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I know almost nothing about these characters, but have reliably been informed that they are meganekko. This is my page of "working notes" for these characters (so you'll occasionally see some links given to some of the information I need - I haven't yet followed the links). I am working on getting this page cleared and filling in the gaps on the other Gallery pages, and will happily accept any assistance you can give; please e-mail me at < robkelk -atsign- gmail -period- com > if you can help. If I receive your e-mail, I'll reply to it, usually within a week.

The first things I need to know about a meganekko are her name and whether she wears her glasses full-time or only part of the time. (Ignore sleeping and bathing when figuring this out.) Characters' entries will remain listed here until both of these can be established; without these two basic pieces of information about a character, I cannot move her entry to the correct place on the appropriate page in the Gallery.

After that, images and descriptions of the characters are useful.

Descriptions: I'm looking for character descriptions that get across the tone of the anime and the personality of the character (a tall order, I know!). Definitely include the name of the anime in the description, although you can be creative about it - for an example, see the writeup for Togakushi Kanna. Definitely do not include spoilers for the anime! (In the very rare case where any description of the character would spoil the anime, follow the examples set in the entries for Chinatsu or Himemiya Anthy.) If appropriate, an indication of whether the meganekko is "available" would be nice, but that isn't essential (this isn't the Anime Marriage Prospects page, after all).

Images: Pictures should be large - at least twice as big as the images in the gallery - so that I can scale them down to fit after cropping away the excess background without losing too much detail. I'm looking for official anime promotional images or screen frame-grabs, not manga scans or fanart. I prefer a pose either straight on or three-quarter profile, with open eyes, although these rules can be broken for the second image of a full-time meganekko (for example, the second image for Yanagisawa Naoko or Hououji Fuu).

HIRAMA Huyumi; HOKKE Maika; Ayuki; Chizuru; Kana; Yuki-sensei; KAMIKURA Ichiko; KOUNO Yui; Licorice NEILSON; TAMURA Konomi; Ayano; Katze; TAKAHASHI Tomomi; Rika; unknown, from Hikaru no Go; unknown, from Kasumin; unknown, from Oja-Majou Doremi; unknown, from Shaman King

Have Name, Image, and Description

All I need to learn about these meganekko is whether they're full-time or part-time (and, for a few of them, their family names) ...


Huyumi From Lemon Angel Project. A bashful, passive 15-year-old singer.


Maika From Akahori Gedou Hour Love Game. The second-oldest of a quintet of sisters with magical powers (released by an evil bat-girl fairy) who help people when they try to do evil. link


Ayuki Ayuki From Kashimashi (Girl Meets Girl). Ayuki is smart, quiet, and appears to have sapphic inclinations (to be fair, that's reading between the lines ... but it's that sort of story). She also seems to be involved in a school club that has a need to dispose of human body parts; never ask her to pick up the meat for curry. Also, Ayuki can't cook worth a damn.


Chizuru Adding the touch of humor that makes Bleach popular, Chizuru is a minor character. An all-out lesbian, she makes fruitul attempts on Orihime and ends up being beat up by Tatsuki.


Kana Lincle and Kana From Kirameki Project. Every mad scientist has a beautiful daughter whose destiny is to rebel against him; usually, she graduates middle school first. Kana can't wait that long. The depressive Kana is constantly encouraged by Lincle, a cheerleader robot that she invented for that purpose.


Yuki From Oja-Majou Doremi (Magical Doremi). Yuki-sensei is the physician at Misora Elementary School (Doremi's school). Her patient, kindly demeanor has allowed Doremi and various others to confide in her with their personal issues. (In the French dub, Yuki is named Melle Coucou.) (Full-timer?)

Have Name and Image, but no Description

Not only do I not know whether these meganekko are full-time or part-time, I don't know anything else about them either.

KAMIKURA Ichiko ("Icchan")

Icchan From Hime-chan no Ribbon


Yui From Aquarian Age

Licorice NEILSON

LicoriceLicorice From Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Revenge - Related entry: Stephanie


Konomi Konomi From Skelter+Heaven.


Ayano Ayano From Girls High. link


Katze From Lord of Lords Ryu Knight.

Have Name, but no Image or Description

I don't know anything about these characters - not even what they look like, let alone whether they're full-time or part-time meganekko.

TAKAHASHI Tomomi ("Tomi-chan")

From Azuki-chan


From the 18+ anime Isaku   link

Have Image, but no Name or Description

I don't even know these characters' names, let alone whether they're full-time or part-time meganekko (or anything else about them). The assigned numbers are arbitrary.


? ? From Hikaru no Go. An amateur Go player who studies under the Dutch national Go champion in Holland. Related entries: Tamako-sensei, Yoshinaga-san (A full-timer, but I need her name...)


sensei sensei From Kasumin. Kasumi's school teacher. In the image on the right, she's under an enchantment to make her young again. (A guide lists her name as "Miss Michelle", but the same guide lists Kasumi as "Misty"...)


? From Oja-Majou Doremi (Magical Doremi)

Have Description and Image, but no Name

I know everything about this meganekko except the most important thing: her name...


Lily Lily From Shaman King. Full-timer, but I need to confirm her name. In English, her name is "Lily" - is this is her name in the original Japanese?
Assuming her name is the same in both languages ...
Lily is one of the members of the group everyone calls Lily 5. She's a shaman who was teased a lot because she could see and talk to ghosts, which eventually made her decide to participate in the Shaman King tournament. Her companion spirit is a sort of hamster which can possess her glasses, which allows her to see events happening at long distances or shoot an energy beam from her glasses. Even so, neither she nor any the members of her gang are considered to be powerful shamans. Lily tends to be bossy, and doesn't like it that much that her partners cheat and seduce men to get what they want instead of using their brains.

Have no Name, Image, or Description

For this site, this is the worst case scenario ...

Somebody who I trust has told me that there's at least one meganekko with a name and a speaking role in a show, but didn't provide any details. Rather than provide even bare-bones entries, I'm just listing the shows:

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