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Takami, going to piecesTakami in combat Takami is the computer specialist for Kagura Total Security, a company that hunts "ghost cats" in the anime Geobreeders. When on the hunt, she uses butterfly knives with grenades attached to inconvenience her opponents. She's usually level-headed, but in times of stress, she sometimes goes to pieces ...  Takami seems to be in a so-far-platonic relationship with the only male employee of Kagura (and she's probably the best person for him, and vice-versa).

SENA Robin

RobinRobin The 15-year-old Robin (the title character of Witch Hunter Robin) is the newest member of STN-J. She was raised in a convent in Italy and trained as a craft-using Hunter, and has the power to set things on fire by looking at them. She takes up wearing glasses on the hunt because the use of her craft temporarily impedes her sight.


NanaseNanase From Yumeria; air-head cousin of the main character Mikuri Tomakazu. Related entry: Agatsuma Mizuki

SOSHIGAYA Miyami ("Death Crow")

MiyamiDeath Crow From Cyber Team in Akihabara. Cute little robots called PataPi are now all the rage in Japan, and junior high-schooler Hibari is given one by a guardian angel in a dream one night. What she doesn't know is that the PataPi she's given has a hidden power so great that a villain named Shooting Star is trying to take it away from her, with the help of three women. Miyami is an office worker who sits behind her thick, concentric-lensed glasses and recites haiku. When the glasses come off and the outfit changes to something more, um, flattering, she becomes Death Crow, Shooting Star's third and last minion we're introduced to.


"Maria"Minatsu From Slow Step. Nakazato Minatsu doesn't wear glasses except when she is in disguise as Maria. She first adopts this disguise to hide from local yakuza who she has seen running over somebody in the road outside her home. She reported a description of the car to the police and they found out, so now she has to disguise herself just to go out. The problem is that one of her neighbours (a young boxing champ) has fallen in love with her in her disguised form, and another boy loves her in her normal form ...


"Mahoko"Mahoro Suzuki Mahoko is the "secret identity" of Ando Mahoro, the android maid from Mahoromatic. She thinks her disguise is perfect, but everybody knows who she is and they don't want to disillusion her. Related entry: Shikijou Saori


MiyukiMiyuki From Triangle Heart and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Miyuki is trained in combat, and removes her glasses when fighting.

TELUNO Lulu ("Telulu")

TeluluTelulu Telulu only appears clearly in one episode of Sailor Moon S, but makes a big impression by actually being a competent (if unlucky) villain. She's a member of the "Witches 5", which means that (like Eudial, Mimette, and Cyprine) she's a crazed pseudo-Lovecraftian cultist trying to steal enough life energy from other people to wipe out all life on Earth. Telulu's signature method of doing this was to use bioengineered plants to draw energy from the plants' owners.


MinakoMinako From Maria-sama ga Miteru. For a school as prim and proper as the Lillian Girl's School, the school newspaper is surprisingly aggressive. This is largely due to the personality of the newspaper's editor, Tukiyama Minako. Always searching for the Big Scoop, Minako often ends up misinterpreting the photos of Takashima Tsutako, causing uncomfortable moments for the Yamayurikai (the student council members who are central to this series). Minako does not usually wear glasses, but dons a pair in episode 13 as part of a disguise while hunting another story.

USADA Hikaru ("Rabi en Rose")

HikaruRabi en Rose From DiGi Charat-Nyo. Usada is the self-declared rival of Dejiko throughout all incarnations of the show DiGi Charat (excepting Panyo Panyo DiGi Charat, where she does not appear). She considers herself an elegant star and despises it when Dejiko calls her "Usada", demanding that she be referred to as "Rabi en Rose" instead. Minagawa Takurou developed a crush her after meeting her in her teacher persona, with her glasses on.


Sakura, in work clothesSakura From Blue Seed. The pushy, arrogant Sakura is hired as a contractor by the TAC to help them battle Aragami. In work mode, she wears a Shinto priestess's robe and a pair of specs you can't see her eyes through. In casual mode, she doffs the glasses, dons sexy outfits, and broken schoolboys' hearts are sure to follow.


Kind, gentle KyokoConniving, nasty Kyoko Yashigasa Kyoko is definately one who suffers from a not so minor split personality. When she is wearing her glasses, she's the direct opposite of Rizel, one of the main characters of Rizelmine. And since she is "well developed", shy, graceful, and several years older than Rizel's "husband" (only according to Rizel), she has all the requirements of being his dream girl, if he would ever notice her. But the instant the glasses come off, she becomes as shy, timid and weak as a sumo wrestler - in heat. And although her love rival is a semi-titular main character of this series, she won't let that stop her from trying, with either personality.


Satsukino image yet Satsuki is one of the Dragons of Earth, those who are sworn to defeat the Dragons of Heaven and "break the bounds of civilisation", returning the planet to Nature and the "villains" in X. Satsuki's special power is an incredible affinity with computers - she spends most of her time in the basement of Tokyo's Diet Building wired up to her super computer, Beast, and especially using Tokyo's underground cables to attack her foes. While she is distant from most people, she truly cares for her fellow Dragon of Earth Yuuto, and has a special relationship with Beast that has sinister undertones ...

Layla YUKI

LaylaLayla From Legend of Black Heaven. Layla is an alien agent who has infiltrated the insurance agency where Tanaka Oji works. She has been sent to exploit his guitar-playing skills to power her space fleet's ultimate weapon; however, she begins to appreciate him and his music beyond the parameters of her mission. Related entry: Tanaka Yoko


Yumemi Yumemi From episode 28 of Sailor Moon. Yumemi is a successful portrait artist, but was also one of the carriers of a Rainbow Crystal. She stopped wearing glasses after Sailor Moon hit her with a "Moon Healing Escalation". (And we thought Sailor Moon was one of the good guys ...)

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