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First, here are links to the two sites that mirrored part or all of my old Tripod site: HedgeNet and Raven's Garage. Jeanne and Andy were kind enough to give me some of their webspace, and this is the least I can do in return.

Next, a link to a rather important article: Better Read That Again: Web Hoaxes and Misinformation, by Paul S. Piper. Everyone who uses the Web for research should read this page.

Anime Links

Anime resources

Anime News Network
Their slogan is "The internet's most trusted anime news source" - I'm willing to trust them...
Home of the ANN Encyclopedia
Netscape's dmoz Open Directory Project list of anime links
A well-maintained, frequently-updated list of anime-related links.
Anime Web Turnpike
Another list of anime-related links.
Hitoshi Doi's anime page
Home of the anime voice actor database
and anime voice actor CD database
Gilles' Service to Fans page
Gilles Poitras' website; home of The Anime Companion Supplement
Shinigami's Glossary of Anime Terms
(old version, via the Internet Archive; actual page has been deleted)

North American corporate pages

This is not a complete list of anime companies.

Anime Fanfiction

Here's a few of the fanfics and fanfic sites that I like.

First, the first place to look for anime fanfics:
the rec.arts.anime.creative archives.

Next, my list of the dozen best fanfics that I didn't write. (Of course I like my own stories. Every writer I know likes his or her own work. But you can find my stories over on the fanfiction page of this website - they don't need to be listed here.)

  1. Cevn McGuire's Trial by Tenderness   (an alternate Oh My Goddess! timeline)
  2. Libby Thomas & Rob Barba's Duet of Pigtails   (in the rec.arts.anime.creative archives - a continuation/crossover of Ranma ½ and Magic Knight Rayearth) (Fanart and Rob Barba's parts of the story can be found here.)
  3. Bert Van Vliet's Bubblegum Zone   (an alternate Bubblegum Crisis timeline)
  4. David Pascal's Koyuki’s Red Pinwheel   (old version, via the Internet Archive - a Saber Marionette J continuation)
  5. June "KaraOhki" Geraci's Just Add Hot Water   (a Ranma ½ sidestory/crossover) (and if you think it's easy to choose just one of KaraOhki's stories, I invite you to try sometime ...)
  6. Michael McAvoy's No Need For Sasami   (a Tenchi Muyo! continuation)
  7. Jeanne Hedge's We Just Want to Help You   (an alternate Bubblegum Crisis timeline)
  8. Mike "Mako-chan" Koos' Instruments of Change   (via the Internet Archive - a continuation/crossover of Oh My Goddess! and Ranma ½)
  9. John Biles' Dance of Shiva   (a massive crossover/alternate timeline - Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo!, Sailor Moon, Patlabor, and many, many more)
  10. Bob Schroeck's Drunkard's Walk   (a massive crossover/picaresque - the stay in an alternate Bubblegum Crisis timeline is complete; the visit to an alternate Oh My Goddess timeline is in progress; other stops have short "teasers")
  11. Blade and Epsilon's Ran Wars series   (a fusion of Ranma ½ and Star Wars)
  12. Robert "Kenko" Haynie's Girl Days   (a Ranma ½ continuation - it would have been higher on the list, except for continuity problems that have this story happening after Volume #34 and before Volume #20 at the same time...)

Finally, some fanfic collections, in no particular order.

Other Anime Links

To close this section, here's a few links that don't really fit in the categories above ...

The Pirate Anime FAQ - how to spot unlicensed products, and why you shouldn't buy them
Being Upfront: A Pictorial Guide to Bodacious Women in Anime
Child of Destruction: The Kalia Shrine
Gateway to the Goddesses - an information page for the Oh My Goddess! manga and anime
The Characterization Triangle - by Brian Dinnigan: "A Not Quite Scientific Methodology for Character Analysis and Design; Not Quite Serious, Either; Or Right." But it's still an interesting essay.

Other Links

Are now on a separate page

Last update: 17 February 2005

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