The Anime Hentai Primer

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28 July 2008

This is a companion posting to The Anime Primer, or What Anime Should I Watch Now? dealing with erotic and pornographic anime (often called "ecchi anime" and "hentai anime" respectively). These have been separated into their own posting so that the parent posting may safely be given to people under the age of majority.

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At the request of a number of contributors to this primer, all contributions are anonymous. Credit may or may not be given in the main Anime Primer, at the discretion of the individual contributors.

The rules for inclusion in the Anime Primer also apply to this document, as does the process.

In these reviews, "softcore" and "hardcore" refer to the explicitness of the sex scenes contained in the titles, not to levels of violence in the scenes or story. Definitions of other terms can be found at Aestheticism's Yaoi/Slash Glossary (found at <>).


Adventure Kid (in UK, Adventure Duo)

Somewhat hentai story of a group of children caught up in a battle in time and space against a monster and the usual demons. You want to know why I say hentai? Well, when the key to the alternate dimension sits squarely between the legs of an often naked and not unattractive female demon ...

Ai no Kusabi

A 2 OAV series derived from a novel. The story is set in a future dystopia and concerns the destructive relationship between Iason, head of the elite Blondies, and the mongrel, Riki, he picks up off the streets. Iason is a classic cool, emotionless seme. Riki is the classic bad attitude street boy uke. The story deals with honor, obsession, and well deserved fate. The designs are lushly romantic and fairly very dark, but there isn't that much sex, but what there is, is hardcore. [Available fansubbed.]

Angel of Darkness I-IV

A series of OVA movies that deal with a plant monster that needs female ejaculate to survive. The plant is usually hidden somewhere on a school campus and victims are brought to it (which it then enslaves). There is actually a continuity through the films as plot points from each film figure in the next. As to be expected, there is a lot of of tentacle rape. [Soft Cel]

Bizarre Cage

A 3 episode OVA about a group of workers at a fantasy theme park, who not only have to deal with a rapist seeking victims among the female workers but their computer malfunctioning and trapping them and customers inside the park. [NuTech]

Black Mail

Nice looking, bud decidedly un-nice tale featuring the systematic breaking and humiliation of half a dozen high school students and two somewhat older female relatives, by a gang of rapists. The plot is fairly hard to follow - none of the motivations involved become at all clear until the third and final volume, and even then you're left wondering. As the whole thing is basically 90 minutes of non-stop non-consensual sex, this is firmly in the "disturbing" category. Also, the explicitness of the animation varies wildly from scene to scene. [NuTech]

Boku no Sexual Harassment (a.k.a. My Sexual Harassment)

A 3 OAV series about Mochizuki, a young salary man willing to do anything for the sake of the company, and his experiences with his colleagues, management, and clients. This is an interesting morality play about sex, business, self esteem, and true love. It is one of the few hardcore yaoi titles around. [Kitty]

Can Can Bunny

A light, softcore comedy in which the cute and sexy goddess Suwati appears to a young man named Kenta and grants him a wish. Much to her chagrin, it's to be able to make it with any beautiful young woman he meets. We follow their adventures as Kenta gets his wish granted and Suwati watches over him (with the help of her cousin Shuree), tries to keep him out of trouble and wonders when he'll realize just why she gave him the wish in the first place. [Available from Soft Cel Pictures.]

Cool Devices

A hardcore anthology series which explores the darker sides of human sexuality, with stories ranging in tone from cute yet edgy to downright disturbing. Directors include Mon Mon (well-known for the cheesecake artbook Illustrations Candy), Hiroyuki Utatane (Count Down) and Yasuomi Umetsu ((A) Kite). [Licenced by Critical Mass.]

Count Down

Based on Hiroyuki Utatane's assorted-stories manga, this series sweeps back and forth between comical and bizarre. Features character design that is faithful to Utatane's work, and stories that make you wonder (unless you've read the manga, that is). [Available from Soft Cel Pictures.]

Cream Lemon

An anthology OVA series from the 80's which is acknowledged as the first hentai anime to emphasize the stories, which range from drama (the Ami Nonomura episodes, which were acclaimed for the lead character's strong personality) to suspense/horror (Black Cat Mansion) to comedy (Pop Chaser). The popular general-audience series Project A-ko was originally intended for this, but that was changed during planning, and the rest is history. CL is also infamous for its catering largely to Rorikon (Lolita complex) fans, and spun off into the Lemon Angels series. A couple of episodes of CL are available rewritten (not translated) and dubbed into English by assorted American '80s porn stars as Brothers Grime Cartoons #2.

