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Pao; Patricia; Pepper; Pharm; Plum; Reiko; Rere; Ruka; Safety; Santera; Shader; Sheska; Shizuku; Shoko; Sophia; Stephanie; Tadami; Taeko; Tanami; Tashigi; Yukari; Yuriko


PaoPao From G-On Riders, part of a mercenary group (along with Mako and Ai) that is invading Earth. Other related entries: Arashiyama Sera, Kurama Yuuki, Sanado Mio, Hoshikawa Yayoi


Patricia Patricia

From Gunslinger Girl. Patricia is a close friend of Marco, who is recruited to become the first "fratello" in Section 2. The secrecy involved in his job leads to them separating amicably.


PepperPepper, floating on a soap bubble In the TV series A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar, apprentice fairies are sent to earth to learn how to control a different element of weather. Pepper wants to learn how to control wind, and is unofficially one of a team of three fairies, all of whom seem to look and act like young pre-teens. Although the team doesn't have any real rank, Pepper usually acts as a calming influence towards her team mates, and wants all of them to graduate. Since fairies can't be seen by most people, Pepper wants to be able to produce weather that will be worthy of admiration by all. Related entry: Hanna-sensei


PharmPharm From UFO Princess Valkyrie (a.k.a. UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie). One of the eight princesses of Valhalla Planet. In the first season, she's only really seen in the last episode, doesn't speak, and isn't introduced. However, she has a larger role in the third series, Seiresetsu no Hanayome, when she becomes a teacher at the high school and encourages all the female students to wear glasses like hers ... Related entry: Tokino Rika


PlumPlum From Ultra Maniac. One of triplets who live in the Magic Kingdom. She visits the human world in order to help her cousin Nina (the main character) return to the Magic Kingdom by finding at least one Holy Stone. Of course, being so young she still has a lot to learn when it comes to magic.


Reiko Reiko From Kannazuki no Miko. Manga artist and one of the Orochi, whose task is to destroy both the Solar Priestess and Lunar Priestess, and allow the evil God Orochi to destroy the human world. Despite her task of killing the priestesses, she still has to meet her deadlines. Related entry: Miyako


Rere Rere is the fairy companion of Fujiwara Hazuki, one of the three oja-majou of Oja-Majou Doremi (Magical Doremi). Ordinarly she can't say anything other than "re, re, re ...", but when the three oja-majou need more sophisticated aid, they zap their fairies into a mini-dimension inside a magical diary where they look more developed and can speak.


RukaRuka From Tenshi ni Narumon (I'm Gonna Be an Angel!). After the childish titular angel wannabe Noelle attaches herself to Yuusuke, he finds out that she comes as part of a package deal including her whole family. Ruka is Noelle's little sister, who is (unsurprisingly) more mature and intelligent than Noelle, and spends her time coming up with big, elaborate inventions. Related entry: Granny


SafetySafety, getting a ride The trainee angel Safety shares her body with a trainee shinigami named Risky, thus providing the title of their anime - Risky Safety. Risky appears when someone nearby feels sadness or depression, while Safety appears when someone nearby feels happiness or joy. They've become attached to Katsuragi Moé, one of their earliest assignments (Risky was supposed to escort her soul to the afterlife, while Safety was supposed to keep her alive). Safety is still learning how to use her angelic powers; they usually work well enough, but her control over them leaves something to be desired.


Santera Santera One of the Juuni Shinsho (Twelve Divine Generals), Santera first shows up in episode #8 of Samurai Deeper Kyo, where she is responsible for transforming warriors at the Tournament into Kenyo (demon-like monsters). Her waifish body emits a glowing dust that paralyzes her opponents. Santera enjoys playing with the lives of others, at first, but we see a more human, sympathic side to her later in the series.


ShaderShader A classic catgirl who happens to be a demon and one of the Sinners (the bad guys in Chrono Crusade). A top-flight scientist, she's the Sinner who gives the group their technical edge. Shader also created the watch device that controls Chrono's use of his abilities. Related entry: Sister Kate


Sheska From Fullmetal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi), Sheska is a bookworm and loves books at least as much as Yomiko Readman. Virtually all space in her apartment is used up by books, apparently an even higher percentage than in Yomiko's. She used to work as a librarian in the national library, but was fired because she was constantly reading. Her special talent is that she can perfectly remember every detail of every book she has ever read, and that includes most books in said national library.


Shizuku From Hunter X Hunter.


Shoko From Hyper Doll. Shoko is a school friend of the main protagonists, though she is curious about Miyu and Maika (or Mew and Mica if you prefer) and is somewhat jealous of any interest Akai shows for the two aliens.


SophiaSophiaFrom Crystal Blaze. Sophia's a freelance journalist who never learned not to get too close to what she's covering, which ended up badly when she decided to cover the "glass maiden" story ... Related Entry: Ayaka


StephanieStephanieFrom Sorcerous Stabber Orphen. Stephanie is an old friend of Orphen, and was once Orphen's partner. If not for a fatal wound in battle, she probably would still be. But she used all of her magical energies to save herself, and so she now passes her time studying magical relics and texts of the ancient world and magic.


TadamiTadami From Himiko-den (Legend of Himiko)


TaekoTaeko Taeko is a school nurse whose services go beyond those normally associated with a person of her position. She demonstrates the experience of a mature woman to Takabe (the main character of the 18+ anime Sex Friend), and taught Kaori various techniques (and where in the school she can hide while "busy").


TanamiTanami From Tenshi no Shippo (Angel Tales/Tails). Tanami is a guardian angel sent from the Maid World to help Mutsumi Goro. She is the reincarnated spirit of a pet kitten. She appears in the first series, Tenshi no Shippo, as a meganekko; in the second series Tenshi no Shippo Chu she doesn't wear glasses at all. Related entry: Ayumi


Tashigi From One Piece. Tashigi is a Seargent Major of the Marines stationed at Rogue Town along with her superior Smoker. She's a skilled swordswoman and plans to travel around the world and beat evil swordsmen... one of whom is Roronoa Zoro. Without knowing it, she met him at Rogue town and, sort of, helped him out in getting two new swords. Later she found out about him, and they had a duel during Luffy's escape from the town. Zoro won the duel but didn't try to hurt Tashigi further because she resembles Zoro's dead friend, Ruina. After that, she swore to get even with Zoro and joined forces with Smoker in chasing them. She's somewhat clumsy and usually loses her glasses that way.


YukariYukari Yukari (sometimes called "Inspector Widget" in the dub) is a cyborg police officer, who needs every advantage she can get when going up against the Nerima Daikon Brothers.


Yuriko? From Pretty Cure. Cure White's lab assistant.

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