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Satomi Satomi From Negima! Satomi is a member of the Robotics Club and the Jet Propulsion Club. Related entries: Hasegawa Chisame, Saotome Haruna, Shizuna-sensei


AyakoAyako From Tenamonya Voyagers. Ayako is a recently-graduated teacher who accepted a job at a senior high school on the remote planet Meldonia, but wound up stranded there with Wakana Nanamiya, who was there on an athletics scholarship. They both arrived there to find out that she school had closed down due to financial troubles. Ayako is a kind but kind of clumsy person whose glasses frequently fall off, and who winds up dealing with the tons of stress that events give her by getting high-strung to the point of spaciness and speaking in haiku.


Hanna-sensei From A Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar. Hanna-sensei is Saga's teacher. She's a novice teacher, and cares greatly about her students. She also has unusual taste in pets! Related entry: Pepper


ChieChie From Mai-HiME. Mai's friend and classmate at Fuuka Gakuen. A rumormonger with a sharp wit and a cellphone camera; she isn't afraid to use either. Related entry: Kikukawa Yukino


ArisaArisa From Green Green. Arisa attends an all-girls school and is one of those selected to attend Kaneone Gakuen (all-boys) as part of a trial before both schools change to mixed-sex. She considers herself highly attractive and although the guys from Kanenone Gakuen like her figure and lingerie, they can't get away fast enough once they get around to seeing her face.


KomoeKomoe The nice but clumsy Komoe is one of the prominent members of Zosshono Academy's Eiken Club - largely due to the fact that she's in the sixth grade but has a 111cm (44") bustline. Unlike some of the other female members of the club, she regards male lead and fellow club member Densuke Mifume strictly as a big-brother-like friend. However, this doesn't prevent her from being as prone to tons of fan service as most of the other female club members ...  Related Entry: "Komon no sensei"


SoraSora isn't a "happy drunk"... Some people are fortunate enough to encounter a goddess. Sora doesn't know that she's one of those lucky few. She's a girl in the background of the Ah! Megamisama (Oh My Goddess! / Ah! My Goddess) storylines, attending university, taking part in the motor club, and unknowingly calling the goddess Belldandy "sempai". (The manga gives Sora some more background; she's a good mechanic but a bad cook, and because of a pattern of events in her past she's uncomfortable in a leadership position.)

HAYAMA Shizuka

Shizuka Shizuka Hayama Shizuka is generally a steadying influence to her co-workers in Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. This is rather fortunate, since her group often works with live ammunition, explosives, and brute force in their chain of the multi-purpose service company "Nereisu Kamchatka". Despite growing up in the slums of her city, she doesn't let that affect her cheerful disposition, and she remains friends with many of the people she's ever met over her 17 years. She also is extremely knowledgable in the areas she grew up in.


IntegraIntegra, honing her skills Despite a very masculine manner and being referred to frequently as Sir Integra, the head of the Hellsing Institute and master of its resident vampire Arucard is indeed a woman. Is it possible that she and Moe Berg from the Canadian rock band The Pursuit of Happiness were separated at birth?


Kimiko, at the start of the series Kimiko, near the end of the series Kimiko is less a character and more a plot device in Gunbuster - whle the main characters go off into space and stay young because of relativistic time dilation, Kimiko stays on Earth and grows old at the usual rate. The image on the left is of Kimiko in episode 1, the image on the right is of her in episode 5.


AnthyAnthy If you've seen Revolutionary Girl Utena, you already know who Anthy is. If you haven't seen the anime, any meaningful description of the Rose Bride would spoil the show for you. (Saying even this much is itself a spoiler. Sorry about that ...) Related entry: Mme. Lamer


Chairman HimuroChairman Himuro Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Kisaragi Girls' High School, Himuro-san was directly responsible for challenging one of the accepted realms of sexual discrimination in her society: high school sports. She took the unprecedented step of forming a baseball team (nicknamed the Princess Nine before anyone saw them play) at Kisaragi Girls' High School, then fought to get that team entered into the high school baseball playoffs. Chairman Himuro did this so that one girl would have a chance to follow in her father's footsteps and play in the high schol championships. There are a number of possible reasons why she did this, but listing them here would be a minor spoiler for the show ...  Related Entry: Mita Kanako


MamaMama From the comedy manga and anime series Keroro Gunsou (Sergeant Keroro). More usually known as "Mama", Aki is the head of the Hinata household that the frog-like alien Sergeant Keroro adopts as his base of operations on Earth. Working as an editor for a manga publishing company, Aki is often very busy and away from home. She has a fetish for what she imagines is the sticky, slimy, gooey reality of the Sergeant's alien lifestyle that is definitely not normal.


Hiroko Hiroko Hiroko, a second-year student with a cool and logical demeanour, is the token genius character of Kakyuusei 2. Related entry: Yokomizo Fumi

HIROSAKI Karei ("Kanrinin-san")

Kanrinin-sanKanrinin-san From Maburaho. The manager (kanrinin) of Saiun Dormitory, where male lead and magic student Kazuki Chikimori lives while he attends Aoi Private Academy. Karei is a warm and gentle woman who, for some odd reason, is always dressed in Western funeral clothes. Related entries: Kamishiro Rin, Nario Raika


Miyuki Miyuki From Sentimental Journey. Miyuki is from Kanazawa, Ishikawa. Born Feb. 16, she stands 156 cm tall, and her three sizes are 85-58-84. She attends Sayama High School in Class 3-B. Her family runs a kimono shop, and she got into kimonos, but later her family sets up something "special" for her ...


Yayoi Yayoi Seemingly the only one in G-On Riders who really needs her glasses to see. Related entries: Arashiyama Sera, Kurama Yuuki, Sanado Mio, Ai, Mako, Pao


FuuFuu Sometimes having a destiny can really depress a person - just ask the lead characters from Magic Knight Rayearth. Fuu is the level-headed one of these leads. She's the one who kept going through logic (rather than through spirit or sheer stubbornness), and is the first of the Magic Knights to find a boyfriend in the world that she saved. Fuu was the only one of the Magic Knights to use a ranged weapon, although she switched to using a sword early on. (While Fuu does go without glasses for a short time, she usually wears them and thus counts as a full-time meganekko. Showing her without glasses would also count as a minor spoiler for the show ...)


Dr. HuangDr. Huang From Saiyuki. Gyukumen Koushu was the concubine of the legendary demon Gyumaoh. She has sealed Gyumaoh's wife and and is trying to revive him so she can marry him, and presumably get first dibs on the ensuing power. She has hired the eccentric Dr. Nii to help her with the revival, and his assistant Dr. Huang helps him out when she isn't being exasperated with his weird behaviour and actions.

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