Custom Slave

Another "kidnap the cute girl, then boink her 'til she likes it" title, this time set in a prestigious girl's school - which is in fact a front for an organization that provides sex slaves to the rich and powerful. Has a very distinct "first episode" feel, even though there only exists one part. Also a "disturbing" title, but very well done.


Tough as nails, and with an equally toned body, Kiriko is a "take no prisoners" kind of teacher. Trained in the martial arts, when threated after school, she easily puts her attackers down for the count. But later, when more assailants get the better of her, Kiriko finds herself bound and gagged, with an challenge put forth - survive 10 minutes of fondling without being aroused, and she's free to go! It turns out to be a very long ten minutes. Depravity is a two episode OAV with heavy bondage, and mental domination. Available in R1 from NuTech Digital.

Desert Island Story X

A four episode tale of a half a dozen girls who get shipjacked and then stranded on an island with two bank robbers. This reviewer has only seen the fourth part, which in which the girls in fits of jealousy and for revenge manage to trick each other into getting raped (again?) by the resident criminals. Much backbiting and turning of tables. Due to the non-consensual nature of the scenes I saw, yet another "disturbing" title. [NuTech]

Desert Island Story XX

Not a sequel, but uses a similar setup - half a dozen women and a little girl, and three men, stuck in a remote research station where weird experiments have been performed. But on who? And for what purpose? Add in that several of the characters are convinced that they're not getting off the island alive, and are therefore free to indulge, and this too ends up in the "disturbing" category. But the intense plot and mood make up for it, and someday soon I'll have to get the fourth part, just to see how it ends. [NuTech]


A Go Nagai series which shows the amalgamation of a seemingly innocent boy with a powerful demon; his purpose, to eliminate other demons from the world. Occasionally violent, and it wouldn't be a Go Nagai without some sex ... (Manga)

Doukyuusei: Natsu no Owari Ni

see End of Summer

Dragon Knight

Takeru is a medieval sword fighter and incurable lecher who travels the land in search of adventure and a good roll in the hay. The first OVA is an ecchi comedy, while the second, Another Knight on the Town, is more serious and more obviously hentai (if still softcore). Based on a series of computer games. At least two more OVAs based on later editions of the game have been released in Japan, but those have not been licensed for North America. [Available from Soft Cel Pictures.]

Dragon Pink

The hardcore fantasy RPG-ish adventures of "hero" Santa, man-mountain Bobo, elven mage Pierce and much put-upon catgirl slave Pink. Three OVAs were made, with the first being pretty cute, the second one shocking and disturbing by comparison and the third quite painful (Pierce and Bobo's scene notwithstanding). [Available from Critical Mass.]


In the aftermath of a nuclear war, civilization has one last hope in the form of the domed city known as the Megaro Earth Project. Problem is there is somebody called Mr. Gimmick, who leads a terrorist organization called the Black Widow who is trying to end the project. The counter terrorist organization E'l is a part of has a method of dealing with supposed females of the Black Widow: rape them until they confess or they are mindless. The few logic glitches are explained in the last 5 minutes, but one feels as if this was a part of a larger series than never went anywhere. [NuTech]

The Elven Bride

Loving newlyweds Kenji (a human man) and Milfa Links (a buxom young elf woman) discover that a physical incompatibility is making consummating their marriage impossible, and these two OVAs follow their efforts to find a solution to their problem. Fantasy, comedy, romance and even a bit of social commentary all come together in this softcore story. [Available from Soft Cel Pictures.]

End of Summer (original title Doukyuusei: Natsu no Owari Ni)

Golden-hearted horndog Wataru's big dream is to "make a wonderful memory" with school idol Mai before summer is over. However, circumstances on her side (shyness, a strict family and a rich snob named Kenji also vying for her affections) and his (several female classmates seeking his advice and sometimes-intensive help) make things difficult for them. A very nice romantic drama with great character development and steamy softcore scenes, based on the popular dating-simulation computer game. [Previously available from Soft Cel Pictures.]

