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"Anime" is what the Japanese call cartoons - in North America, the term is used for Japanese cartoons. The sheer number of different styles and genres of anime, and the willingness of Japanese studios to use the medium for something other than children's shows, has turned many North Americans into anime fans. However, that number of different styles and genres often leads to the need for explanatory notes...

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FAQs and Opinions by Curtis Hoffmann

Specific Anime

These are sorted alphabetically by the anime's English title:

Bubblegum Crisis
Another Bubblegum Crisis FAQ (maintained by Rob Kelk)
The DB/DBZ FAQ (maintained by "Dr. Briefs")
Marmalade Boy
Marmalade Handbook (maintained by Willix Mizuiro)
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Neon Genesis Evangelion Frequently Asked Questions (and common misconceptions) (maintained by Brendan Jamieson)
Princess Mononoke
FAQ // Princess Mononoke // (maintained by Ryoko Toyama)
Ranma ½
Ranma 1/2 FAQ - via the Internet Archive - (maintained by Chris Rijk)
Rg Veda
Rg Veda FAQ Online (maintained by "Kujaku")
Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin FAQs - via the Internet Archive - (maintained by "Laine")
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon FAQ Central (maintained by Rob Maxwell)
Slayers Universe (maintained by Andre Germain)
Urusei Yatsura
Urusei Yatsura F.A.Q. - via the Internet Archive - (maintained by Mason Proulx)


Sorted alphabetically by newsgroup name:
Another Bubblegum Crisis FAQ - (part of the Another Bubblegum Crisis FAQ maintained by Rob Kelk)
AFSM FAQ (maintained by Rob Maxwell)
Welcome to rec.arts.anime.creative (maintained by Brian Edmonds)
The rec.arts.anime.fandom FAQ (maintained by Rob Kelk)
Welcome to rec.arts.anime.misc (maintained by Rob Maxwell) FAQs (maintained by Ru Igarashi)

General Information

The Anime Primer, or What Anime Should I Watch Now?
This is intended for those who are new to anime, and looking for some suggestions of what to watch next. (maintained by Rob Kelk)
The Anime Hentai Primer
A companion to The Anime Primer, dealing with adult animation. There are no images on this page. (maintained by Rob Kelk)
The Anime Acronym List
Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Subject Tags used in the anime newsgroups. (maintained by Rob Kelk)
The Nekojin List: Cat-people in Anime
Various types of cat-people in anime. This was based on The Neko-jin List by Avi Melman and Curtis Hoffmann, listed below. (maintained by Rob Kelk)
Possibly-Useful Lists of Anime
Some lists that may be of interest. (maintained by Rob Kelk)
"The Ultimate Manga Guide" - not anime, but closely related. (maintained by Peter Van Huffel)
UK Anime FAQ
Anime in the UK - companies, people, titles, censorship, and other information. (maintained by Jonathan Weeks)
Yet another Anime CD Cyclopedia
"[Y]et another Anime CD Cyclopedia based on the Remus CD Cyclopedia compiled by Steve Pearl." (maintained by Jerry Hsu)

FAQs and Opinions by Curtis Hoffmann

These FAQs and opinion postings were all written by Curtis Hoffmann. They were converted to HTML by Rob Kelk, and are being hosted here with Curtis' permission.

Life Imitating Art
"[A] number of things that are integral to Japanese life and culture that, if they haven't slipped into anime or manga already, are bound to do so eventually."
Cheats, Cliches, Cartoons, Anime...
Techniques used to save time and money when creating animation, and various common cliches used in Japanese animation.
The Care and Handling of Animation Cels
How to store and display animation cels, and tips on spotting forgeries.
Living in Japan, Version I
Tips on visiting Japan for pleasure or employment - approximately a decade old, but still gives a good overview of what to expect on your first visit to Japan.
Living in Japan, Version II
A longer version of the above FAQ, that goes into more detail on practically everything dealt with there.
Foods in anime and manga
A glossary of various foods that appear or are mentioned in anime and manga, plus recipes for Sukiyaki and Okonomiyaki.
Monsters and animal references
Japanese ghost stories and supernatural creatures.
The Neko-jin List
Various types of cat-people (and fox-people) in manga and anime. This is the source upon which The Nekojin List (listed under General Information, above) was based.
Care and feeding of Sake
Differences between types of sake, how to select one, and how to serve it.
Rotoscoping in anime
How it's done, and why it's rarely done properly.
Tentacles in Anime
Why so many hentai anime feature tentacles. For mature readers only. There are no images on the page.

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