407 Points

ST 30 [200], DX 14 [80], IQ 10 [0], HT 14 [40]
HP 30 [0], Will 10 [0], Per 10 [0], FP 14 [0]

Basic Speed 7 [0], Basic Move 7 (14 air) [0]
Basic Lift: 180
Damage:  Thr 3d  Sw 5d+2

TL: 4+3 [0]
Cultural Familiarity: the kingdom [0]
Languages: the common tongue (native) [0]


Beautiful [12]; Danger Sense [15]; Flame Breath (Burning Attack 5, cone 2 yd max width) [43]; Flight (winged) [30]; Resistant (Poison, +3) [10]; Very Fit [15]


Enemies: King Siva, Vina, Rosario, and/or Damaramu, 15- [-30]; Gullibility (SC 12) [-10]; Obsession: win the love of Dick Saucer [-15]; Unnatural Features: horns, wings, and tail [-3]


Thinks Dick Saucer sees her as a freak; Wants to become human


Brawling - 16 (DX+2) [4], Cooking - 12 (IQ+2) [8], Flight - 14 (HT) [2], Innate Attack: Breath - 16 (DX+2) [4], Swimming - 16 (HT+2) [4]


Mink is the daughter of Ruth the Red Lightning, one of the best swordsman in the Kingdom, who fell in love with the dragon he was supposed to kill and married her. King Siva now wants to kill Red Lightning so he can marry Red's dragon wife, so Rosario the court magician says he will kidnap Mink to lure Ruth into a trap. Rosario's plan backfires and Mink aquires Sivašs daughter Princess Vina (a slime half) as a rival for the love of Dick Saucer. Siva then hires Damaramu, possibly the stupidest (IQ 6) swordsman in anime, to go after Mink. When that idea fails, Siva tricks Dick Saucer and Dug Fin into wanting to kill Mink, which (like all his previous plans) backfires.

Note: This is based on the anime, of which there are only two episodes; this results in a dearth of skill information.

The material presented here is the creation of Bruce Grubb, posted to rec.games.frp.gurps and rec.arts.anime.games on 15 September 2004 and put on this website with his knowledge and implied consent. It is based on the intellectual property of Ryusuke Mita, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Mr. Mita or Steve Jackson Games. The image of Mink is copyright © Ryusuke Mita/Kadokawa Shoten/Victor, and is used under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

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