[Frantic, Frustrated and Female] (original title Nageki no Kenko Yuryoji)

Hiroe is a beautiful, healthy young woman with a decent boyfriend and a loving home life. The only problem she has is a big one - she's unable to have an orgasm with her boyfriend. When it's found that she can't help herself, her sister and mother (sorry, neighbour and landlady) and "known lesbian" friend pitch in to try to help, in a series of events ranging from funny to twisted. [Licenced by Critical Mass.]

Fujimi Orchestra

Fujimi (town) has a small adult orchestra. The first violinist is very good, but has no self confidence. The new conductor becomes enamored of him, is convinced he can do better, and eventually forces a relationship on him. The novels of this title do a good job of following their long term careers. The anime gives an introduction to the characters up through the initial forced seduction. This title has no science fiction, no magic, no comedy, just good solid drama about everyday people in their everyday lives. It also features what appears to be the single longest sex scene of all hardcore yaoi anime. [Available raw.]


Detective Satoru Kidou recieves a letter from a rich family, requesting his services for a missing-item case. His reluctance to take the case overcome by a need to pay the ever-growing bills, Satoru and his perpetually-horny secretary arrive on the family's private island, to expose the secrets (and bodies) of mistress Ayano and her lovely household staff.

Genmukan is a two episode hardcore title, with light bondage, arousal-inducing drugs, lesbian elements, and surprsingly clean character designs and animation. [Available in all regions from NuTech]

Gibo Mai

see Step Sister

Goku, Midnight Eye

see Midnight Eye Goku

Hanappe Bazooka

An odd title by Go Nagai (Devilman, New Cutey Honey) about a young, hapless, heavily picked-on guy named Hanappe who really wants no more than to go out with one of his beautiful classmates. He inadvertently summons a couple of demons, who grant him his wish to be strong and overtake his life, house and family in return. While the small bits of sex in this are quite obvious, it's difficult to consider this a hentai title. Weird slapstick humour and poignant moments run alongside each other, and somehow still work. [Available from ADV Films.]

The Hex Files

see Magical Twilight

Immoral Sisters

Yet another blackmali story, about a twisted old man who gets his jollies deflowering young girls, and his son, who thinks he has to prove his worth to the boss' secretary by being an even bigger pervert. Involves a hilarious revenge scheme in the last part - after the female characters decide to abandon their dignity and hit the guys where it hurts... Very, very explicit, well drawn and animated. [NuTech]

Inma Sieden

A six episode series involving rape-murders (the victims expire from exhaustion) at a school by people who command monster "Kings" whose rapes reveal the girls as "sheaths". While there is actually a story here, it is muddled by the fact that the reason behind the rape-murders is hidden from the viewer, it is hard to tell whose side most of the main characters are on, and what relationship they have to each other. One wonders whether there was some sort of back story that didn't make it to the series. [Available from Nutech]

Kaze to Ki no Uta

see Song of the Wind and the Trees


There are no two ways about it; Kemonozume is hot!!! This Wowow/Madhouse modern horror anime will slam you back into your chair and leave you totally astounded. It is a brilliant, in-your-face take on an old folktale that has smashing action, don't-give-a-damn animation, outstandingly witty humor, touchingly human protagonists, a totally over-the-top villain, a very cool jazzy sound track, male and female nudity, and hot adult sex!

Toshihiko Momota is the oldest son in a family of monster-hunters. Like his father Jyuuzou, Toshihiko believes in the "way of the sword" as the correct means to get rid of the man-eating Shokujinki who prey on humans. Toshihiko's younger brother Kazuma wants to modernize the "family business" with high powered mecha-suits and other bits of high-tech, but Jyuuzou and Toshihiko oppose this, resulting in a split in the family and Kazuma challenging Toshihiko to a sword duel.

But the duel between the brothers is interrupted by a monkey who is chased by Toshihiko out to the beach, where a strangely attractive woman sails out of the sky in a parachute and lands in front of Toshihiko. Toshihiko is immediately smitten by the woman, who is called Yuka, and they start a blindingly passionate affair, causing Toshihiko to forget "the way of the sword", initiating the destruction of the Kifuuken - the organization of monster-hunters - and begetting something much more horribly evil than even the Shokujinki.

