Homemade DVD Dust Jackets

Some people like putting fan-video projects onto VCDs or DVDs; they don't take up as much room as videotapes do, and they're more likely to be able to be played a decade or two from now. Here are a couple of "dust jackets" for fan-video projects, sized to fit in the outer pockets of standard sized DVD cases.

DDR Project 1, 3rd Mix: The first of a series of very long music video compilations. I got my copy of the first DDR Project VCD from a friend, and so didn't get a box for it. You can order copies of the DDR Project VCDs here.

Pinesalad Productions Dirty Pair Parody Dubs: The (in)famous fan-made parodies of classic Dirty Pair episodes. This one is harder to track down, but it was available for a short time in 2004 to people on the rec.arts.anime.misc newsgroup.

This is http://robkelk.ottawa-anime.org/dvd_jackets/index.html - it was last updated on 4 December 2004

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