Anime Acronym List

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Suggested Tag-Lines for use in rec.arts.anime.* subject headers
Terms Specific to the Anime Newsgroups
General Internet Terms

This list is posted monthly to rec.arts.anime.misc and rec.arts.anime.fandom, and is available on the World-Wide Web at

This list includes the Suggested Tag-Lines list previously maintained by Gordon Waters. My thanks to Mr. Waters for suggesting the two lists be consolidated.

Many people who are new to the anime newsgroups have trouble figuring out what all the abbreviations stand for. (Some of the old-timers have this problem occasionally, also.) This is a list of the more common short-form terms in use on the rec.arts.anime.* newsgroups (technically speaking, these aren't all "acronyms", but most people call them that anyway).

Anthony D. Baranyi would like to remind everyone of one point of good netiquette:

I'd like to make a suggestion to folks who use the "acronyms" for anime titles - write the entire title out ( and maybe put it in quotations ) then use the acronyms afterwards in the posting. This is particularly useful for the newer readers of raam and newer anime fans in general.


Abbreviations that do not stand for anime titles are noted as such.

Any part of an acronym or definition in square brackets is optional. (For example, the general internet term "IM[[NS]H]O" can be written "IMO", "IMHO", or "IMNSHO".) However, the square brackets are not part of the suggested tag-lines.

When more than one title exisis for a particular anime, the Japanese title is given first, followed by the other titles in alphabetical order. This often puts the best-known title at the end of the list!

The letters "TV" are someimes added to "AMG"/"AMS"/"OMG", "APCCG"/"APCCGNN"/"BBNM"/"Nuku"/"Nuku^2", "EH", "RoLW", "TM", and "YUA" - this indicates the broadcast TV versions of these shows. (The default usage is the direct-to-video versions.) However, it is not usual to add "TV" to "BGC" for this purpose; the tendency on is to use "BGC2040" instead.

Suggested Tag-Lines for use in rec.arts.anime.* subject headers

[ADMIN]Stuff related to creation or modification of mailing lists, groups, etc.
[BU]Discussion of the "Being Upfront" website
[CEL]Animation cel related items
[CON]Convention related items
[FANFIC]Discussion of fan-created stories, prose, poetry, etc.
[FANSUB]Use on posts related to fan subtitled titles
[GRAPHICS]   Discussion of Picture files (gif, etc.) and related items
[H]Hentai (R or X rated) anime, sex, etc.
[HUMOR]Jokes, anecdotes, etc.
[INFO]New information about titles, availabilities, etc. (what, where, when, etc.)
[LYRIC]Song Lyrics
[MAILLIST]Mailing List related items
[MUSICVID]   Anime Music video related items
[NIHONGO]   Japanese language related items (grammar, translations, etc.)
[OM]Discussion of the "Onsen Mark" project
[PARODY]Parodies of anime, postings, translation companies, etc.
[QUERY]Request for info
[REQUEST]Looking for titles, tapes, manga, files, etc.
[REVIEW]Review of episode
[SCRIPT]Script - use [TIMED] modifier ([SCRIPT][TIMED]) if timed for sub
[SEIYUU]Related to Japanese voice actors
[SFT]Stupid Fight Thread   ("who would win against whom?")
[SMRG]Sailor Moon Reference Guide website
[SPOILER]Post contains information that may "spoil" the impact of a show that you haven't yet seen
[SUB/DUB]Discussions of subtitled vs. dubbed anime
[SUMMARY]   Summary of anime episode, etc.
[VS]Fight Thread   ("who would win against whom?")
[WWW]Announcements and discussion about World-Wide Web sites

For information about specific people in Anime (for example, Matsumoto, Miyazaki, Orikasa Ai, Megumi Hayashibara, etc.) put the name in brackets (e.g. [MIYAZAKI]). For information about specific anime or anime organizations, put the term in brackets (e.g. [8MST], [AIC]).

"[SPOILER][HAYASHIBARA][BGC] Megumi in BGC episode 5" could be used on a post that discusses the fate of Megumi Hayashibara's character in the fifth "Bubblegum Crisis" OAV.