Kemonozume is definitely not for "all tastes". There is a tremendous amount of black humor tied directly to explicitly violent death, very raw and sometimes monstrous sex, more nudity than is in most hentai anime, and lots of surreal animation. But if you are looking for something different in terms of an anime that is truly meant for adults, Kemonozume is a tremendously entertaining place to look.


A sweet story of four girls in love with a boy their guardians will never let them have, but who they go to great lengths to get anyway. This one is very nice in all respects - from art, to animation, to story, to character definition, to sexual content. Add in the twist that it's the girls doing all the chasing, and it's a title that stands out. [NuTech]

La Blue Girl

Urotsukidoji creator Toshio Maeda spices up the Overfiend formula with the cute and sexy Miko Mido, a half-demon girl who must now battle evil Shikima using a school of martial (marital?) arts known as Sexcraft after the signet case which symbolizes the Mido family's authority over the Shikima is stolen. The humour quotient is also increased, but the tentacles are still the main draw here. [Edited from Anime18, uncut from NuTech]

Legend of the Overfiend

see Urotsukidoji

Love Lesson

A guy with money trouble gets recruited by the Yakuza to train perfect partners for high-profile clients with "exotic" tastes, which turn out to be not that bad after all - one of them even wants a dominatrix... Haven't seen all of this yet, but so far it's fairly gentle, with only a mild bit of blackmail. Consensus seems to be that this is a "nice" title. Fairly explicit in parts.

Lunatic Night

In this action/fantasy/comedy, Kamizaki's creepy friend Mutsuki returns from a trip with a souvenir for him - a cute (and very naughty) dog-girl. As things unfold further in the convoluted plot, it turns out that Kamizaki is the amnesic ruler of Atlantis, and is needed to help restore it to its former ruling glory, despite Mutsuki's own efforts. Even the hardcore scenes are cute, and the parodies of Sailor Moon and tentacle scenes will raise a smile. [The first two episodes are available from Anime18.]

Magical Twilight (repackaged as The Hex Files by Soft Cel)

Two young witches in training come down to Earth from the white magic world for their practical exam, in which they have to make a good impression on a young man named Tsukasa. The sincere, innocent Chipple tries to do so through his heart, the brash, pushy Irene tries a little lower, and the tension between the three of them runs high. A fine softcore romantic comedy. Available from Critical Mass.

Mahou Shoujo Ai-chan

see Sexy Magical Girl

Maison Plaisir

Thrown out of his home for practicing his new-found skills at domination on his stepmother Rin, Seichii moves into a Japanese inn. Miyuki, the recently widowed manager, takes an instant liking to him, and when he discovers her secret bondage playroom, Seichii vows to complete her bondage training, eventually drawing in Rin, his stepsister Kiriko, and even the "girl next door", Nagi. Maison Plaisir is a two-episode hardcore title featuring watersports, bondage, lesbianism, and very attractive character designs. Available in R1 from Anime18.


As the commonly spread summary says: "Blame it on the sheep". The main character is a shepherd turned lord, who in order to keep his title, and his shot at the princess, must turn his fief into the most profitable in the kingdom. Four eps (of which I've seen only the first and last), with a blend of hilarity and some seriousness, and of course a fair bit of explicit sex. Sources claim that there is Hot. Naked. Elf. Sex. Almost as nice as Koihime.

Midnight Eye Goku

Futuristic detective fantasy. Private investigator Goku has a computerized eye that can interface with any electric device at will, as well as an expandable baton that enables him to skewer adversaries and vault across skyscrapers. Stylish animation with soft-core sex and bondage motifs.

Mrs. Junkies

Housewife Kyouka finds herself alone at home with nothing but the vacuum cleaner and her own perverse fantasies for company. When she comes across her equally-frustrated housewife neighbor getting some "special assistance" from the help, she resorts to a little self-pleasure, before bringing the lucky boy-toy home for some fun of her own! Mrs. Junkies is a hardcore title with lovely (and lonely) ladies who might be best be described as soft and round. Fans who like their characters older and a little rubenesque will find much to like here. Available in R2 from Milky.

