Another Bubblegum Crisis FAQ

This document contains SPOILERS for the series Bubblegum Crisis, AD Police Files, Bubblegum Crash, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, and AD Police.


What is this FAQ about?
Who has contributed to it?
Where can I find the latest version?
Why is this called "Another" BGC FAQ?
What is "original BGC"? What is "BGC2040"?
Who is Kenichi Sonoda?
Where can I get episodes of BGC?
What's the relationship between the original BGC and BGC2040?
Are you talking about original BGC or BGC2040?
How do you spell these names, anyway?
Where can I find BGC fanfiction?
Where can I find some good BGC websites?
Are there any BGC fanclubs?
What are the rules of the newsgroup?
What does "DYO!" mean?
What do these other terms mean?
Are people in this group trying to dislike 2040?
I just wrote a BGC fanfic! Can I post it here?
I just drew some BGC fan art! Can I post it here?
Someone posted something that offended me! What should I do?
How can I avoid being mistaken for a troll?
Where did this newsgroup come from?
General BGC Data
What is considered canon?
What are these non-canon stories?
What BGC games exist? (computer and table-top)
What BGC CDs exist?
What other merchandise (books, etc.) is there?
Story Data
Can you tell me an outline of the story?
How do the episodes fit together?
How was the story originally going to end?
When did (name an event) take place?
What is the Polar War?
What are the Rules of the Knight Sabers?
Character Data
What are the Knight Sabers' birthdays/vital statistics/other background info?
Is Sylia a Boomer?
If Sylia's a Boomer/human/cyborg, what is Mackie?
Are Boomers sentient lifeforms?
How was Priss supposed to die in episode six?
Is Priss a lesbian?
Are Largo and Mason the same person?
Is Quincy an Artificial Intelligence?
What is Genom's agenda?
Why does Genom let the Knight Sabers continue their operations?
What is Sylia's agenda?
Specialized terms
What does "Bubblegum Crisis" mean?
What does "Boomer" mean?
What does "Genom" mean?
Why is the band called "the Replicants"?
Are there any other popular culture references in BGC?
What other roles have the BGC voice actors played?
Can you tell me an outline of the story?
What are the Knight Sabers' birthdays/vital statistics/other background info?
Why were the character designs changed?
What does "Sekiria" mean?
What BGC2040 merchandise exists?
Are all the episode titles taken from songs?
Why are there fewer questions for BGC2040 than there are for classic BGC?

Legal Notes

Compilation copyright © 1999-2005 Rob Kelk. All Rights Reserved.

Text copyright © the individual authors (Rob Kelk, unless credited otherwise), and used either with permission or under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

Images copyright © AIC, and used under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

Last revised 22 February 2005

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