Suggested Tag-Lines for use in rec.arts.anime.marketplace subject headers

These tags should be used only in rec.arts.anime.marketplace, since marketplace activities are off-topic in the other rec.arts.anime.* groups:

[AUCTION]   Items for Auction sale
[DIST]Distribution of tapes, manga, LD's, etc.
[FA]Items for Auction sale
[FS]Items for Sale
[FT]Items for Trade
[ISO]In Search Of   (similar to WTB and WTT)
[WTB]Want To Buy
[WTD]Want To Deal (buy or trade)
[WTS]Want To Sell
[WTT]Want To Trade

Suggested Tag-Lines for use in e-mail subject headers

If any of the following tags apply, you should seriously consider not posting your article to the rec.arts.anime.* groups - you may want to use e-mail instead:

[NOISE]Non-anime anecdotes, etc.
[FLAME]   Flaming replies to messages (arguments, etc.)
[OT]Off-Topic for the newsgroups

Terms Specific to the Anime Newsgroups

A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H   I   J   K   L   M   N   O   P   Q   R   S   T   U   V   W   X   Y   Z

0080Gundam 0080
0083Gundam 0083
08MSGundam: 08th MS Team
08MSTGundam: 08th MS Team
1POne Piece
3x3Sanzan Eyes   ("3×3 Eyes")
8MSTGundam: 08th MS Team
A 88Area 88
a.h.s-malt.hentai.sailor-moon   (usually contains eroticism and pornography)
AAArctic Animation   (fansubbers)
ABPAAura Banshou Psychic Academy
ACenAnime Central   (convention)
ADPAD Police Files
ADPFAD Police Files
ADVADV Films   (company)
AEAnimEigo   (company)
AICAnime International Company   (company)
AKOProject A-ko
AkonProject Akon   (convention)
AHSMalt.hentai.sailor-moon   (usually contains eroticism and pornography)
AMGAa! Megami-sama   ("Ah My Goddess!", "Oh My Goddess!")
AMNESIAA Wind Named Amnesia
AMSAa! Megami-sama   ("Ah My Goddess!", "Oh My Goddess!")
AMVAnime Music Video (music video)
ANCAyashi no Ceres   ("Ceres, Celestial Legend")
ANCAnnoying new character   (fanfic character created by the author, usually one that can out-perform all the series characters)
AniPikeAnime Web Turnpike   (link list)
AnKAi no Kusabi
ANoCAyashi no Ceres   ("Ceres, Celestial Legend")
ANorthAnime North   (convention)
APCCGBannou Bunka Nekomusume   ("All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku")
APCCGNNBannou Bunka Nekomusume   ("All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku")
ATUAnime Tangent Universe   (fan-fiction writers' circle)
AVAnime Village   (company)
AVGAdvanced Variable Geo
AVGeoAdvanced Variable Geo
AWAAnime Weekend Atlanta   (convention)
AXAnime Expo   (convention)
AYAAi Yori Aoshi
AZAnimazement   (convention)
BBNMBannou Bunka Nekomusume   ("All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku")
BEANRiding Bean
BFORBig, F***-Off Robots   (generic term used on )
BGCBubblegum Crisis
BGC!Bubblegum Crash
BGC2040Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040   ("BGC TV")
BGClassicBubblegum Crisis
BGMbackground music   (music)
BHBakuretsu Hunters   ("Sorcerer Hunters")
BPBrain Powerd   ("Brain Powered")
BotPBattle of the Planets
BS6Blue Submarine No. 6
BSSMBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon   ("Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", "Sailor Moon")
BSSMRBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R   ("Sailor Moon R"; not used in
BSSMSBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S   ("Sailor Moon S")
BSSMSSBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS   ("Sailor Moon SuperS")
BSSMS*Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Sailorstars   ("Sailor Moon Sailor Stars")
C-BopCowboy Bebop
C&Ccomments and criticism   (feedback given on fanfiction)
C.BLEEPColonel Bleep
C.LEMONCream Lemon
CBCowboy BeBop
CBBBCowboy BeBop
CCAChar's CounterAttack
CCSCard Captor Sakura   ("Cardcaptors")
CHCity Hunter
CHCutey Honey
Classic Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon   ("Sailor Moon"; used primarily in
CMTV commercial
ComiketComic Market   (Japanese manga convention)
CONANFuture Boy Conan
CotSSeikai no Monshou   ("Crest of the Stars")
CP JUSTYCosmo Police Justy
CPMCentral Park Media   (company, parent of Software Sculptors, US Manga Corps, and Anime18)
CREAMYMCreamy Mami