My Sexual Harassment

see Boku no Sexual Harassment

Nageki no Kenko Yuryoji


Angel/New [Shin] Angel

Shizuka returns to Tokyo to find Kosuke, the boy who had befriended her during a difficult time 12 years earlier (when they were both five years old), who she only got to know for a week before her family had to move. She finds that Kosuke is now a terrible lecher, but still holds out hope that he can solidify the flashes of decency that he shows (when he isn't getting it on with other girls in a variety of bizarre and comical situations) and commit himself to her. Episodes 2-4 of New Angel are possibly the most explicit non-violent hentai ever released here. Based on the controversial manga by U-Jin. [New Angel is available from Soft Cel Pictures.]

Ogenki Clinic

A farce set in the titular clinic, where a wide assortment of people go to have Dr. Oguri and Nurse Tatase straighten out their sexual problems (when they aren't taking care of their own misadventures, that is). S&M, impotence, sex toys, lesbianism, infidelity, fetishism, transvestitism/transsexuality, grossly exaggerated body parts... it's all here, and it's all laughed at. [Available from Kitty Media and Anime18.]

Orchid Emblem

see Rei-Lan: Orchid Emblem

Orgy Training

Title is irrelevant to the story, which is about a rich kid whose father is in the habit of buying young women by paying off their parents' debts to the Yakuza, and having them pose as maids, serving his every need. When the latest acquisition turns out to be a girl the son has already fallen in love with, he sets out to rescue the girl. All the characters in this title are in need of psychiatric treatment - the males before the show starts, and the females too by the end of it. Too explicit in parts - especially the deflowering of the new girl, which is shown more than once... All in all a very disturbing title.


see Urotsukidoji

Private Psycho Lesson

Dr. Sara Iijima is a well-endowed psychotherapist who diagnoses and cures young people's problems using Psychofeed, a method combining deep subconscious analysis (employing an interesting hypnosis method) with Eastern sexuality. While containing some touches of U-Jin's distinctive humour, this is a dark psychological (but of course) drama, including a couple of tentaclish scenes. Not very explicit, but a hardcore story. [Available from Anime18.]

Pure Mail

Teenage mistakes, deception and private chat rooms. Much more would spoil the plot, which was good. One of very few anime titles of any category that has left me with the feeling that "this could happen" - and with the exception of one scene, in the "Nice" category.

Rei-Lan: Orchid Emblem

Rei-Lan is an up-and-coming Super Grappler Wrestling star and an ex-DEA agent. A flashback shows her going on assignment with her boyfriend to capture the prominent underworld boss Tojo and ending up becoming enslaved by him. Very dark and violent psychodrama. [Available from Kitty Media.]

Rei Rei

Softcore title based on the manga by Toshimitsu Shimizu (801 TTS Airbats). Kaguya is the Missionary of Love, a goddess who strives to keep the moon close to the Earth by helping out romantically troubled young people. While it's funny in parts, the overall tone is fairly dark, including a murder plot and subconscious psychological problems. Despite all that, it keeps a sense of warmth. [Licenced by Critical Mass.]

Sensitive Pornograph

This title contains two short, unconnected stories. Part one is the development of the relationship between male mangaka Seiji and Souno. Part two is about a pet-sitter named Ueno whose latest job, whom he told was a rabbit, turns out to be a bound and gagged young man.

Both stories are extremely explicit, even showing genitals (a lot of hentai doesn't); and are quite sweet, with happy endings for both. Available in the US through Kitty Media.

Sexy Magical Girl (a.k.a. Mahou Shoujo Ai-chan)

An otherwise-unremarkable highschool student, Akitoshi is caught up in an epic struggle between the tentacally-endowed demonic forces of evil and the skimpily-clad champion of good, Ai Kagano, a very sexy magical girl. Witness to Ai's battles, Akatoshi quickly finds himself ensnared in a web of deception, murder, and demonic possession.

Sexy Magical Girl is a hardcore five-episode title featuring bondage, domination, mind control, pseudo-lesbianism (Girl on Girl with MultipleTentacles), and what can only be described as body-distorting levels of extreme penetration. When it's hot, the action is scorchingly hot, but it can and does cross the line at times. Highly recommended for fans of tentacles, but not for the faint of heart. [Available in R1 from JapanAnime]

Shusaku Replay

Same genre as Black Mail, only here it is a boarding school full of female students and teachers, and a perverted caretaker who's rigged the whole place with video cameras. Non-nice in all respects except animation quality and sexual content, if you like rape scenes. A remake of a series named Shusaku, which showed much less actual sex.

