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Using content from this website on other websites

In short: Please don't without getting permission first.

In long...

Everything on this website, even the derivative works, is protected by the Copyright Act. I ask that anything on this website not be used in other works (including fanzines or online auction listing webpages) without prior permission, unless the use is allowed by the Copyright Act. (My e-mail address can be found on the site's homepage.) I reserve the right to request a token payment for this privilege (including but not limited to a complementary copy of any publication in which my copyrighted text is used), at my discretion.

I'm reasonable about granting permission ahead of time to re-use items I wrote, but I get upset when I discover that something I wrote or edited has been used without my knowledge. I may or may not be allowed to give permission to re-use items on this website that other people wrote or drew. (I cannot give permission to re-use images attached to reviews, for instance.)

If you want to cite some of the content of this website on another website, please provide a link back to the webpage you are citing. (Many review and list entries have embedded names; feel free to link directly to a named fragment if appropriate.)

Links to this website

Nothing I say here is going to stop anyone from linking to anything on this website, so I'm not going to bother trying to keep anyone from doing so. Feel free to link to whatever you want to link to; I can't stop you.

Links from this website

If you want me to link to your website, please let me know about it by e-mail. If it seems to be a website that would be of interest to me, I'll take a look at it. If it is of interest to me, and if I think that my intended audience would also find it interesting, then I'll provide a link to it somewhere on my site.

If I have linked to your website and you don't want that link to exist, please send me an e-mail.

I don't do "trackbacks" or "link swaps" - the only way to get a link on my website is to put together a website that I like enough to link to. (The ways to do this are to either inform or entertain me, preferably both at the same time.) The easiest way to avoid getting a link from me is to use proprietary standards for the site's content when there are perfectly good open standards that do the same job; to me, "Click here to get the plug-in" usually means "Click the Back button now".

Last updated on 9 March 2005

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