CSCCrayon Shin Chan
CWcoupled with   (music - second or later song on a CD "single")
CYBERCCyber City
D&REvangelion: Death & Rebirth
DBGTDragonball GT
DBZDragonball Z
DET ORGDetonator Orgun
DHDragon Half
DHYMamono Hunter Yohko   ("Demon Hunter Yohko", "Devil Hunter Yohko")
DiariesSakura Tsuushin   ("Sakura Diaries")
DKAMUIDagger of Kamui
DOMINDominion [Tank Police]
DPDirty Pair
DPFDirty Pair Flash
DNA^2Dokokade Nakushita Aitsuno Aitsu
DRSDr. Slump
DRSLUMPDoctor Slump
DTPDominion [Tank Police]
DYO!"D*mn You, Overstreet!"   (said on whenever someone makes gratuitously-hentai comments, in reference to the co-author of the most famous BGC hentai fanfic ever)
DYRLMacross: Do You Remember Love?
E.W.RAYExplorer Woman Ray
EAEver Anime   (Taiwanese CD company)
EDending song   (music)
EHEl Hazard
EH2El Hazard 2
EHTVEl Hazard: The Wanderers
EHTV2El Hazard: The Alternative World
EoEEnd Of Evangelion
EoSDoukyuusei: Natsu no Owari ni   ("End of Summer")
EPRElf Princess Reine   ("Elf Princess Rane", "Faerie Princess Ren")
ESCATenkuu no Escaflowne   ("The Vision of Escaflowne")
EVAShin Seiki Evangelion   ("Neon Genesis Evangelion")
F91Gundam F91
FBCFuture Boy Conan
FCFanime con   (convention)
FFFatal Fury
FFFinal Fantasy   (video game series)
FF_Final Fantasy _   (fill in number - video game series)
FF:TMPFatal Fury: The Motion Picture
FFMLFanFic Mailing List   (fan-fiction writers' circle)
FLCLFLCL   (not an abbreviation)
FMAFull Metal Alchemist
FMPFull Metal Panic
FPRElf Princess Reine   ("Elf Princess Rane", "Faerie Princess Ren")
FPRenElf Princess Reine   ("Elf Princess Rane", "Faerie Princess Ren")
FSSFive Star Stories
FOTNSFist of the North Star
FYFushigi Yuugi   ("Mysterious Play")
G0080Gundam 0080
G0083Gundam 0083
G80Gundam 0080
G83Gundam 0083
G:TOSGundam: The Original Series
GATCHScience Ninja Team Gatchaman   ("Battle of the Planets")
GAIRAITHGenesis Survivor Gairaith
GE999Galaxy Express 999
GFYGalaxy Fraulein Yuna
GitSGhost in the Shell
GitS:SACGhost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
GOOGuardians Of Order   (roleplaying game company, publishes the Sailor Moon RPG amongst others)
GotFGrave of the Fireflies
GRGiant Robo
GRITGlobal Ranma Insanity Thread   (ongoing multi-author fanfic)
GROBOGiant Robo
GSCGunsmith Cats
GSMGhost Sweeper Mikami
GTOGreat Teacher Onizuka
GunplaGundam Plastic Model Kit   (modelling term)
Guru^2Mahojin Guru Guru
GWGundam Wing
GW:EWGundam Wing: Endless Waltz
GXGundam X
GZZGundam Double Zeta
HHentai   (eroticism or pornography)
HanaDanHana Yori Dango
HARLOCKSpace Pirate Captain Harlock
HGHigh Grade   (modelling term used by Bandai to classify model kits)
HimeHime-chan no Ribbon
HKHong Kong   (place - usually referring to an HK knock-off)
HSJECYHigh Speed Jecy
HYDHana Yori Dango
ICIn Character   (fanfic review term - characters are written faithfully to their original protrayals)
ICTIrresponsible Captain Tylor
ICTylorIrresponsible Captain Tylor
J->XSaber Marionette J to X
K1Morisato Keiichi   (from "OMG" - character, "K-ichi")
KareKanoKareshi Kanojo no Jijou   ("His and Her Circumstances", "His Circumstances, Her Circumstances", "His and Her Situation[s]", "His Situation[s], Her Situation[s]")
KCKatsucon   (convention)
KeyKey the Metal Idol
KnOKodomo no Omocha   ("Child's Toy")
KNTKyatto Ninden Teyande   ("Samurai Pizza Cats")
KodochaKodomo no Omocha   ("Child's Toy")
KOFKing of Fighters
KORKimagure Orange Road
KSSKSS Media Entertainment Co.   (company)
KtMIKey the Metal Idol
KwGKoko wa Greenwood   ("Here is Greenwood")
LainSerial Experiments Lain
LBGInjuu Gakuen La Blue Girl   ("La Blue Girl")
LODOSSRoudosu-tou Senki   ("Record of Lodoss War")
LoGHLegend of Galactic Heroes
LULost Universe
M 66Black Magic M 66
M:DYRLMacross: Do You Remember Love?
M+Macross Plus
M66Black Magic M-66
MacChoujikuu Yousai Macross   ("Super Dimensional Fortress Macross")
Mac+Macross Plus
Mac7Macross 7
Macross:DYRLMacross: Do You Remember Love?
MADMMartial Arts Death Machine   (originally from GRIT, frequently used in "versus" threads on rec.arts.anime.fandom to delineate Ranma ½ characters (and sometimes other cinematically powerful anime characters))