Slight Fever Syndrome

A light softcore comedy, in which a young woman starting her new job as a nurse and counselor at a high school finds that the students (and some of the staff) seek her help for the sort of problems that she never anticipated having to handle - especially within herself. [Available from Kitty Media.]

Song of the Wind and the Trees (a.k.a. Kaze to Ki no Uta)

At a 19th-century French boy's school, newcomer Serge finds himself rooming with Gilbert, a boy who uses his body to get grades and other favors. At first repulsed by his roommate's behavior, Serge finds himself pitying the clearly troubled young man, and this leads to a doomed relationship between the two.

This is an older series, with unusual but (in this reviewer's opinion) quite beautiful animation and backgrounds. The sex is infrequent and pretty non-explicit, but the story is the real draw here. Available fansubbed.

Step Sister (a.k.a. Gibo Mai)

Kyosuke Wakao is the sole heir to his father's estate, including his famous paintings. Bitter at his father's second marriage, Kyosuke tells his step-mother, Megumi, to get out. Megumi, faced with the prospect of losing her home, counters by mentioning the inheritance tax that Kyosuke can't afford to pay, and makes him an offer he can't refuse: "Give me the paintings and let us live here, I'll deal with the taxes, and you can have my daughter." With his loving step-sister Yuna as a new toy, Kyosuke settles into a routine of bondage, while Megumi plots, and Yuna begs for punishment.

Step Sister is a two-episode hardcore title, with elements of bondage and domination, mind control, a few bits of water sports, and themes of pseudo-incest. If none of these offend you, this is a title with much to recommend including excellent animation, clean character designs, a taste for the kinky, and an ED theme by Kotoko! [Available in R1 from Anime18]

Stepmother's Sin

I only saw the second part of this. Insane son seduces father's new fiancée, then blackmails her into keeping quiet while boinking her silly and abusing her daughter. When he finally gets it into his head that maybe he did something wrong, it's too late. Sick and twisted in the extreme, both in content and in presentation. If there is anything at all to recommend this title by, it's the art quality and animation.

Strange Love/Hen

Chizuru Yoshida is the attractive and busty idol of her school, with a major attitude problem. In the two softcore OVAs released here, she turns the tables on a teacher who becomes obsessed with her after she appears in an ad campaign for shampoo, and has her world turned upside down when a new transfer student breaks through her cynical feelings about love. Funny, in both senses of the word. [Available from Anime18.]

Supernatural Beast City

Definitely for adults. Demon terrorists resist treaty to separate demons & mankind. Stylishly drawn. Available (as Wicked City) from Urban Vision.

Taboo Charming Mother

Sexually ignored by her husband, Misako begins her descent into debauchery when she recieves an obscene phone call from a stranger who sends her sex toys by mail. Coerced into even more perverse acts, Misako explores the depraved side of her personality, with her step-son, Yuuske. Taboo Charming Mother is a six-episode hardcore title featuring occasional watersports, anal, and a good deal of exhibitionism. Viewers looking for titles that explore the mental side of bondage will be pleased. Available in R1 from JapanAnime.

Tales of Titillation/Misbehaviour/Sintillation

The domestic release of Konai Shasei (Sketches in the School), the anime based on the U-Jin manga. Whimsical, comical softcore short stories, with U-Jin's distinctive edge and cute female character design. [Available from Kitty Media.]

Teacher's Pet

About an utterly devoted student and her kinky teacher boyfriend. Starts out mild in all respects, but the fetishes grow a bit weirder in each episode, as the animation grows more explicit. Despite this, the title remains all consensual - mostly due to the female lead's "it's okay because I love you" attitude, which sounded a bit weird after a while. I have a hard time calling it nice, but it's not insidiously evil like Orgy Training or Stepmother's Sin.

Tokio Private Police

A very thinly veiled H take on Patlabor. A tomboyish young policewoman gets transferred to a new police combat unit in a rough part of Tokyo. Much goes on behind closed doors. Part police drama, part mecha, part romantic comedy, all explicitly anatomically correct. The first sex scene is a rape, unfortunately, but, after that, all of it is consensual and scorching. [Available from Kitty Media.]

