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Vanessa LAIRD

Dub name: Vanessa LEEDS

VanessaVanessa Vanessa is the Chief Computer Operator on the SDF-1 Macross bridge, and the youngest of the "bridge bunnies" trio.


Mme. LamerMme. Lamer - production sketch From Revolutionary Girl Utena. One of the teachers at Otori Academy, Mme. Lamer (pronounced "la-mer") is quite annoyed at Utena's refusal to wear a girl's school uniform, but can't do anything about it. Related entry: Himemiya Anthy


Minami From Comic Party - Related entry: Inagawa Yuu


DavoliDavoli From Overman King Gainer. Davoli, age 23, is one of the few truly loyal Siberian Railway Police officers and has few qualms about trying to take Gain and Gainer "Dead or Alive". Unfortunately for Davoli, she tends to be saddled with the least capable troopers.


HiromiHiromi From episode 21 of Sailor Moon. An animator, Hiromi was working on the "Sailor V" anime when she was targeted by the Dark Kingdom ...


KaoruKaoru From Tsukuyomi. Karou (and her older twin sister Hikaru) is second cousin to Seiji. She is a shikigami user, good with paper-based spells and charms that result in servant creatures or "familiars". Related entry: Elfriede


Motoko, about to make something explodeMotoko Fuel engineering specialist for the Solomon Space Administration, Motoko's work ensures that the Rocket Girls can actually reach space and return. Like many meganekko engineers, her experiments often end with explosions; unlike many meganekko engineers, Motoko does this on purpose ... and enjoys the results.


TaekoTaeko Minazuki Taeko is the live-in maid for the Sakuraba residence in the romantic comedy series Ai Yori Aoshi. Despite being a little clumsy (OK, a lot clumsy), she is always seeking to better her skills, and herself. She grew up watching how her mother, also a maid, worked to the best of her abilities while providing Taeko with a loving home, and Taeko works with the same devotion to her job and to her "family" in the Sakuraba household. She also wouldn't mind starting a serious relationship with Kaoru (the lead male character from the series), but would never try to seperate him from his true love, Aoi (the main female character from the series).


Rea From Tenchi Muyo Ryo-Ohki. Nobuyuki's assistant and bride. (Rea does not wear glasses in flashback scenes.)


KagomeKagome From Rikujo Boueitai Mao-chan. Field Grade First Class Mishima Kagome is the very model of a modern major... babysitter. Her military duties include acting as General Onigawara's aide de camp and JSDF interservice co-ordinator, protecting Japan's landmarks from rampaging (and cute!) aliens, and keeping her part-time platoon of pint-sized privates - Onigawara Mao (ground defense), Chikusima Misora (sky defense) and Maruyama Silvia (marine defense) - from destroying more landscape than thier targets. As this is a secret force (sort of), she has an undercover role as their second-grade teacher as well. Mishima-sensei is equally able in the classroom, handling the minefield of school life adeptly. But don't let her competence and professionalism fool you into missing her soft side. Mishima-san manages to find time for an unrequited love, and when needed, gives her "Mother's Touch" to Mao-chan and friends, using comfort or encouragement to guide them safely through student life, or military missions. (Kagome bears a striking resemblance to Narusegawa Naru of Love Hina - funny what can happen when you share a character designer!) Related entry: Noki Chinami


Mariko Mariko is a player of the game "The World", a virtual reality MMORPG in the anime .hack//SIGN. (Her character, Subaru, does not wear glasses.) She was originally the guildmaster of a clan in The World called The Crimson Knights, but she disbanded the guild when they started over-exercising their authority in policing the actions of other players. Mariko became very close to the mysterious player Tsukasa ...

MITA Kanako

KanakoKanako Shortstop and sixth batter for the Kisaragi Girls' High School baseball team (the Princess Nine) and daughter of the school's principal, Kanako risked her father's displeasure to join the team. After a short time playing in disguise, and then a shorter time not playing at all because she was grounded, Kanako finally gained her father's blessing to play baseball. Kanako wants to become a doctor, and has the grades to get into a good university. Related Entry: Himuro Keiko


Miura-sanMiura-san Miura-san is head of the newspaper club at Miyagami High School in Gokujou Seitokai. Like most of the students there, she's a bit of an overachiever, willing to go to any lengths to get a scoop - especially if it means catching the Student Council president involved in a bit of "payapaya" with another girl. Related entry: Sayuri Hida.


Mizuha, the center of attentionMizuha on vacation Since Miyama Mizuha is the president of the Kitanohashi High School manga club, she does her best to annoy and irritate the neighbouring Magic Users Club. The others in the manga club follow her every order, although it seems to be more out of fear than respect. (She does have her own fan club in the series though.) Her ego and her will, much like her chest, are unusually large, and she is not above using fear and intimidation to get what she wants. She chose to pole-vault over the line separating aggressiveness from assertiveness, and saves most of her bullying for the one that she adores the most, after herself.


MiyukiMiyuki, the one time she smiles From Nuku Nuku TV. Miyuki is one of the girls in Nuku Nuku's class at Maneki High School. She is usually reading a book and when the camera focuses on her she turns the page. Her major role comes in episode 11, Diary of Nuku Nuku's Youth All Purpose Cultural Musical!

MIZUHARA Koyomi ("Yomi")

Yomi at lunchYomi at the pool From Azumanga Daioh. Mizuhara Koyomi, better known to her friends as "Yomi", is rather similar to someone that you probably knew or know in high school. Although she isn't actually a genius, she does study hard, and gets good grades because of it. She is also constantly concerned about being a little overweight, even though her weight never actually seems to be off kilter in either direction. She is also fairly rational in her behavior, although she sometimes tends to crack under pressure, and in the high school year book may be remembered as being in the "most likely to go postal" category. Then again, considering how a certain classmate tends to hang around her all the time, the fact that she hasn't gone postal already might nominate her for sainthood.


MaiMai and Ai Momoi Mai is the school doctor in Futakoi. Her identical twin sister, Ai, is Futami-kun's homeroom teacher. They're easy to tell apart, though. Ne? Related entry: Chisagu Ui and Chisagu Koi


no image yet The only character who didn't appear in the original 18+ Angels in the Court game by Pink Pineapple, she is the secret weapon of the Aota Academy girls' volleyball team. Definitely one of sound mind and a tad short of an "upfront" body, though that body normally has the volleyball skills of a cat with two paws in cement. That changes once Nanase is given the "proper" motivation...

MUNEYAMA Muneko ("Mune-Mune")

Mune-MuneMune-Mune Not long after the Osakan kids Sasshi and Arumi disappear down the rabbit hole into the first of several different Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi worlds, they encounter a young woman called Mune-Mune - many times. Sometimes she's a villain and other times a help, but she's always in half-glasses and always in a different outfit, which almost always emphasizes her prominent mune. It's revealed at the end of the series that her full name is Muneyama Muneko (which translates as "Chestmountain Chestchild" - yes, the folks at Studio GAINAX are that obvious).

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