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Kanabi; Kanna; Kaori (Dream Hazard); Kaori (Sex Friend); Sister Kate; Kei; Kuramori; Kyaru; Lilia; Lily; Mako; Malen; Marie; Mirror; Mito; Miyako; Motoko; Nadia


KanabiKanabi In episode 9 of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Kanabi is the avatar used by one of the participants in a cyberspace chatroom discussing the Laughing Man case. She comes off as being one of the most normal and sensible users in the panel, although of course we don't know whether she actually is female or wears glasses in real life.

Kanna ("Prima")

Dub name: Lorelei

Kanna / PrimaKanna / Prima Our heroes and anti-heroes are on Mandarin Island, where they hear about a master Pokemon trainer named Prima who runs demonstrations and battles there. She turns out to be Kanna, a member of the Elite Four who specializes in training Water/Ice Pokemon.


KaoriKaori In the 18+ OVA Dream Hazard, Kaori is a young girl with a crush on her sempai at school, but she's too shy to tell him her feelings. She hears about Sweet Dreams, a virtual dream parlour, and goes to check it out. After meeting with the attendant at the desk and requesting a sweet, innocent scenario, she puts on the suit, gets into the capsule, gets into the dream ... and gets into the thick of it when the program bugs go insane on her. This is based on a story by Mon-Mon (Cool Devices: Curious Fruit and Fallen Angel Rina), so you can guess just how these bugs manifest ...


KaoriKaori Kaori has a crush on Takabe (the main character of the 18+ anime Sex Friend) & sometimes skips class to hide in a quiet area of the school library so she can 'satisfy her desires' while fantasizing about him. She was shown where to hide, and taught various techniques, by Taeko.

Sister Kate

Sister KateSister Kate From Chrono Crusade. The klutzy Rosette must report to Sister Kate, her superior, and most of the time Sister Kate is not a very happy person. Rosette causes enough damage on her own, never mind the devils and demons she's supposed to deal with, so it's understandable that Sister Kate appears to be perpetually in a bad mood even though she's not actually a mean woman. She's just very concerned, and, well, frustrated with Rosette's inability to limit the damage she inflicts. OK, it also doesn't help that Rosette likes to hang out with a rather dangerous demon. Though much of Sister Kate is covered by her religious garb, her bespectacled face is quite angelic, when she's not frowning over Rosette's latest aftermath. Related entry: Shader


KeiKei From Hand Maid May. The Cyberdyne Corporation has been trying to repossess CBD ("cyberdoll") May from Kazuya Saotome, but the first retriever they sent out didn't do the job. Next in line is Kei, a beautiful, intelligent young woman who meets with Kazuya to discuss the work he's been doing with robotics (or so she says). She turns out to be a cyberdoll herself who, while smart, is restricted to logical, computer-like thinking, which gets in the way of her mission.


KuramoriKuramori From Haibane Renmei. Kuramori (which means "Dark Forest") was the oldest haibane in Old Home when Rekki hatched from her cocoon alone and unnoticed. She helped the newest haibane to come to terms with her new life and aided her in making friends, but when she left Old Home to go "over the wall" she broke a promise she made to Rekki to always be with her; this has affected Rekki ever since. Related entry: Hikari


KyaruKyaru Attends the Psychic Academy, a place of learning for psychically gifted students.


no image yet From Those Who Hunt Elves, season 2 episode 6. A student at an elf school, she's clumsy, bad at sports, sleeps during class and always arrives late. The elf hunter Airi becomes her teacher for 30 days (while looking for a piece of the spell to send them home), and becomes quite fond of her ...


LilyLily From Bleach. Looking like a fairy with wraparound goggles, Lily is one of the "Six Flowers of the Hibiscus Shield". These small spirits, all named after flowering plants, are the physical embodiment of Orihime's power. Lily is one of three spirits who form Orihime's defensive shield.


MakoMako Mako is the oldest, and the leader, of a trio of invading alien mercenaries (Pao and Ai are the other mercenaries). She's by far the most mature and responsible person in the entire G-On Riders cast. Other related entries: Arashiyama Sera, Kurama Yuuki, Sanado Mio, Hoshikawa Yayoi


MalenMalen A secondary character from episode 9 of Princess Tutu, Malen is an art student who becomes devoted to Rue for a short while...


MarieMarie From Sister Princess. Marie has a weak body (the result of an unexplained illness), and she stays in a sanitarium.


Mirror From Comet. Mirror is a space princess who is on Earth to look for the missing Space Prince. She's even more unenthusiastic about finding him than either Comet or Meteor.


chibi-MitoPirate Mito From Uchuu Kaizoku Mito no Daibouken (Stellar Buster Mito)


MiyakoMiyako From Kannazuki no Miko. One of the Orochi, whose task is to destroy both the Solar Priestess and Lunar Priestess, and allow the evil God Orochi to destroy the human world. Miyako likes to play mind games. Related entry: Reiko


MotokoMotoko Motoko is the stepsister of the lead male character in Happy World. No matter what the situation may be, she can be relied on to point out the most perverted possibility ...


NadiaNadia From Ippatu Kikimusume, a comedy where crisis-girl Kunyan gets into odd dangerous situations and has to figure a way out. Nadia doesn't appear in every episode, but when she does, she acts as the voice of reason for Kunyan (and their other friend Linda) during their disastrous adventures. This doesn't stop her getting involved in the disasters herself.

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