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Ai (G-On Riders); Ai (Popotan); Amy; Aruto; Ayumi; Biko; Chiffon; Chinatsu; Claire; Cocoloo; Princess Diamond; Elfriede; Emily; Emma; Gluko; Goei; Hel; Hikari


Ai One of three alien girls hired to invade Earth (the others being Mako and Pao), Ai-chan befriends the G-On Riders instead, and abandons her mission in order to stay with her new friends (Arashiyama Sera, Kurama Yuuki, Sanado Mio, and Hoshikawa Yayoi). She has been wearing glasses full time since that day.


AiAi How do you track a friendly magical person who keeps hopping forward in time? By asking the Popotan (what they call tanpopo, or dandelions) if they've seen this person. That seems to be Ai's role in the journey, where she's the only one of this time-hopping group (consisting of her two younger sisters, a maid, and a ferret) who has this ability. The softspoken Ai has very little difficulty making friends in each new area, due to her generally being warm-hearted, and is the first of the regular characters that you'd see in this anime series. They also run a "Christmas House" store as part of their cover. This is another anime TV series based on a computer game.


AmyAmy One of the gallant gals of Gall Force, Amy is a soldier fighting her race's Last War. She isn't very agressive, but she is trusted enough to be privy to a Very Big Secret ...


Aruto, asleep at workAruto From Kokoro Library. Aruto-chan is a strong-minded girl who sleeps a lot while she should be working. That's because she has a secret late-night career. She also has a slightly risqué side ...


AyumiAyumi From Tenshi no Shippo Chu (Angel Tales/Tails Kiss). Ayumi is a guardian angel sent from the Maid World to help Mutsumi Goro. She is the reincarnated spirit of a pet turtle (don't laugh, the producers had to create twelve different pet spirit characters ...) She appears in the second series, Tenshi no Shippo Chu, as a meganekko; in the first series Tenshi no Shippo she doesn't wear glasses at all. Related entry: Tanami


BikoBiko From DearS, in the same class as Neneko and a staunch supporter of the DearS called Ren.
("Biko" is a Romanization of "B-ko", or "girl B". It has become a popular name for the second female character in the incidental supporting cast, but only if there's also a girl named "Eiko" ("A-ko").)


ChiffonChiffon From Mahou Shoujo Neko Taruto (Magical Nyan-Nyan Taruto). When the cute kitten Taruto or her feline friends need advice or knowledge, they go to see the older, wiser Chiffon, who, in her nekomimi appearance, offers proof that beauty and brains can go well together.


ChinatsuChinatsu A mysterious character from the 18+ anime Wet Summer Days, her introduction is best left to herself (since anything else would give spoilers): "My name is Chinatsu, Chinatsu means a thousand summers. Remember me as the person who can make the same summer again and again."


ClaireClaire Claire is a background character who shows up in two episodes of Outlaw Star ("Gathering for the Space Race" and "Advance Guard from an Alien World"). She's an official for the space race that the heores take part in.


Cocoloo Cocoloo From Petite Princess Yucie. Yucie's first friend in quite some time, Cocoloo would be mysterious if anyone could notice her long enough to wonder about her.

Princess Diamond

Princess DiamondPrincess Diamond From episode 22 of Sailor Moon. Heir to a wealthy kingdom, Diamond is insecure about her looks and almost blind without her thick glasses. A chance misunderstanding caused both the Dark Kingdom and the Sailor Warriors to investigate her when she visited Japan ...


ElfriedeElfriede From Tsukuyomi. A vampire who is caretaker of Schwarze Quelle castle, and servant to Count Heinrich Von Kinkel. Her task is to track down Hazuki who escaped from the castle, and return her. Things become complicated when she finds Hazuki and meets Kouhei, a person who may hold the key to her own future. Related entry: Midou Kaoru


Emily Emily is a member of the American Beyblade team "All Stars", a team that created artificial Bit beasts from technology combined with having members that actively practice sports. It's known to be a very good team that gave the Blade breakers a lot of problems in season 1. Emily works with the team's leader Judy to digitally analyze battle stategies of oponents and create stategies to defeat them. She's very snobbish at first, but later becomes a very friendly and more humble person. Emily seems to like tennis a lot; her battle strategy is inspired by that sport.


Emma From Emma. Emma is every bit the professional late-Victorian-era maid. I'm not sure if megane-ko is a fair descriptor for Emma; while she does wear glasses, she's anything but a child. It's in character for Emma to be deferential and polite; however, Emma does seem to have a very un-maid-like habit of approaching closer than Victorian personal space would seem to allow. Her glasses are not just for show; she's as blind as a bat - as shown in a flashback in the first episode, Emma is barely able to make out shapes in a courtyard beneath a second floor window.


Gluko In Mon Colle Knights, which both plugs a real card RPG game and parodies series based on them, Young Mondo, his girlfriend Rockna and her father, Professor Hiragi, travel between six Mon(ster) Worlds and Earth, and defend them against Prince Eccentro (Count Collection Hakushaku) and his own two young minions. While Gluko may be a member of the bad guys in this series, she's just so gosh-darn nice and simple-minded that she really doesn't inspire any hate in anybody.


GoeiGoei Goei has trained her daughter, the sexy, excitable and stupid Sonsaku Hakufu, in martial arts since she was a child. Now that Hakufu is high school age, Goei gives her a magatama containing a warrior's soul. This means that she is now eligible to fight in the brutal Ikki Tousen tournaments, which are held at seven high schools in the Kantou district. Goei has two sides to her: The strict disciplinarian whose daughter is afraid of her, and the naughty woman who likes a drink and has an eye (or four) out for cute boys. Related entry: Kaku Bunwa


Granny Granny appears to be the only supernatural character in Tenshi ni Narumon (a.k.a. I'm Gonna Be an Angel!) to have any amount of common sense. She's not a nice person, but she's nowhere near as evil as the show's bad guys, either. Related entry: Ruka


Hel Saying anything about Hel would probably be a bit of a spoiler for Matantei Loki Ragnarok (Mythical Detective Loki). However, suffice to say that when she appears, she has a massive grudge against the Mythical Detective Loki, and is willing to go to any lengths to get revenge. Her glasses serve no purpose other than to make her appear intelligent - which she certainly is.


HikariHikari From Haibane Renmei. Hikari is one of the Haibane living in Old Home. Despite her glasses and clothes making her look intellectual, she is in reality a bit of a ditz, but a good friend to the other Haibane of Old Home. She works in the town of Glie as a baker's assistant, making bagels with the help of a religious artefact ... Related entry: Kuramori

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