


Ichijouji-senseiSumi From Raimuiro Senkitan. Ichijouji-sensei serves as the doctor on board the warship Amanohara. Related entries: Fukushima Kinu, Shima Tsumugi

IIDA Akino

AkinoAkino In W Wish, Iida Akino is a true class representative (iincho), bossy and over-achieving. She is determined her class will put on the best ever haunted house for the school festival, even if it means installing some real medieval torture devices ... Related entry: Suzuki Takako

IKUTA Mitsuki

MitsukiMitsuki From Smash Hit! and Love Love?. Mitsuki is 25 years old, but with the body of a child. She works for the Houchiku Corporation and is experienced working with R-rated films, but really wants to become involved with a detective series. Unfortunately she ends up becoming assistant producer to the TV series Cosmopolitan Prayers aka Cosprayers.

IMAI Maria

Maria Maria From Cosplay Complex. Maria is a miko (temple guardian) when she's not participating in the Ooizumihigashi High School's Cosplay Club. She's very protective of her little sister, and with good reason... Related entries: Aoshima Reika, Tomii Tsukasa


Yuu From Comic Party - Related Entry: Makimura Minami

INOUE Miyako ("Yolei")

Yolei Yolei and Hawkmon (promotional image) From Digimon. Yolei is a girl who accidentally discovers she is a new Digidestined and agrees to help the others to protect the Digimon from the Digimon Emperor. She is from a numerous family (almost all of whom wear glasses) - she has at least 4 siblings, at least one of whom is female. Her Digimon is called Hawkmon, and she has a very calm and sweet personality.

ISE Nanao

Nanao Nanao Nanao is a shinigami (or "Death God") in the anime and manga series Bleach. Despite her bookish appearance, she is a formidable warrior, having risen to the rank of lieutenant or second-in-command of the 8th Squad of the Gotei, the army of shinigami that protects Soul Society from enemies both spiritual and physical. Her temper is regularly tested by the teasing of her immediate superior and captain of the 8th Squad, Kyouraku Shunsui.


AyaneAyane From Gatekeepers 21 (an OVA followup to the original TV series), Ayane is literally one of the next generation of Gatekeepers; she's the daughter of two of its members from the 1969 team. She's a quiet and severe young woman, largely due to issues that she has with her father and, of course, dealing with invaders. Related entries, from the earlier series: Kurogane Megumi, Sakimori Misao


Kana From Hamtaro

IZUMI Neneko

NenekoNeneko Neneko is both the childhood friend of Takeya Ikuhara (the lead male character of DearS), and his landlord's daughter. She comes across as a calm person, who's not easily flustered, but her façade doesn't always match her feelings. Related entry: Biko

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