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RemmyRemmy From Geneshaft. A trained Shaft Driver, Remy is the mousy assistant/groupie of the genetically perfect Shaftdrive pilot Mir Lotus ... or is she? (Remmy's glasses are ornamental; they were her mother's.)


Dub name: Bridgette

LettuceMew-Lettuce From Tokyo Mew Mew. Before being "discovered" by Mew-Ichigo, her accomodating manner made Lettuce Midorikawa a frequent target of bullies and opportunitsts. Now, her kind, gentle, and humble attempts to please everyone serve her well in her part time waitressing job at Cafe Mew, and help to hide her Tokyo Mew Mew alter-ego. With castanets in hand, Mew-Lettuce sends dangerous chimera anima back to the dark with a smile, a twirl, and her trademark battelcry, "Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" When Lettuce isn't protecting our blue Earth, she enjoys reading, cooking, and making custom plush dolls.
(Editor's Note: In the Mew Mew Power adaptation, Lettuce is renamed "Bridgette" and Ichigo is called "Zoe". Here is a summary of the differences between the two, courtsey of Galen Musbach:
Junior-high school student Lettuce is trying to follow Buddhist philosophy and live for others; she thinks that doing good things should make things good, and can't grasp why things are bad and getting worse instead. This causes her to snap and become a vandal. Ichigo then "kills" Lettuce's dark side in a ritual attack, and tells the remaining piece of Lettuce that, since the bad girl has been killed, it's okay to be nice again. Lettuce joins the team, but never again manifests the power to form and command water.
High school student Bridgette doesn't simply carry bags for her classmates, she also does their homework. She's motivated by loneliness; "since friends do things for each other, if I do things for people, they'll become my friends." She still snaps and becomes a vandal when it doesn't work. The punishment and forgiveness plot point is cut, as Bridgette apparently doesn't need to be forgiven for her mistakes, since the concept of personal responsibility for your actions is completely alien to modern US culture.)


TiraTira Tira is (usually) the less agressive of the Misu sisters, and is often one of the voices of reason for her group of Sorceror Hunters. She's a sweet, quiet young woman who takes a real interest in other people's problems. However, all of that goes out the window when she thinks that someone is interested in the man she loves, Carrot Glaice, or when she needs to go into battle - that's when the glasses come off and she's scary. Her role in her group is to act as a supporting fighter, and to keep Carrot in line when her sister can't.


Yukino Yukino From Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances). Yukino is another anime girl with two faces. She has the cute one she loves to show off to all her classmates as she tops marks list after marks list, and the sloppier one (complete with reading glasses) she only wears at home as she works like mad to stay atop those lists.


Megumi Megumi From Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~. A nosey 20-year-old college student, who is the kind of person who goes her own way. Like many college students, she likes to drink beer. Megumi wears glasses full-time through episode 10, then switches to contacts in episodes 11 and 12, then switches back to glasses in episode 13. Related entry: Aoba Kozue


TsubomiUltimate Girl Tsubomi Moroboshi Tsubomi is one of the three Ultimate Girls, a sentai team that fight monsters by transforming into giant costumed figures when danger threatens. When danger isn't threatening, they're 12-year-old high-schoolers and Tsubomi-chan wears glasses.


MarylinMarylin From Sumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoida. Intergalactic Movie Star Marylin Mororoe comes to visit Cosmos-sou in episode 9, fleeing an upcoming marriage to a millionaire in an attempt to reignite the flames of an old affair with Dr. Marron Flower. The picture to the left is of her playing a part in a film; there's no evidence she wears glasses in normal life. Related entry: Kurinohara Kurika


Komugi Komugi From Nurse Witch Komugi. A 17 year old flat-chested and clueless cosplay idol. Komugi became Magical Nurse Komugi simply because she wanted to cosplay a magical girl, but being the magical girl, she now has to defend the Earth from the evil Ungrar. Related Entry: Kim Nicholas Fidel Muammar Tikriti Adolf de Komachi


Sayoko Sayoko (promotional image) From RahXephon. Sayoko is a 28-year-old scientist and the assistant of lead TERRA scientist Dr. Kisaragi Itsuki. She wants her relationship with the doctor to be more than just professional, and is particulary envious of the attention the doctor gives to another TERRA colleague, Capt. Shitow Haruka. Nanamori doesn't conceal her emotions too well and her bad temper is usually reflected in her driving. Apparently she witnessed the death of her father and brother at a young age, and this seems to have affected her emotionally. Later in the series, she begins an affair with Isshiki Makoto, an observer for the Earth Fedeartion and close friend of Itsuki.
Sayoko wears her her glasses mostly for work along with her white lab coat, just like her boss, but when in regular street clothes she never wears them, not even to drive. Episodes 10 and 12 feature her with her glasses. Her character profile in the RahXephon bible compendium includes a picture of her in glasses.


Naru at schoolNaru at home The lead female character in Love Hina, Naru is a kind young woman (except around the lead male character, where she's often a sharp-tongued violent maniac) who's studying to get into Tokyo University in order to keep a promise. She wears glasses at school, or when she's studying. (Naru should wear glasses the rest of the time, too, but doesn't; this occasionally poses some problems for her.)


EmiEmi From Strange Dawn. Emi is one of two high school students brought to a strange world, and the one less able to cope with the experience. (It's difficult to tell whether she's a "yamado nadeshiko" or in shock because of what happened to her.) She wears her glasses when writing.


EriEri Eri is in the same class as Nandaba Naota (the lead character of FLCL), class president and daughter of the Mayor of Mabase. She doesn't like people to know she wears glasses so normally wears contacts, but she wears her glasses when she sleeps over at Naota's, though she asks him to keep it a secret. The only time the others see her in glasses is in the school play Puss 'n Boots for which she rigged the votes to ensure she got the lead role and that Naoto played the cat. However when a classmate comments on her glasses, she soon points out that pair are fake and have no lenses.


ItokoItoko From School Rumble. Cousin of the the delinquent Harima, and sensei at the school he attends, Itoko easily lets Harima know his place.

Vanessa RENE

VanessaVanessa From Madlax. Vanessa works for the International Division of 'Bookwald' and is extremely knowledgeable with computers. Despite the risk to her life, she's determined to make known the links between her employer, Enfan (a powerful worldwide criminal organization that controls information), and the deliberate manipulation of a civil war in Gazth-sonika. Vanessa often wears glasses when using a computer.


DoriaSuper Panzer Doria is the second daughter of Rasen Advertising, and the older sister of Ruridou Doris (the main character of D4 Princess.) Doria is also "Super Panzer". (In D4 Princess, a "Panzer" is an armored human imbued with several abilities who fights with a weapon referred to as "tool", or a person of great talent and ability.) She loses her glasses when she transforms. Related entry: Ginno Tsubasa

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