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YAGI Hajime; YAMAGUCHI Kumiko; YANAGIHARA Tomomi; YANAGISAWA Naoko; YANASE Kaori; YASUNISHI Futaba; YOKOMIZO Fumi; YOMODA Chisa; YOSHIDA Mayu; YOSHINAGA-san; YUMENOKATA Mari; YUUKI Hitomi; YUZURIHA Mizuki; Natasha ZABIGOV; "Director"; "Judge"; "Kaken Musume"; "Komon no sensei"; "Principal"; "Sensei"; "Sweet Dreams attendant"

YAGI Hajime

HajimeHajime From Narue no sekai (World of Narue). Hajime is an alien "enthusiast" in the same school as Narue and initially quite resents Narue's claims to be an alien. However, eventually they become fast friends.

YAMAGUCHI Kumiko ("Yankumi")

KumikoKumiko From Gokusen. Shirogane High School, a school with students so dangerous the vice-principal makes the teachers wear track shoes and gear so they can run from trouble, has a new rookie teacher - Yamaguchi Kumiko - and she's been assigned to class 2-4, the worst class of them all! Yankumi, as she is soon nicknamed, has a secret, though: she's the daughter of the powerful Ooedo yakuza family, and so is well used to handling tough types. But if the school finds out, she'll lose her job, and with it her dream of being a teacher! Can she tame the class without revealing her secret?


Tomo-chanTomo-chan From Natsuiro no Sunadokei. Tomo-chan (as she is often called) is a 24-year-old science teacher who's popular with the students. She has an interest in abnormal phenomena, but not in her appearance. Tomo-chan becomes interested in Koutarou (the main character) after he starts living his days out of sequence following an accident with a mysterious woman. She dubs the phenomenon 'day-dropping'.


NaokoNaoko at the bookstore Being a pre-teen, Naoko is one of the younger meganekko on this list. She's a friend of Kinomoto Sakura (the lead character in Card Captor Sakura), and usually stays in the background of the stories. However, she unknowingly caused Sakura a few problems in the episode Sakura and the Nameless Book, due to her active imagination... Naoko likes scary stories and reading, and (like many pre-teens) doesn't yet seem to have a boyfriend.


KaoriKaori In the Variable Geo tournaments, powerful waitresses battle hand-to-hand for a championship including a lot of money and some prime real estate. Kaori of the MoHiKan in Chiba suffered a very humiliating defeat to current champion Reimi Jyahana in the last tournament, and is looking to get back at her.


Futaba From Koi Kaze - Nanoka's best friend.


Fumi school-aged Fumi From Kakyuusei 2. The school librarian and a former student at the school, Fumi is an "intelligent and mature woman". Related entry: Hirasawa Hiroko


ChisaChisa Chisa is less a character and more a plot device in Serial Experiments Lain. Her actions at the very start of that anime let us know that all is not as it seems ...


MayuMayu In Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai, Mayu is the class rep for protagonist Takeru's class. Since the show is really not a "school" show and takes place mostly during summer break, Mayu only puts in a couple of appearances. She seems quiet and reserved, but does display an uncommon concern for the welfare of her fellow students. She's quite short and not very athletic, but kind and helpful.


Yoshinaga-san Yoshinaga-san Yoshinaga ni-dan (2 dan) is a young professional Go player, one of the few women who have succeeded in the mostly-male professional Go world. She only appears briefly in the Hikaru no Go series when she is working on stage at a televised game between two high-ranking Go pros, helping to explain their moves to the audience. Related entry: Tamako-sensei


MariMari From Elf Princess Rane. Mari is a childhood friend of the boy, Go, that the elfen Rane latches onto. Unfortunately, Rane distracts Go so much that he begins to ignore Mari. So she is quite upset with him, and with Rane. When another diminutive elf appear, hellbent on killing Rane, Mari sees an opportunity as well as a kindred spirit. But really, all she wants is her childhood friend and love of her life back.

YUUKI Hitomi

YukiYuki From Real Bout High School. Hitomi is Ryoko Mitsurugi's staunchest supporter and biggest fan... a fact Ryoko doesn't always appreciate. However, Hitomi is the calming influence that Ryoko needs and the two are close friends.


MizukiMizuki A recent nursing graduate, the driven and optimistic but kind of naive Mizuki has just gotten a job at a "college" as a nurse/counsellor. She hadn't counted on students and teachers alike coming to her for help with the sort of issues that make Slight Fever Syndrome an 18+ title.


Natasha From Mobile Fighter G-GUNDAM. She's a soldier from Neo Russia who happens to be the warden of Argo Gulski, the operator of Bolt Gundam.


"Director" From Operation Sanctuary - Related entry: Akiyama Fumio


no image yet From Those Who Hunt Elves. This unnamed judge hears the criminal case of all of the female elves angered because the elf hunters stripped them nude during the series. She intended to send the elf hunters to life in prision and remove Celcia's magical powers, until Airi asks her a question she can't answer ...

"Kaken Musume"

"Kaken Musume""Kaken Musume" This unfortunate woman doesn't even get a name, just a job title (which translates roughly to "Science Professor"). But that's what happens when you're a supporting character in Miami Guns. She's the only scientific support person we ever see working with the Miami Police outside of flashbacks, and she likes gadgets (none of which are original).

"Komon no sensei"

KomonKomon This woman is a teacher at Zosshono Academy, and the teacher's advisor (komon no sensei) of the Eiken Club. She's normally so quiet and unassuming that people don't remember her name, and sometimes even forget that she's there. The times that she's not so quiet are when she's having issues with the aforementioned problems, usually expressed to male lead Densuke. Related Entry: Haruno Komoe


principalprincipal From I My Me! Strawberry Eggs. The (apparently unnamed) principal of the Seito Sannomia school had an unhappy love affair in her youth. Because of this she hates men and refuses to hire male teachers. This forces athletics teacher Amawa Hibiki to take desperate measures to get a job at the school so he can pay the rent ...


SenseiSensei From Goshuushousama Ninomiyakun.

"Sweet Dreams attendant"

Sweet Dreams attendant Sweet Dreams attendant From the 18+ OVA Dream Hazard, this unnamed woman meets with Kaori before everything goes wrong ...

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