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Full-time Meganekko: Family names O-R

Patricia O'BRIAN; OGAWA Chigako; OKUSHIRO Irori; ONODERA Hitomi; ORIBE Tsukabi; OTARI Yoshiko; RANRAN Palpu; Yomiko READMAN; RI Kohran; RYUUZAKI Youko; Eldegard RIVERA; Tsugumi ROSENMEIER

Patricia O'BRIAN

Pati From Candy Candy. Paty is a stereotypical nerdy-sweet girl with glasses. She meets Candy at a boarding school in England even though she was born in the US. They soon become good friends after Candy defended her at school. Later, she meets Candy's brother-in-law Stear, and they fall in love.

OGAWA Chigako

ChiChi Chi is the best friend of Mano Yohko (the main character of Devil Hunter Yohko). Her role in the first episode was that of victim, but in later episodes she became Yohko's "business agent". Other than her peripheral involvement with the supernatural, Chi is a normal high-school girl, worried about her weight and whether she'll ever find a boyfriend.


IroriIrori From Goshuushousama Ninomiyakun; Ninomiya's classmate.


HitomiHitomi From Seven of Seven. She's the sensible best friend of the main character, Nana. She's constantly urging Nana to prepare for her high school exams, or warning her that she'll never get close to the object of her crush by acting like she does, or giving her reminders whenever she forgets things (which is often). She's not as shy or withdrawn as her bookish, sensible nature might imply, being a self-confident girl who isn't afraid to give Nana a kick in the rear or a word of encouragement, depending on what's required to keep her space-case friend on track. Related entry: Suzuki Nana-sama

ORIBE Tsukabi

TsukabiTsukabi From Onegai Twins. Tsukabi is a member of the student council. Related entry: Kazami Mizuho

OTARI Yoshiko ("Masudamasu")

MasudamasuMasudamasu From Android Announcer Maico 2010, Masudamasu is the executive producer for the radio show.


no image yet From Idol Project. Mimu Emilton just wanted to go to the Starland Festival audition and sing, in hopes of becoming an idol. She winds up ensnared in an adventure with the Excellent Idols, including Action Idol Palpu, who merrily doles out punches to her male fans (who love it) when she isn't giddily befriending Mimu and encouraging her to "relax, relax".


Yomiko, the bibliomaniacYomiko, "The Paper" Yomiko "The Paper" Readman is a woman who makes a living as a substitute teacher, whenever the Royal British Library's Special Operations Division doesn't have her manipulating her powers as a paper user. She is the main character in the 3-part Read or Die OAVs, a secondary character in the 26-part television series R.O.D The TV, and makes a very brief cameo appearance in episode 1 of Kamichu! Due to her love of literature (her home has more books than most libraries, and she has to stop and think which is more important when asked "your book or your life"), paper can take on whatever form she chooses when she touches it. Whether she desires a super-sharp knife, a bulletproof shield, a glider, or whatever, it follows her will accordingly. Despite her kind nature and her ability to get along well with most of the people she meets, she doesn't seem to have a significant other in either series, likely because she can't date and read at the same time. Related entry: Sumiregawa Nenene
(Editor's note: The kanji for "Yomiko" translate as "child who reads" - certainly an appropriate name for her. She had a significant other in the manga; he died in her arms - that would put a crimp in anyone's love life...)

RI Kohran

KohranKohran, hard at work Kohran is an inventor; not quite a "mad scientist", but not someone you'd trust to build something that won't blow up the first time it's used, either. This is a useful trait in the "steampunk" environment of Sakura Wars, even if it does annoy her teammates on occasion. She tends to stay behind at base, happily maintaining the other characters' equipment, but she occasionally gets the chance to work in the field. She likes tinkering with her gadgets in her free time. The Sakura Wars anime was based on a date-sim game, so Kohran doesn't have a boyfriend - just be careful around anything that might explode (and after she got her hands on it, a record player managed to explode)...
(Editor's Note: Yes, I know that "Li" might be a better romanization of her name than "Ri". However, "Ri" is the romanization used on the Japanese promotional material, including the packaging of her scale-model figure, so I use it here for consistency.)


YoukoYouko Youko is the member of the Debutante Detective Corps (Ojousama Sousamou) who specializes in disguises. With an extensive makeup kit and the ability to manipulate her throat to change her voice, she can look and sound like anybody, including men. She usually wears glasses, except when she's in disguise.

Eldegard RIVERA

El From PLANETES. El is the one bastion of sanity in the chaos that is the Debris Section of Technora Corp. Working there as a part-timer, she deals with everything efficiently and briskly while the rest of the team bumbles around while juggling a university degree. However, there is certainly more to her than meets the eye, and she does have a soft spot for her co-workers.


TsugumiTsugumi From Sosei no Aquarion (Holy Genesis Aquarion). Tsugumi has recently been recruited by the DEAVA organization to be an Element, one of the pilots of the Aquarion mecha who must fight against the invasion of the Shadow Angels. She has a talent for mechanics, and is developing a same-sex crush on her fellow pilot Hong Lihua.

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