(a.k.a. Atsuko Natsume, a.k.a. Android NK-1124)

(528 points  *)

Primary/Secondary Attributes

(365 points)

ST 30 [200]
DX 14 [80]
IQ 10 [0]
HT 15 [30]
    HP 30 [0]
Will 10 [0]
Per 16 [30]
FP n/a [0]
    Basic Lift 180 [0]
Damage 4d/5d+2 [0]
Basic Speed 7¼ [0]
Basic Move 12 [25]

Social Background

(0 points)

TL: 8 [0]
CF: Tokyo [0]
Languages: Japanese (native) [0]


(198 points)

Ally: Professor Kyuusaku Natsume, Constantly [8]
Animal Empathy [5]
Catfall [10]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Damage Resistance 10 [50]  *
Doesn't Eat or Drink (but can if she wants to) [10]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Luck [15]
Machine Mega-trait (B263) [25]
Super Jump 5 [50]


(-52 points)

Cannot Float [-1]
Delusion: Thinks her enemies just want to play with her [-10]
Enemy: Arisa, 9- [-5]
Enemy: Eimi, 15- [-30]
Sense of Duty: to her family (including Arisa and Eimi) [-5]
Unnatural Feature: two long "ears" that come out when curious or fighting [-1]


(-5 points)

Bicycles to school (faster than a motorcycle!); Has little regard for obstacles while cycling; Likes to rest up on the roof of the house; Pollyanna personality (always cheerful and happy); Refuses to use weapons


(22 points)

Skill    Type    Usual
Acrobatics    DX/H    14    DX    4
Area Knowledge: Tokyo    IQ/E    13    IQ+3    8
Bicycling    DX/E    14    DX    1
Brawling    DX/E    16    DX+2    4
Jumping    DX/E    15    DX+1    2
Sewing/TL5    DX/E    14    DX    1
Swimming  **    HT/E    16    HT+1    2


*: Nuku-Nuku's world uses the Cinematic Explosion Combat Rule (B417). In a world without that rule, raise Nuku-Nuku's DR to 20; this increases her point total by 50 points.

**: with Mermaid Machine RX73


When Professor Natsume Kyuusaku figured out that his new android NK-1124 was going to be used for combat, he ran off with it and his son Ryuunosuke. His wife Akiko sent two agents after them; problem was one of them was trigger happy. In the resulting battle a little kitten Ryuunosuke had befriended was mortally wounded. Professor Kyuusaku put the kitten's brain into his android which he remade in the form of a teenaged girl. He named the resulting person "Atsuko", but Ryuunosuke named her "Nuku-Nuku" and that name stuck.

When Akiko rediscovered Professor Kyuusaku and Ryuunosuke, she sent her two agents after them again, but Nuku-Nuku prevented them from succeeding. What has followed is a really weird tug of war between Akiko and Kyuusaku with Ryuunosuke, with Nuku-Nuku usually caught in the middle.

Professor Kyuusaku is listed as an ally because his Quick Gadgeteer advantage allows him to provide devices to deal with the situation at hand. (For example, when Nuku-Nuku need to swim Professor Kyuusaku just happed to have the Mermaid Machine RX73 available.)

Eimi (SNK-98) is an andriod built by Kyuusaku's old mentor, Yoshikawa; she wants Nuku's body for herself because her own body has a design defect.

Special traits: While Nuku-Nuku does act like she is drunk (B439) when exposed to catnip, it does no apparent damage to her and therefore is not a Vulnerablility. Nuku-Nuku seems to need to breathe and requires a space suit to work in a vaccum. Her sewing skill comes from the sixth episode of the OVA where she is trying to knit something which is destroyed by Eimi's latest attack. Even though she is an android she does not use Kyuusaku's Macintosh computer, hence her lack of computer operation.

The material presented here is the creation of Bruce Grubb, posted to on 4 October 2004 and put on this website with his knowledge and implied consent. It is based on the intellectual property of Yuzo Takada, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Mr. Takada or Steve Jackson Games. The image of Nuku-Nuku is copyright © Movic / King Records / Yuzo Takada / Futaba Sha, and is used under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

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