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ReiRei From Pani Poni Dash. Rei, student number 23 and member of the newspaper club, was dubbed the "witch" for her information collecting ability and her no-holds-barred attitude. She has the number 2 GPA in school. Rei works part time at a Chinese restaurant, has a fetish for cosplay, and is lousy at drawing.


Takako Takako The younger sister of Takeo, the lead male character of Magic Users Club. Takako has little patience for her brother's antics; one wonders what she'd think if she knew about his magic.


YukiYuki From Lucky Star. "Yuki-chan" is, as her friend Konata points out, a stereotypically moé girl - kind, beautiful, soft-spoken, and slightly klutzy. She's also the most intelligent girl in her circle of friends, and has excellent fashion sense. However, she isn't a very good cook ... Of all the girls in her circle, Yuki is the one who's most likely to not comment on Konata's foibles.


TsutakoTsutako Tsutako is the photographer for the Lillian Girl's School newspaper, and spends much time stalking and photographing the Yamayurikai (the student council members who are central to this series). Her antics, and what happens after the photos are published, drive many of Maria-sama ga Miteru's plotlines. Related entry: Tukiyama Minako


YayoiYayoi Yayoi is the best friend of Awayuki Himeno, the super-powered Prétear. She is utterly obsessed with trashy novels (such as the ones Himeno's father used to write), and is often found near Himeno (frequently spying on her) while Himeno is riding the waves of emotion, ready to interject a few almost tactless, but usually right-on-target, comments about her relationship / love life. And that's not to say that Yayoi has no designs of her own as far as men go ...


Tamako-senseiTamako-sensei Tamako-sensei is Shindou Hikaru's homeroom teacher at Hazé junior high in the anime series Hikaru no Go. Like Hikaru's mom, she's worried about him becoming a professional Go player before he finishes high school. She inadvertently helped him become a pro, though, giving the Go club an old Go board and permission to use the science lab to meet after school. Related entry: Yoshinaga-san
(Editor's Note: The Viz English-language manga translation calls her "Kumako-sensei".)


HiyoriHiyori From Lucky Star. Hiyori is an first-year high-school student who has a gift for art and an ... unusual ... imagination. She often incorporates her classmates in her daydreams.


MakiMaki From Gunparade March. A mechanic for unit 5121, Tanabe Maki is a girl endowed with more than your usual amount of bad luck. From getting lost on the way to the unit on her first day to tripping and spilling her food all over in the cafeteria any time they serve her favorite food (potatoes), she displays her bad luck quite frequently and expectedly. Despite the seeming unfortunateness of it all, she remains in a good humor and takes it all in stride. Only her friends and fellow unit-mates consider her to have bad luck, she instead always finds ways to look at the bright side of the bad things that happen to her.


Yoko From Legend of Black Heaven. Yoko used to be a groupie who followed the rock band Black Heaven and its lead singer Tanaka Oji. Now, the band has broken up, Yoko and Oji are married with a little boy, and Oji has become a salaryman. Yoko is a practical housewife who tries to get her husband to stop dwelling on the glory days of his youth, but the entry of Layla Yuki into his life puts the strength of their marriage to the test.


KannaKanna Everybody needs a hobby. Kanna's is to take over the world. She was originally going to share with her best friend Kisaragi, but she went off on a Happy Lesson instead, so Kanna's a bit upset with the world that she wants to conquer. Kanna hasn't given up the dream - she's become a power behind the scenes, selling advanced technology to whoever can afford to buy it - but she's very interested in learning about the emotion that caused Kisaragi to give up on conquering the world. Kanna wants to know what "love" is. In order to find out, she comes up with plans to get closer to Chitose, Kisaragi's "adopted" son, but Chitose's adopted family usually manage to foil her somehow (sometimes unknowingly). Kanna is very interested in starting a relationship, as long as it's with Chitose... Related Entries: Nanakorobi Fumitsuki, Ichimonji Mutsuki. ("Kannazuki" is the archaic word for October; Kanna's front company is named "JuuGatsu," the current form for October. There is a Togakushi school of ninjitsu.)


RikaRikaFrom UFO Princess Valkyrie (a.k.a. UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie). Tokino Kazuto is a young man who was just taking care of the Tokinoyu public bath (which he took over from his grandparents) when a close encounter with UFO Princess Walkure changed his life forever. Tokino Rika is Kazuya's younger sister. She's more pragmatic than her brother, and she manages the (slim) finances of the Tokinoyu when she's not studying for school. Related entry: Pharm


Kyoko with cameraKyoko Kyoko is the best friend of Kaname Chidori, the girl who is most definitely not attracted to that baka military-nut Sagara Souseke. From the anime series Full Metal Panic! and its sequel FMP: Fumoffu, Kyoko loves taking pictures as chaos erupts around her friends.

TOMII Tsukasa

Tsukasa Tsukasa From Cosplay Complex. Tsukasa is secretary of the Shintaratuka Cosplay Club, a rival to the Ooizumihigashi Gakuen club of which Aoshima Reika is vice-president. Bullied by her senpai Ranko, she has to overcome her stage fright to compete in a no-holds-barred head-to-head cosplay contest against Chako the Klutz. Who will win? Other related entry: Imai Maria


Miyako From Pani Poni Dash. Miyako is the "studybug" of class 1-C (although her grades didn't reflect her effort), and has her lifeplan all worked out. She's an ESPer, and has an incredibly shiny head that often blinds the camera when she's making a point. Miyako claims she only needs glasses occasionally, but wears them all the time.


MieMie From episode #18 of You're Under Arrest. A member of the Strike Brigade. (Mie is not identified in the episode; her name was determined by reading the cast credits and comparing the listed voice actresses with their other known roles.) Related entry: Nikaido Yoriko


IlaIla Ila is Rune Soldier Louie's classmate and friend at the magician's guild. She helps him out a lot with studies (and sometimes with the adventures that he and the three women in his group go on) and wonders just when the lunkhead will notice the eye she has for him.


ShionShion Shion is a librarian-fetishy AI developer in Xenosaga - The Animation. The glasses she wears are interesting; apparently, she only wears a pince-nez nosepiece, and when she wants to see she pushes a button and force-field lenses appear before her eyes. (Why she doesn't have vision-corrective surgery in the 4th Millenium is unclear.) Apparently she needs them full-time, except when she's in VR, and then the force fields get in the way of the VR helmet.


Maki Maki From the 18+ series Punishment. Maki will do anything to get good grades, including sleep with her teachers. The only problem is, Kayama-sensei (the nerdy physics teacher) is seemingly immune to her womanly charms. In order to get revenge upon him refusing to change her grades, Maki arranges for her and several other friends to come by his house, drug him, take all sorts of "naughty" pictures of him, and post them publically to humiliate him. Her devious, conniving spirit remains unbroken even after he gets his revenge on her later in the show (I'm sure we can all imagine what kind of "revenge" that will be...).

Ling Pha WONG

LingLing From Battle Athletes Victory

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