Ah! Megane-sama: New Meganekko

These meganekko aren't yet listed in the main Gallery, or included in the count on the main page; they'll be included in the next update. (Whenever that is. The comprehensive indexes I maintain (and get compliments for) take noticeably longer to update than a basic index would, and cross-reference links don't code themselves ...)

Full-timers: Ena (Gravion)

Part-timers: NAGATO Yuki (Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), TACHIBANA Mizuki (Gravion)



EnaEnaFrom Gravion. Ena is the co-pilot of the Gran Diva G-Driller, and the de facto head of the maids at Klein Sandman's castle. She's very kind and motherly; she was a nanny of sorts to teammate Touga Tekuji, although she's actually a year younger than him, and she cares about him more than anything else. She's also quite clumsy (in the picture to the right, she's tripping up on a fallen wine bottle at one of Sandman's parties), and her non-confrontational personality is not very suited for combat, but she still does her duty as a Gran Knight reliably. Related Entry: TACHIBANA Mizuki



YukiYuki, more vulnerable than usualFrom The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. The sole member of her school's Literature Club, Yuki becomes the nucleus around which Haruhi builds the SOS Brigade. Yuki is quiet and bookish, and has a talent for computer programming. She also cares about the people who are close to her. While she has a reputation of being unapproachable (because she's so quiet), at least one of the boys at her school still thinks she's out of this world. Yuki stops wearing her glasses after she forgets them one day.


Mizuki, off-dutyMizuki, on-dutyFrom Gravion. At 22, the mysterious Mizuki is the only adult member of the Gran Knights, and the pilot of the Gran Diva G-Striker. She helps keep the Knights united and focused during combat, and is armed not only with her skill in the martial art Taijutsu, but the brains to hack into computer systems. She is doing the latter when teammate Eiji Shigure bursts into her room while escaping another "physical" by the castle's medical maids. Mizuki normally puts her best face forward (among other parts), but she dresses down when kicking back in front of the monitor - just like the rest of us. As you can see by her eyes, her curiosity also overcomes her vanity during these times. It's very telling how she reacts to Eiji's inadvertant visit by first nearly whomping him to death, and then teasingly pretending to seduce him not long afterward. Related Entry: Ena