Tsuma × Tsuma (a.k.a. Wife with Wife)

Vol 1. Having recently lost his father, Kotarou has inherited his father's supermarket, and the attentions of his wife, and step daughter. Younger and inexperienced, Kotarou has to learn the "in's and out's" of customer "service", both on and off the sales floor. Vol 2. Recently married, Yosuke and Akira are the picture of marital bliss, until the subject of conjugal bliss enters the picture. Poor Yosuke is completely unable to perform! While at work he accidentally walks in on famous actress Atsuko in the nude, and ends up getting more than just on the job training. Tsuma × Tsuma is a two-episode hardcore title, with light elements of domination, big breasts, and a healthy dose of comedy. Viewers looking for a lighter title will find much to enjoy here. Available in R1 from JapanAnime.

Urotsukidoji (a.k.a. Legend of the Overfiend, literally Wandering Kid)

In the future, there are three dimensions of beings in the world: Humans, Man-Beasts and Demons. Man-beast Amano Jyaku is obsessed with finding the fabled Overfiend, an omnipotent demon who manifests every 3,000 years as a giant tentacled humanoid and leaves a wide trail of rape and carnage in his wake. This is a very controversial and dark hardcore series with an epic plot, which is considered to be the first "erotic horror" anime to feature tentacles as penetralia, and has spawned many imitations. [Available from Anime18.]


A collection of cute yet naughty stories based on the U-Jin anthology manga, including parodies of Doraemon and vampire stories. [Available from Anime18.]

Weather Report Girl

When ATV's regular weather report girl Michiko Kawai has to take a day off to attend a friend's wedding, unspectacular-looking Keiko Nakadai is drafted to do the evening forecast. Keiko, however, turns out to be a stunning, daring, evil, conniving bombshell who has been waiting for this opportunity, and she creates a furor (and increases the show's ratings) when she lifts her skirt and flashes her panties on the air. When Michiko returns to find that Keiko has been given her spot permanently and she has been reassigned to the 6 AM weather report, the battle begins. A wicked parody of the cutthroat broadcast industry with not that much actual sex, but so much of everything else that that isn't much of an issue. [Available from Critical Mass.]

Wicked City

see Supernatural Beast City

Wife with Wife

see Tsuma × Tsuma

Words Worth

A proper fantasy anime plot as good as many mainstream titles - Light kingdom and dark kingdom (below ground) are at war, people living down below don't even know about the sky, etc. Story focuses on a prince who has dreams of a blue sky he's never seen. Unlike most films, war is depicted as it happens in real life to the extent that captors gleefully rape their prisoners etc. So plenty of sex, both consensual and non-consensual, including bestiality thanks to the mutant creatures such as horse-men, and some violence. [NuTech]

Related Book Reviews

The Erotic Anime Movie Guide

When considering erotic anime good information is both needed (there's no shortage of stuff to avoid) and hard to come by (since many sources won't cover the domain). Thus the Erotic Anime Movie Guide, by Helen McCarthy & Johnathan Clements (ISBN:1-185286-946-1) seemed like a promising possibility. Even though, being sold at a comic specialty store, it was expensive and shrink-wrapped.

Which is a shame, because the contents are not quite what you might expect. Especially given that it shares the style, and one of the authors, from the more useful Anime Movie Guide. The first thing is that about ²/3 of this slim volume (190 pages) is actually filled with 'film studies' essays on various elements of erotic anime. While some of these are interesting to serious students of anime history, although there are some doubtful arguments, they're not actually much use for understanding erotic anime. The subjects are old news and well known by most anime fans (U-jin, Go Nagai, Overfiend etc.).

Even more disappointing is the list of 200 reviews provided. A lot of these have only a marginal erotic content, or are provided to back up arguments made in the essays. Thus titles such as Dirty Pair, Gunbuster, Doreamon and Oh My Goddess have reviews, despite requiring a lot of imagination to see these as 'erotic anime'. And there are many more titles that simply don't belong in this book. The remaining reviews tend to be well known, commercially released, titles that are largely synopsis rather than commentary.

While this is an interesting book, especially to someone interested in the history and development of erotic anime, it is largely useless as a guide to the genre. Those planning a purchase should definitely find a copy to look through first.