MANIEManie Manie Meikyu Monogatari   ("Labyrinth Tales", "Neo-Tokyo")
MaSGMamotte Syugogetten
MBMarmalade Boy
MBMedia Blasters   (company, parent of Anime Works, Kaiju Productions, Kitty, and Tokyo Shock)
MBNKidou Senkan Nadesico   ("Martian Successor Nadesico", "Mobile Battleship Nadesico")
MCGMysterious Cities of Gold
MCoGMysterious Cities of Gold
MEGAZONEMegazone 2 3
MGMaster Grade   (modelling term used by Bandai to classify model kits)
MGGMach Go! Go! Go!   ("Speed Racer")
MGPSMahou Shoujo Puritii Sami   ("Magical Girl Pretty Sammy", "Magical Project S")
MHMononoke-hime   ("Princess Mononoke")
MHYMamono Hunter Yohko   ("Demon Hunter Yohko", "Devil Hunter Yohko")
MIMezon Ikkoku   ("Maison Ikkoku")
MIIMacross II
MKRMagic Knight Rayearth
MLmailing list   (internet message distribution method)
MNETenchi Muyo: Manatsu no Eve   ("Tenchi The Movie 2: The Daughter of Darkness")
MOBEUSSilent Mobius
MOBIUSSilent Mobius
MOOMelody of Oblivion
MPMacross Plus
MPMMass Production Model Eva Series   (from "EVA")
MPSMahou Shoujo Puritii Sami   ("Magical Girl Pretty Sammy", "Magical Project S")
MSGMobile Suit Gundam
MSNKidou Senkan Nadesico   ("Martian Successor Nadesico", "Mobile Battleship Nadesico")
MSPSMahou Shoujo Puritii Sami   ("Magical Girl Pretty Sammy", "Magical Project S")
MTTMahou Tsukai Tai   ("Magic User's Club")
MVManga Video   (company)   second URL
NADKidou Senkan Nadesico   ("Mobile Battleship Nadesico", "Martian Successor Nadesico")
NARNurse Angel Ririka SOS
NCNekoCon   (convention)
NDKNanDesuKon   (convention)
NEXTSlayers Next
NGEShin Seiki Evangelion   ("Neon Genesis Evangelion")
NNTVBannou Bunka Nekomusume TV series
NNDashBannou Bunka Nekomusume Dash! OVA series
NSJubei Ninpucho   ("Ninja Scroll")
NTNewtype   (from "Mobile Suit Gundam" - a human with psi powers)
NTNewtype   (Japanese anime magazine)
NTUSANewtype USA (US anime magazine; English-language version of Japanese anime magazine Newtype)
NtPoDNadesico, the Prince of Darkness: movie
NukuBannou Bunka Nekomusume   ("All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku")
Nuku^2Bannou Bunka Nekomusume   ("All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku")
OAVoriginal animation video   ("direct to video" - marketing strategy)
OCOhayoCon   (convention)
OMGAa! Megami-sama   ("Ah My Goddess!", "Oh My Goddess!")
OnVOtaku no Video
OOCOut Of Character   (fanfic review term - characters are not written faithfully to their original protrayals)
OPopening song   (music)
OPPOmohide Poro Poro
OSOutlaw Star
OSToriginal soundtrack   (music)
OTAOtakon   (convention)
OVAoriginal video animation   ("direct to video" - marketing strategy)
OW!Otaku Wars!   (ongoing multi-author fanfic appearing on
OYMOn Your Mark   (music video - Chage & Aska, animation: Miyazaki Hayao)
PBPerfect Blue
PGPerfect Grade   (modelling term used by Bandai to classify model kits)
PKMNPocket Monsters   ("Pokemon")
PlamoPlastic Model Kit   (modelling term)
PMMononoke-hime   ("Princess Mononoke")
PMPocket Monsters   ("Pokemon")
PORCOPorco Rosso
PPCPing Pong Club
PQCYuugen Kaisha   ("Phantom Quest Corp.")
PSMEPlease Save My Earth
R.5Ranma ½
R3000Robotech 3000   (U.S. show based on anime)
R3KRobotech 3000   (U.S. show based on anime)
r.a.a.*rec.arts.anime.(anything)   (collection of newsgroups)
r.a.a.mrec.arts.anime.marketplace   (rare usage)
r.a.a.marketplace   rec.arts.anime.marketplace
R1/2Ranma ½
RANMARanma ½
RGUShoujo Kakumei Utena   ("Revolutionary Girl Utena")
RKRurouni Kenshin   ("Samurai X")
R.o.D.Read or Die
RoLWRoudosu-tou Senki   ("Record of Lodoss War")
RT3000Robotech 3000   (U.S. show based on anime)
RT3KRobotech 3000   (U.S. show based on anime)
RTalR. Talsorian Games   (roleplaying game company, publishes the Bubblegum Crisis RPG amongst others)
RWRumic World
RWYoroiden Samurai Troopers   ("Ronin Warriors")
S.CROSSCalvary Southern Cross
SAKSteel Angel Kurumi
SAK2Steel Angel Kurumi 2
SakuTaiSakura Taisen   ("Sakura Wars")
SCSakuraCon   (convention)
SDSuper-Deformed   (animation style)
SDFSuper Dimension Fortress   (from "Choujikuu Yousai Macross")
