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"How come you wear glasses? I mean, you're really pretty, but you can only appeal to a tiny section of the fanbase."

- Konata Izumi (to Miyuki Takara), Lucky Star episode 1

"It's a wonderful era when all women under 37 years old are required to wear glasses without exception..."

- unnamed comedian/eyeglass company spokesman, R.O.D The TV episode 2

"That's because fanboys make passes at girls who wear glasses"

- Neil Sinclair, 15 September 2004 in the newsgroup

This is a page for that "tiny section of the fanbase" Konata mentioned: anime fans who like girls who wear glasses. Enjoy!

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Who is a "meganekko"?

Literally, a "meganekko" (pronounced "mé-gah-né-koh", with all syllables stressed equally) is a "glasses-girl" - a girl who wears glasses.

That doesn't capture the essence of the term, though. The stereotypical meganekko is a cute girl, and probably smart, too. If she's in high school, there's a good chance that she's the class president ("iincho" in Japanese). If she's old enough and you're a single male, she's the kind of girl that your parents might wish you would bring home for them to meet some day.

But that's the stereotypical meganekko. Not every meganekko conforms to the stereotype, any more than people conform to stereotypes in real life. Some of them are self-centered, others are clueless, and a few are downright manipulative or outright evil. Some of them are pretty instead of cute, and others aren't particularly attractive. In short, they're a lot like any other group of people; some are people you'd want to call "friend", others aren't.

What's with the webpage title?

It's a play off the title of the anime Ah! Megami-sama. People kept using it in reference to this Meganekko Gallery, so I decided to make it official.

(Yes, there is a meganekko in Ah! Megami-sama - there's an image of her at the top of this page ...)

Where did all of this come from?

All individual images are copyright their respective creators. The compilation copyright for this work is held by Rob Kelk.

Inspiration for this Gallery (and some of the entries in the Gallery) came from David Watson; an earlier version of his anime character gallery Being Upfront was a major influence on the design of this gallery.

D B Malmquist coined the name Ah! Megane-sama, as well as providing many writeups and images for the gallery. (I have trouble naming creative endeavours; my thanks go to D B for providing this gallery's name.)

Special thanks go to these people, who have provided character descriptions, images, or both:
Ian Armstrong
Dave Baranyi
Mike Battersby
Bill Blackthorn
William B. Branson
Jim Burdo
Gerardo Campos
Ronny Cook
Etienne Desilets-Trempe
Geoff Dias
Abraham Evangelista
JH Fong
Nancy Foster
Gabino Garcia
Ethan Hammond
Andrew Hollingbury
William Huckaba
Richard Hudson
Ru Igarashi
Chris "Chika" Johnson
Dave Kelk
Rob Kelk
Eric LaForest
Alejandro Lee
Rob Maxwell
Chris "Blade" McNeil
Pearson Mui
Galen Musbach
Johnny Ng
David Oldridge
Michael I. Orikasa
Brian Perler
Dex "Hand-of-Omega" Peterson
K. A. Pezzano
Tanya Regenauer
Widya Santoso
Glenn Shaw
Robert Sneddon
Elf M. Sternberg
Chuck Stewart
Pete Zaitcev
Ryan Zetlin
"Arabaki from ShoujoAi"
"Aya the Vampire Slayer"
"barkn spyder"
"Captain Nerd"
"hamsters anonymous"
I also thank those contributors who prefer to remain anonymous, and the many people who suggested characters for this page.

Why isn't my favourite meganekko in the Gallery?

Possibly she wears something that looks like glasses, but aren't, such as the heads-up displays worn by practically everyone in Dennou Coil and sometimes worn by Nene Romanova in Bubblegum Crash, Sailor Mercury in Sailor Moon, and every "deus" in Angelic Layer. Glasses aren't the same as video displays; the latter doesn't qualify a girl for inclusion here.

If she's on the "Other Meganekko" list, then I need more information about her - please e-mail me at < robkelk -atsign- gmail -period- com > if you can help (and if she's your favourite meganekko, you probably can help).

Otherwise, it's either because I forgot about her, or I didn't know about her to begin with. Why don't you send me an e-mail, and tell me about her? Don't forget to include links to places where I can find images.

Honourable Mentions

These characters wear glasses very occasionally, but not often enough to count as even part-time meganekko.

When did you last update the Gallery?

The Gallery was last updated on 21 July 2008.

Yes, it's been far too long since I made a proper update to this site. (I did say "Updates will be few and far between for the foreseeable future" in the last update, back in September 2006, but I didn't expect them to be this few and far between! I was hoping to make at least one update during 2007 ... <sigh>.)

Many of you have told me about dozens of other meganekko; I haven't forgotten about any of them, but I also haven't had time to do all the work necessary to add them to the list. (Sorry about that.) And this "placeholder" update isn't really up to my usual standards, either in number or in quality. I am still accepting submissions, although I don't have time to acknowledge receiving them; once again, updates will be few and far between for the foreseeable future.

New entries for this update:

Other changes for this update:

Not counting the Honourable Mentions above, there are 342 meganekko listed in Ah! Megane-sama: 254 full-timers, 70 part-timers, and 18 that I don't know enough about to classify.

(Psst... Want a sneak peek at who's going to be in the next update?)

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