human-form Filia (in super-deformed style)Filia Ul Copt

(688 points plus spells, incomplete writeup)

Primary/Secondary Attributes - Dragon Form

(0 points; cost covered in Gold Dragon racial template)

ST 33 (Size -50%) [0]
DX 13 [0]
IQ 13 [0]
HT 15 [0]
    HP 33 [0]
Will 13 [0]
Per 15 [0]
FP 15 [0]
    Basic Lift 180 [0]
Damage 3d+2/6d [0]
Basic Speed 7 [0]
Basic Move 7 (land) / 14 (air) [0]

Primary/Secondary Attributes - Human Form

(0 points; cost covered in Gold Dragon racial template)

ST 14 [0]
DX 13 [0]
IQ 13 [0]
HT 15 [0]
    HP 14 [0]
Will 13 [0]
Per 15 [0]
FP 15 [0]
    Basic Lift 39 [0]
Damage 1d/2d [0]
Basic Speed 7 [0]
Basic Move 7 [0]

Social Background

(31 points)

TL: (4+1) [0]
CF: Temple of the Fire Dragon King [0]
Religious Rank 5 (Fire Dragon King high priestess) [25]
Languages: Common (Native) [6], Common (Native) [0]


(620 points)

Appearence: in dragon form normal to humans, Attractive to other dragons (+1 to reaction rolls); in human form, Attractive (+1 to reaction rolls) [4]
Blessed: Fire Dragon King/Flare Dragon Ceiphied [20]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Clerical Investment [5]
Gold Dragon [461]
Magery (Ritual) 3 [racial+30]


(-25 points)

Bad temper (12) [-10]
Odious Personal Habit: snobby and "Holier than thou" [-10]
Stubbornness [-5]


(-4 points)

Always wears a pink bow on her tail; Extremely shy about transforming in front of people because her dragon form is naked; Keeps a mace in her garter to wack people with; Sometimes forgets to lose her tail in human form


(135 points)

Skill    Type    Usual
Acrobatics: aerobatics    DX/H    16    DX+3    16
Artist: pottery    IQ/A    15    IQ+3    12
Cooking    IQ/E    13    IQ    1
Dancing    DX/A    13    DX    2
Flight    HT/A    16    HT+1    4
History: Dragon race    IQ/H    13    IQ    4
Meditation: tea ceremony    Will/H    18    Will+6    28
Melee Weapon: axe/mace    DX/A    16    DX+3    12
Occultism    IQ/A    15    IQ+2    8
Savoir-Faire    IQ/E    17    IQ+4    12
Theology    IQ/H    15    IQ+2    12
Thaunmatology: Ritual Magic    IQ/VH    20    IQ+magery3+4    24
Path of White Magic (shiro-majutsu)    IQ/VH    20    (Thaunmatology-6)+6    16



To Follow.
(" Filia, like Xellos, does not cast many spells. In fact she casts only three spells during all of Slayers Try. However given that magic in the Slayers universe operates akin to the Ritual Magic alternative on page 242 of the Basic set, it doesn't really matter; as with Xellos I simply gave Filia a ridiculous skill level in Thaunmatology (Ritual Magic) so she can cast any shiro-majutsu spell at a reasonable default. When GURPS Magic 4e comes out I plan to have an actual list of what spells fall under the shiro-majutsu 'college'." - Bruce Grubb)


(This description includes plot spoilers in the second and third paragraphs. The spoilers are hidden by gray blocks in CSS-capable browsers - select the text in order to read it.)

Filia is young by dragon standards, fitting into the general young-adult age range of Lina's friends.

If encountered before or during the early part of Slayers Try Filia will demonstate her Odious Personal Habit; however if encountered after the revelation about her people's slaughter of the Ancient Dragons a millenium ago and the callousness of the Supreme Elder Gold Dragon regarding the event, she shows it less and less and renounces her position as a priestess. (In game terms, she buys off the OPH and loses her Religious Rank, lowering her point total by 15 points.)

If encountered after the events in Slayers Try, Phila will be working with Valgaav's loyal servants Jiras (a fox humaniod) and Gravos (an orgelike being with a red crystal in place of his right eye) in a shop that makes pots and maces, all three of them looking after the rejuvinated Valgaav.

(Note: When Filia confonts Valgaav near the end of Slayers Try, she says she is now just like him. Since Valgaav is the last of the entire Ancient Dragon race, this implies that something devestating may have happened to the Gold Dragons who helped Lina in Slayers Next to make Phila the last of the Gold Dragon race. However, Philia may have been speaking of her personal circumstances rather than her race's fate, so there is not enough evidence to give Filia the Dying Race disadvantage.)

Racial Template: Gold Dragon

(461 points)


Attributes: ST+13 (Size -50%) [65], DX+3 [60], IQ+3 [60], HT+5 [50], Per+2 [10]
Fight (winged -25%) [30]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Immunity to Sickness [15]
Innate Attack (Laser Breath, burn 10d, cone 1yd at end) [80]
Magery 0 [5]
Nictating Membrane 2 [2]
Regeneration (1 HT/hour) [25]
Shapeshift - Alternate form: quasi-human; no reversion when asleep or unconscious (+150%) [38]
Tempature Tolerance 6 [6]
Unaging [15]


Bad Grip level 1 [-10]

The material presented here is the creation of Bruce Grubb, posted to on 8 September 2004 and put on this website with his knowledge and implied consent. It is based on the intellectual property of Hajime Kanzaka, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Mr. Kanzaka or Steve Jackson Games. The image of Filia is copyright © Hajime Kanzaka / Rui Araizumi / Kadokawa Shoten / TV TOKYO / SOFTX / Marubeni, and is used under "fair use" provisions of the Copyright Act.

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