SDFMChoujikuu Yousai Macross   ("Super Dimensional Fortress Macross")
SeiMonSeikai no Monshou   ("Crest of the Stars")
SELSerial Experiments Lain
SFIIVStreet Fighter II V
SHBakuretsu Hunters   ("Sorcerer Hunters")
ShamPShamanic Princess
SIself-insertion   (fanfic character that is based closely on the story's author)
SKUShoujo Kakumei Utena   ("Revolutionary Girl Utena")
SMBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon   ("Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", "Sailor Moon")
SMSilent Mobius
SMSon May   (Taiwanese CD company)
SMClassicBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon season 1   ("Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon", "Sailor Moon")
SMJSaber Marionette J
SMJ-XSaber Marionette J to X
SMJ->XSaber Marionette J to X
SMNCSTDSumeba Miyako no Cosmos-sou Suttoko Taisen Dokkoida   ("Cosmos")
SMobSilent Mobius
SMoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon   ("Sailor Moon")
SMRBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R   ("Sailor Moon R"; not used in
SMRSaber Marionette R
SMSBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S   ("Sailor Moon S")
SMSSBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS   ("Sailor Moon SuperS"; not used in
SMS*Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Sailorstars   ("Sailor Moon Sailor Stars"; not used in
SNTGScience Ninja Team Gatchaman   ("Battle of the Planets")
SOLSol Bianca
SolBSol Bianca
SPCKyatto Ninden Teyande   ("Samurai Pizza Cats")
SRMach Go! Go! Go!   ("Speed Racer")
SRACERMach Go! Go! Go!   ("Speed Racer")
SSSaint Seiya
SSSoftware Sculptors   (company)
SSOSorcerous Stabber Orphen
STKaitou Saint Tail
STASuper Techno Arts   (company)
StarsBishoujo Senshi Sailormoon Sailorstars   ("Sailor Moon Sailor Stars")
SuperSBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS   ("Sailor Moon SuperS")
SuCSugoiCon   (convention)
SWSakura Taisen   ("Sakura Wars")
SXLSerial Experiments Lain
TAGTurn A Gundam
TBTekkaman Blade   ("Teknoman")
TekTekkaman Blade   ("Teknoman")
TeknoTekkaman Blade   ("Teknoman")
TENCHITenchi Muyo!
TinTShin Tenchi Muyo   ("Tenchi in Tokyo")
TnTShin Tenchi Muyo   ("Tenchi in Tokyo")
TMTenchi Muyo!
TMTokimeki Memorial
TMILTenchi Muyo In Love   ("Tenchi the Movie")
TMIL2Tenchi Muyo In Love 2   ("Tenchi Forever")
TOTOROMy Neighbor Totoro
TRSIThe Right Stuf International   (company)
TRYSlayers Try
TSFSTiny Snow Fairy Sugar
tsf_sugarTiny Snow Fairy Sugar
TW11They Were 11
TWHEElf wo Karu Mono Tachi   ("Those Who Hunt Elves")
TylorIrresponsible Captain Tylor
UCUniversal Century   (the continuity for most of Gundam, excepting G-Gundam, Gundam Wing, Gundam X, and possibly Turn A Gundam)
UROTSIUrotsukidoji   ("Legend of the Overfiend")
USMCUS Manga Corps   (company)
UYUrusei Yatsura
V3DVoltron: The Third Dimension   (U.S. show based on anime)
VENUSVenus Wars
VGAiDen'ei Shoujo   ("Video Girl Ai")
VHDVampire Hunter D
VOETenkuu no Escaflowne   ("The Vision of Escaflowne")
VPMKyuuketsu Hime Miyu   ("Vampire Princess Miyu")
WAFFWarm And Fuzzy Feeling   (style of fanfiction)
WBEWanna Be's
WDWorking Designs   (company)
WoHRoyal Space Force   ("Wings of Honneamise")
WoHMimi o Sumaseba   ("Whispers of the Heart")
WotHMimi o Sumaseba   ("Whispers of the Heart")
WPAi Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach
WWBD"What Would Belldandy Do?"   (politically-incorrect take on "What Would Jesus Do?", referencing OMG)
YKYWTMAWYou Know You Watch Too Much Anime When...   (used on rec.arts.anime.misc to denote lists of fan-made associations between real life and anime)
YKYWTMSMW   You Know You Watch Too Much Sailor Moon When...   (used on to denote lists of fan-made associations between real life and Sailor Moon)
YOHKOMamono Hunter Yohko   ("Demon Hunter Yohko", "Devil Hunter Yohko")
YSTYoroiden Samurai Troopers   ("Ronin Warriors")
YUATaiho Shichauzo!   ("You're Under Arrest!")
YunaGalaxy Fraulein Yuna
YYSoreyuke! UchuSenkan Yamamoto Yohko   ("Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko")
YYHYuu Yuu Hakusho
ZEORYMERHades Project Zeorymer
ZGZeta Gundam
ZOEZone of the Enders

