(a.k.a. Android SNK-98)

(493 points  *)

Primary/Secondary Attributes

(310 points)

ST 30 [200]
DX 14 [80]
IQ 10 [0]
HT 15 [30]
    HP 30 [0]
Will 10 [0]
Per 10 [0]
FP n/a [0]
    Basic Lift 180 [0]
Damage 4d/5d+2 [0]
Basic Speed 7¼ [0]
Basic Move 7 [0]

Social Background

(5 points)

TL: 8+1 [5]
CF: Tokyo [0]
Languages: Japanese (native) [0]


(155 points)

Combat Reflexes [15]
Damage Resistance 10 [50]  *
Doesn't Eat or Drink [10]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Innate Attack: Crushing (5d, happens only when overheating -20%) [20]
Innate Attack: Electrical (3d, Melee Attack, Reach C, cannot parry -35%) [20]
Machine Mega-trait (B263) [25]
Pitiable [5]


(-40 points)

Berserk [-15]
Delusion: believes Nuku-Nuku's body is superior to hers [-10]
Obsesson: steal Nuku-Nuku's body [-15]


(-3 points)

Acts like she has a real heart when startled; Calls Nuku-Nuku "yesterday's model"; Prefers to use heavy support weapons


(66 points)

Skill    Type    Usual
Acrobatics    DX/H    14    DX    4
Acting    IQ/A    13    IQ+3    12
Area Knowledge: Tokyo    IQ/E    13    IQ+3    8
Brawling    DX/E    16    DX+2    4
Computer Operation/TL(8+1)    IQ/E    10    IQ    1
Guns/TL8: SMG    DX/E    14    DX    1
Scrounging    Per/E    20    Per+10    36


*: Eimi's world uses the Cinematic Explosion Combat Rule (B417). In a world without that rule, raise her DR to 20; this increases her point total by 50 points.


Eimi (SNK-98) is an android, but she differs from Nuku-Nuku in one important aspect: she is as far as we know entirely a machine. She was built for Natsume Industries by Professor Kyuusaku Natsume's mentor Yoshikawa, in the form of his granddaughter who died in an explosion along with her parents three years previously. Yoshikawa himself died in another explosion and Eimi escaped to be found by Nuku-Nuku. Eimi firmly believes that Nuku-Nukušs body does not have the overheating problem her own does; in reality Nuku-Nuku has her own set of "little problems" wrong with her, though Kyuusaku does not tell us just what those "little problems" are.

Kyuusaku's computer is a tower Macintosh that he has improved to the point that it is TL (8+1), though Eimi operates it with ease (until her fustration at not finding the right files results in her smashing the keyboard and then the monitor when Akiko uses the computer's video conferencing feature). Kyuusaku's habit of continuing to work on high tech gadgets, Mishima Industries' incredible lack of anything even remotely called security, and Eimi's high Scrounging skill gives her a wide range of things to use in her quest for Nuku-Nuku's body, everything from a winged flight harness to s circuit nuetralizer to an oversized SMG.

Even though she is entirely a machine, Eimi still needs air and has no vacuum support. Eimi's "Innate Attack: crushing" represents her design defect: when she engages in prolonged battles and overheats, she explodes. Since Eimi's world operates under the Cinematic Explosion Combat Rule (B417), there will be some sort of plot device to explain why Eimi escaped unscathed (although the same usually cannot be said of the landscape).

The material presented here is the creation of Bruce Grubb, posted to rec.games.frp.gurps on 4 October 2004 and put on this website with his knowledge and implied consent. It is based on the intellectual property of Yuzo Takada, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Mr. Takada or Steve Jackson Games. The image of Eimi is copyright © Movic / King Records / Yuzo Takada / Futaba Sha, and is used under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

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