XellosXellos Metallium

(638 points plus spells, incomplete writeup)

Primary/Secondary Attributes

(195 points)

ST 12 [20]
IQ 13 [60]
DX 14 [80]
HT 15 [30]
    HP 12 [0]
Will 14 [5]
Per 13 [0]
FP 15 [0]
    Basic Lift 29 [0]
Damage 1d-1/1d+2 [0]
Basic Speed 7¼ [0]
Basic Move 7 [0]

Social Background

(0 points)

TL: (4+1) [0]
CF: Mazoku society [0]
Languages: Common (Native) [0]


(409 points)

Blessed (Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium) [20]
Damage Resistance (Tough skin -40%) [6]
Flight [40]
Magery (Ritual) 3 [35]
Mazoku [193] (see below)
World Jumper (No concentration and no fatigue cost enhancements, access only astral plane of Slayers reality limitation +15%) [115]


(-55 points)

Callous [-5]
Code of Honor: follow orders of Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium [-5]
Odious Personal Habit: answers amost every important question with "That is a secret" [-10]
Overconfidence: self-control 6- [-10]
Trickster [-15]
Reputation: -4 (Mazoku, slayer of Gold Dragons, and/or general annoyance), ½ the time [-10]


(89 points)

Skill    Type    Usual
Acting    IQ/A    14    IQ+1    4
Brawling  DX/E  15  DX+1  1
Detect Lies  Per/H  15  Per+2  12
Melee Weapon: staff  DX/A  15  DX+1  4
Hidden Lore: Mazoku magic  IQ/A  15  IQ+2  8
Occultism  IQ/A  15  IQ+2  8
Thaunmatology: Ritual Magic  IQ/VH  20  IQ+magery3+4  24
Path of Black Magic (kuro-majutsu)  IQ/VH  20  (Thaunmatology-6)+6  16



To Follow.
("As related by Gavv in Slayers Next, Xellos has been gifted like no other Mazoku; in Slayers Try he demonstrates a direct access to the power of Shabonigdo. Because of his secretive nature, other than him being able to channel the power of Shabonigdo we don't know much about his spell casting abilities. However given that magic in the Slayers universe operates akin to the Ritual Magic alternative on page 242 of the Basic set it doesn't really matter - I simply gave Xellos a ridiculous skill level in Thaunmatology (Ritual Magic) and he can cast any kuro-majutsu at a reasonable default. When GURPS Magic 4e comes out I plan to have an actual list of what spells fall under the kuro-majutsu 'college'." - Bruce Grubb)


When encountered, Xellos will undoubtably be working on behalf of (though not necessarily for) Greater Beast Zelas-Metallium. To those who do not know his true nature, he will give only enough information for them to assume that he is a human priest (as he did to Lina and company in Slayers Next). While Xellos will give only out as much information as he thinks is needed, he will not lie and sometimes lets little details slip. However, he'll happily mislead people without lying - for much of Slayers Next, Xellos pretends to be a normal Human priest.

When backed into a corner he will give his "That is a secret" response rather than reveal important facts (as in Slayers Next when Gavv was trying to find out what Hellmaster Filbrizo's plan was.) Even though he can appear to be an Ally, it is important to remember that Xellos always has his own agenda and will ruthlessly use any means he believes nessasary to achieve it. (He helped Lina kill a fellow Mazoku in Slayers Next but was willing in Slayers Try to promise to kill Lina if it would bring Valgav back into the fold of the Mazoku.)

There are some hints in Slayers Next and Slayers Try that Xellos may not be as knowledgeable as he pretends to be. Also, the reason the Gold Dragons give for the Fire Dragon King not getting involved in Slayers Try is very flimsy as the Mazoku have just lost two of their members. The indication is strong that the powers of both the Gods and Mazoku may be in decline.

Racial Template: Mazoku

(193 points)

The term "Mazoku" is translated as "Monster" in the Slayers anime, because of the proofreader at the translation company overruling the translator. It would better be translated as "Demon" in this context.


Immunity to Metabolic Hazards [30]
Injury Tolerance (Unliving) [20]
Regeneration (very fast) [100]
Unaging [15]
Unkillable 1 [50]


Restricted Diet: negative emotions [-10]
Weakness: strong positive emotions (common), 1d/minute, any negative emotions serve as shield (-40%) [-12]

The material presented here is the creation of Bruce Grubb, posted to rec.games.frp.gurps on 6 September 2004 and put on this website with his knowledge and implied consent. It is based on the intellectual property of Hajime Kanzaka, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Mr. Kanzaka or Steve Jackson Games. The image of Xellos is copyright © Hajime Kanzaka / Rui Araizumi / Kadokawa Shoten / TV TOKYO / SOFTX / Marubeni, and is used under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

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