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Angel; Ayaka; Behoimi; Chiriri; Chisato; Ciel; Cyprine; Dakki; Electra; Eudial; Garoben; Hikaru; Hororo; Kururu; Mercredi; Mimette; Rui; Sarara; Sayaka; Lady Une


AngelAngel The mysterious Angel first meets Roger Smith, the Negotiator and pilot of Big O, when she pretends to be the secretary of Gordon Rosewater, the head of Paradigm Corp. However, this is far from the case, although her motives and real identity are never certain. She ends up following Roger on several of his cases and even helping him, but she seems to know a great deal more than she lets on - especially since it is possible she comes from outside the domes of Paradigm City, and therefore may still have access to memories that the residents lost 40 years ago ...


AyakaAyaka From Crystal Blaze. Ayaka is the quieter of the detective agency's two female employees, although her shyness is how she hides her secrets. She was the first to discover that there was a "glass maiden" in their midst ...  Ayaka wears glasses when in front of the computer. Related Entry: Sophia


BehoimiBehomi-chan From Pani Poni Dash. Transferred into Momotsuki Academy as a healing-type magical girl, Motto is justice and love, and seeks out to assist people in distress. However, due to circumstances, her adventures are about to see an impasse. She's knowledgable in medicine, toxicology, and explosives. Behoimi wears glasses all the time, except when she is cosplaying as Behomi-chan.

Chiriri ("Chiririn")

Chiririn, cosplaying as a class presidentChiririn From Bindume Yousei (Bottle Fairies). Chiririn loves dressing up and especially loves hats. She is the most sensitive and motherly of the fairies, and is often the instigator of their games. Related Entries: Hororo, Kururu, Sarara


ChisatoChisato From Burn Up W. Chisato works in accounting at Police Town, and helps her close friend Rio with her finances (or lack thereof). Related entry: Kawasaki Maki


CielCiel Ceil suddenly appears at the same school as Shiki (the lead character of Shingetsuan Tsukihime (Lunar Legend Tsukihime)), mixing in with others as though she has always been there. She is both president and solitary member of the Tea Club. Saying anything more would spoil the series ...


CyprineCyprine Cyprine is another villain that only appears clearly in one episode of Sailor Moon S. Like Eudial, Mimette, and Telulu, she's a member of the "Witches 5". Cyprene's method of stealing life energy from other people (to wipe out all life on Earth) was to take it from her fellow junior-high-school students while they were preparing for exams. She was also given the job of killing the Sailor Senshi, a task at which she failed because of her overconfidence.


DakkiDakki From Houshin Engi (Soul Hunter). Dakki is a powerful demon who used a magical fragrance to put the emperor under a spell to love her. Having him under her control and living as his concubine allows her to do pretty much whatever she feels like with the kingdom ...


ElectraElectra From Nadia. Executive Officer of the submarine Nautilus, Electra is a friendly, patient young woman - except when it comes to finding and killing Neo-Atlantis troops, or protecting Captain Nemo from threats. She classifies "possible romantic interests that aren't Electra" as "threats", though ...  Electra wears glasses when reading.


EudialEudial Eudial was the first member of the "Witches 5" to appear in Sailor Moon S. Unlike Mimette, Telulu, and Cyprine, Eudial's job was to find the Talismans that would summon the Grail (which the Witches 5 would pervert to wipe out all life on Earth). It took her a while, but her efforts were partially successful ...


Garoben, in disguiseGaroben's true form The self-styled "youma of knowledge", Garoben appeared in episode 8 of Sailor Moon. Before she was destroyed, she was instrumental in awakening a young girl to her true destiny...


no image yetno image yet From Hyper Speed Grandoll. Hikaru seems to be your every day magical girl, left with foster parents as a child and unaware of her legacy. She loses her glasses when she "transforms".

Hororo ("Hororin")

Hororin, cosplaying as a Mad ScientistHororin Hororin marches to the beat of a different drummer, the Osaka of the four Bottle Fairies. She is easily distracted, especially by food (her favourite seems to be egg tofu). Do not get between her and a pork dumpling. Related Entries: Chiriri, Kururu, Sarara

Kururu ("Kururin")

Kururu, cosplaying as a gangsterKururu From Bindume Yousei (Bottle Fairies). Kururu is the adventurous one, easily caught up in the current drama, often getting quickly out of her depth. She occasionally gets very emotional at surprising times. Related Entries: Chiriri, Hororo, Sarara


Mercredino image yet From Kiddy Grade. Secretary for Eclipse (the Director of GOTT), Mercredi enjoys tea, younger women, and subterfuge.


MimetteMimette Like Eudial, Telulu, and Cyprine, Mimette is one of the "Witches 5" (from Sailor Moon S; crazed pseudo-Lovecraftian cultists trying to steal enough life energy from other people to wipe out all life on Earth. Unlike the other Witches 5, Mimette's insanity is blatant - she thinks there's nothing wrong with choosing a celebrity at near-random, "falling in love" with him, then stealing his energy and leaving his dead body behind, only to repeat the process again the next day. Luckily for the celebrities, the Sailor Senshi always prevented her from stealing anyone's life energy, but that never worried Mimette for more than a few minutes.


RuiRui Rui is an attractive female in a disturbing 18+ anime (specifically, Cool Devices: Kirei), so everything we know about her can be summed up in one word: Victim.

Sarara ("Sararin")

Sarara, cosplaying as a henpecked husbandSarara From Bindume Yousei (Bottle Fairies). Sararin is a samurai and philosopher of Bushido, eager for a challenge. She is the bravest of the four fairies, often leading when the others are afraid to go on, strong but silent. Related Entries: Chiriri, Hororo, Kururu


SayakaSayaka From the 18+ OVA Stainless Night. Sayaka is one of three women taking a break at the Institute of Nature's protection area. One night she follows her pet dog into the forest and finds the female android, Linear, who has no recollection of her past. The two become intimate, but what does their future hold, as someone knows the secret of Linear and is determined to find her... Sayaka only takes her glasses off for swimming, sleeping or getting intimate, and even then not always.

Lady Une

Lady UneRepresentative Une From Gundam Wing. Confidant and aide-de-camp to OZ leader Treize Khushrenada, Lady Une follows his orders and pursues his enemies with cold and ruthless efficiency - so much so that she's earned the nickname "Bloody Une". But her cold, calculating demeanor is only part of her split personality - when she takes off her glasses and lets down her hair, she becomes Representative Une, a saintly woman genuinely devoted to peace. However, the angelic persona doesn't stay for long - when Treize calls and asks for her assistance, the glasses go back on and her cold facade goes back up. (Later, after a near-death experience leaves her in a coma, Lady Une's personalities begin to merge, and by the time of the events of the Gundam Wing OVA Endless Waltz, she's permanently discarded her glasses, having fully reconciled her opposing personalities and become a truly devoted soldier of peace as the leader of the Preventer intelligence organization.)

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