General Internet Terms

If an abbreviation isn't given here, it may be on one of the other acronym lists on the Internet. The Acronyms page has pointers to some of these other lists.

AFAIKAs Far As I Know
BTWBy The Way
DITWDead In The Water   (no longer in operation)
FAFor Auction
FSFor Sale
FTFor Trade
FWIWFor What It's Worth
HANDHave A Nice Day   (usually sarcastic)
HTHHope This Helps
IANALI Am Not A Lawyer
IIMSSIf I May Say So
IHNJ,IJLSI Have No Joke, I Just Like Saying
IIRCIf I Remember/Recall Correctly
IM[[NS]H]O   In My [[Not So] Humble] Opinion
ISTRI Seem To Remember/Recall   (less certain than "IIRC")
LMAOLaughing My A$$ Off
LOLLaughing Out Loud
ObAnimeObligatory Anime content   (material added to an off-topic post to make it vaugely on-topic for r.a.a.*)
ROFL[MAO]   Rolling on Floor, Laughing [My A$$ Off]   (said when poster finds something very [very] funny)
ROFLRight Out to F**king Lunch   (pre-Usenet meaning, deprecated in favour of above definition)
WTBWant To Buy
WTDWant To Deal
WTSWant To Sell
WTTWant To Trade
YHBTYou Have Been Trolled
YMMVYour Mileage May Vary   ("your experience may be different" or "you may have another, equally valid, opinion")


Anthony D. BaranyiDan MastrianiBruce Tomlin
Gerardo CamposC. MattiuzChad Walker
Andrew ChenRob MaxwellGordon Waters
Avery DaviesChris "Blade" McNeilDavid Watson
Sarah DavisJoe MonsonJohn C. Watson
Stuart DawsonGalen MusbachNeal Evan Wilson
Larry "Neko-Kun" DrewsJon E OdegaardValerie S. Yoza
Andrew DynonTim Park"Aokakesu"
Lynda L. FengLouis Patterson"Blue-Jackal"
Ian ForrestMartin D. Pay"Cyborg Mermaid"
Benjamin GoldbergGilles Poitras"D-Chance."
Ethan HammondCraig A. Reed Jr."eirias"
Jeanne HedgeNick "tiphareth" Rose"Heaven's Cloud"
Robert HutchinsonScott Schimmel"Puma Twins"
Rob KelkBob Schroeck"Slithy Tove"
Arnold KimGlenn Shaw"Trixie"
Matt MartinBryan Smith"5parrowhawk"

Last update: 2 June 2006

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