My homemade "Skuld" card, shrunkenRob's Ani-Mayhem Fun Cards

When Stephen Tang set up a section for Ani-Mayhem fun cards on his Authorized Ani-Mayhem Web Page, I decided to give card design a try. It quickly became apparent that I was going to create many, many cards. It wouldn't be fair for me to ask Stephen to display all the cards I was making, so I created this page to take some of the load off of his website. Now that his site is gone, this is the only place to find these cards ...

Ani-Mayhem cards are always based on various "anime". (That's what the Japanese call cartoons - in North America, the term is used for Japanese cartoons.) Anime shows tend to have better story lines than many North American live-action shows, and they aren't all aimed at young children, so they're starting to gain popularity on this side of the Pacific. Some of them have even been translated and put on North American TV, although they tend to be simplified when that happens. (For instance, the original version of Sailor Moon was much more of a "soap opera" than the English translation is.) It was only a matter of time before someone made games out of these shows...

Since the Authorized Ani-Mayhem Web Page is now gone, I've decided to put my copy of the authentic card list on this website as a service for players of the game.

These cards are meant for on-line viewing only. Please do not make printouts of the fun cards without asking first.

Do you want to learn how to make your own fun cards? Follow the link...

My Card Ideas - Sorted by Series

Do you prefer to see the list sorted by type of card? Look further down the page... Or perhaps you'd rather see a card list sorted alphabetically?

If you're seeing this in three columns, the leftmost has cards based on shows already in Ani-Mayhem while the other two have cards based on shows new to the game.

Bubblegum Crisis

"Bubblegum Crisis" is copyright © Youmex / AIC. The English subtitled/dubbed versions are copyright © AnimEigo Inc.

El Hazard

"El Hazard" is copyright © AIC / Pioneer LDC.

Ranma ½

"Ranma ½" © Rumiko Takahashi / Shogakukan Inc. / Kitty / Fuji TV. Ranma ½ is exclusively licensed throughout the United States and Canada by Viz Communications Inc. All rights reserved. "Ranma ½" is a registered trademark of Viz Communications Inc.

Tenchi Muyo! / Magical Girl Pretty Sammy / Magical Project S

"Tenchi Muyo!" and "Magical Girl Pretty Sammy" are copyright © AIC / Pioneer LDC.

Phantom Quest Corp.

"Yuugen Kaisha" is copyright © Madhouse / Pioneer LDC, Inc.

Oh My Goddess!

"Aah! Megami-sama" is copyright © Kosuke Fujishima / Kodansha / AnimEigo

Saber Marionette J

"Saber Marionette J" is copyright © Satoru Akahori / Hiroshi Negishi / Tsukasa Kotobuki / Kadowakawa Shoten / Bandai Visual / Sotsu Agency / TV Tokyo. The English adaptation is copyright ©


"Moldiver" is copyright © AIC / Pioneer LDC.

801 T.T.S. Airbats

"Aozora Shoujotai" is copyright © Shimizu Toshimitsu / Tokuma Shoten / JVC. English versions are copyright © ADV Films

Gunsmith Cats

"Gunsmith Cats" is copyright © Kenichi Sonoda / Kodansha / VAP / TBS. Released in North America by ADV Films

The Slayers

"The Slayers" is copyright © H. Kanzaka / R. Araizumi / Kadokawa / TV Tokyo / SOFTX / Marubeni. English versions copyright © Software Sculptors Ltd. and ADV Films

Dirty Pair

"Dirty Pair" is copyright © Haruka Takachiho / Studio Nue / Sunrise Inc. / NTV. Released in North America by Streamline Pictures and ADV Films

You're Under Arrest!

"Taiho Shichau Zo!" is copyright © Kosuke Fujishima / Kodansha / Bandai Visual / Marubeni. The first four episodes (the direct-to-video series) are licenced in North America by AnimEigo.

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku

"Bannou Buka Nekomusume" is copyright © Movic / King Records / Yuzo Takada / Futaba Sha. Released in North America by ADV Films

Kiki's Delivery Service

"Kiki's Delivery Service" copyright © Eiko Kadono / Nibariki / Tokuma Shoten. English translation copyright © Buena Vista Home Entertainment Inc

more than one show


Because some people actually cut up and use the counters that come with the starter decks, I've created a set of character counters for all of the character cards listed on this page. I've also created character counters for Expansion Set 1 and the Demonstration Set (except for Alielle - she already has a counter on the Set 0 card).

Since there are so many people creating fun cards for Sailor Moon, I decided not to make any of my own. However, I have made a Sailor Moon character counter card.

You may print out these "counter card" files if you wish to use the counters.

My Card Ideas - Sorted by Type

Power Cards

Flash Effects


Global Effects



Combat Disasters

Major Combat Disasters

Non-Combat Disasters

Major Non-Combat Disasters

Everything Else





Combat Cards

More Legal Notes and Other Acknowledgments

"Ani-Mayhem" and the Ani-Mayhem logo are registered trademarks of Pioneer Entertainment (U.S.A.) L.P.

"Armitage III" is copyright © AIC / Pioneer LDC.

"Dominion Tank Police" is copyright © Masamune Shirow / Hakusensha Agent 21 / Toshiba Video Softwares, Inc. The English version is copyright © Central Park Media

"Project A-ko" is copyright © Soeishinsha / Final-Nishijima. The English version is copyright © Central Park Media / Island World Communications.

"Sailor Moon" is copyright © Takeuchi Naoko / Koudansha / TV Asahi / Toei Douga. The English versions are copyright © DIC Entertainment, Optimum, and Pioneer.

Use of any trademark on this page or in images linked to this page should not be construed as a challenge to that trademark.

The binary image of the Ani-Mayhem logo is from the Authorized Ani-Mayhem Web Page.

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Other people's card ideas

The Kalia Ani-Mayhem Card - a single El Hazard card, fully mocked-up
The Gally Ani-Mayhem Card - a single Gunnm (or Battle Angel) card, fully mocked-up
The Sailor Moon Ani-Mayhem Gallery - Sailor Moon cards, images and text
Ani-Mayhem: Set 3000 - Mystery Science Theater 3000 cards, text-only (So it's not anime. So what?)
GRIT Ani-Mayhem Expansion - cards based on the GRIT shared-universe game/fanfic, text-only

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Last update: 6 November 2003

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